10 Modern Houses from Belgium that Deserve Our Admiration

The world is full of beautiful houses and each region or country has its own share of great projects worth sharing. Today we’re taking a closer look at all the modern houses and wonderful architectural creations from Belgium. We’ve selected 10 of our favorite projects so check them out down below.

House R by B-bis architecten

House R is a lovely little bungalow that studio B-bis architecten worked on in 2018. The structure is not exactly easy to find as it’s situated on a ridge deep in the Ardennes, in Liège. The fact that it’s so hidden only makes it more interesting, giving it a mysterious vibe. The architects’ task was to renovate the place in order to give it a more modern look and feel.

Although the renovation was extensive, this lovely holiday house didn’t lose its charm. In fact, it’s now more beautiful than ever. All the exterior walls were insulated once again and were also covered in wood, giving the house a very warm and welcoming appearance. Elements such as the natural stone plinths and the outdoor terraces were restored and the interior was given a discreet yet very effective makeover as well.

House Minard Ghent by aNNo architects

This beautiful house located in Gent was also recently renovated. It was a project conducted by studio aNNo architects which was completed in 2018. The house is a 19th century mansion which serves as a home and studio. It was originally designed by architect Minard in 1878. Over the year its condition deteriorated but a lot was still salvageable.

The architects did their best to blend the past and the present and to revive the house without diminishing its authenticism. You can still drift away and imagine how life was like in this house decades ago just by looking at its architecture. A particularly great space is the courtyard which is sheltered and has a bright yet intimate vibe. This beautiful house is located in Ghent.

House BS by GRAUX & BAEYENS Architecten

This beautiful house from Gavere remained within the same family for three generations before becoming vacant. It’s a very charming house with lots of rustic character influences by the local architectural aesthetic and the topography. It consists of three volumes: the main house, stables and the bread house, all clustered together around a central courtyard.

All the volumes have gable roofs and this allows them to blend into the local vernacular with ease. The roof shape was preserved during the latest renovation done by studio GRAUX & BAEYENS Architecten in 2017. They revitalized the house and gave it a modern design but left some of the original featured untouched. The exposed brick surfaces for example at crucial for allowing the house to look natural and to blend in.

House GePo by OYO

Located in Wijgmaal this house serves as a cozy single-family home and takes advantage of its location without overpowering the site. It was designed by architectural studio OYO and was completed in 2012. It has a steel structure which allowed some of the spaces to be combined into large open areas without the need for extra supports.

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The overall aesthetic featured throughout the project is a modern and minimalistic one. The architects didn’t include any features that weren’t necessary or didn’t fulfill a practical purpose. Ornamentation was this kept to a minimum yet doesn’t make the house any less charming and inviting but it did help to keep the budget low.

House VW by K2A

This modern and beautiful house sits on a fairly small site in Brussels. Originally, the property was occupied by two very narrow houses. Since they were in poor condition and had such impractical proportions anyway, the new owners of the place together with the architects at K2A decided to unify the structures and to create a single large home.

They managed to preserve some of the original sections of the two houses such as the brick facade which gives the new house a 19th century-inspired aesthetic. Some big changes were however made too. The facade was opened up and now embraces the garden and blurs the boundaries between the indoor and the outdoor.

Villa NTT by Architectuuratelier De Jaeghere

This modern house also occupies a site where another old structure once stood. We’re talking about an urban plot in West Flanders, Belgium. The previous house was completely demolished and in its place studio Architectuuratelier De Jaeghere built Villa NTT, a modern house with a slim and elongated floor and a gable roof.

The linear floor plan was chosen in response to the surroundings, in order to capture the best views. At the same time, the architects wanted to give the villa a minimalist aesthetic so they used while walls and a limited palette of materials and colors throughout. They also created a strong bond between interior and exterior spaces by giving the house huge glass walls that face the poolside area and the garden.

House TIL by WE-S architecten

This is a house that was very recently expanded. Originally it was just a small bungalow with spaces on a single floor. A large section was occupied by an indoor garage and that was simply a waste of space. It was for these reasons and several other ones that the owners decided it was time for a change. They worked with studio WE-S architecten to transform the bungalow into a larger and better structured house, one better-suited for its owners’ needs and modern lifestyle.

The existing volume was expanded and suddenly the bungalow became a spacious and modern family home. Of course, the project had its own set of challenges. The location regulations limited the maximum footprint that the extension could have. The architects confirmed to the limitations and created a new volume with a covered parking space at the front of the house. They made sure the interior spaces received plenty of natural light and focused on simplicity, giving the house a very clean and modern aesthetic.

The Nico & Hilde House by Atelier Vens Vanbelle

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In the case of this modern house, the owners chose to completely demolish the old structure that was previously present on the site and to build something new from scratch. There are no old elements infused into the design but that doesn’t mean the house is not in sync with its surroundings. In fact, blends into the community perfectly. The project was completed by Atelier Vens Vanbelle back in 2015. 

Interestingly enough, the inspiration for the design of the house came from monasteries. The building has an L-shaped floor plan and is organized into two wings that frame a big courtyard. The transition between the indoor and outdoor spaces is gradual thanks to all the different types of roofs and pergolas as well as the level differences between the spaces. This makes it not only easy but also very enjoyable to spend time outside since there are plenty of different ways to do it.

House V by UAU Collectiv

Every project has its own set of challenges and in this case it was the sloping terrain that caused the architects to come up with a design and a plan that responds to the unique topography of the site. Studio UAU Collectiv created a house that embraces its surroundings. They organized the main volume of the house around a central patio. The street-facing facade is closed to ensure maximum privacy but that doesn’t disconnect the house from its surroundings.

Large glazed surfaces and corner spaces fully encased in glass ensure a very strong relationship between the indoor spaces and the garden as well as the distant surroundings. The upper floor houses all the private spaces but those rooms have their own way of staying in contact with the outdoors. They feature large windows with blinds which gives them lots of flexibility, letting in an abundance of natural light but also ensuring plenty of privacy when needed.

House SJ by STAARC ingenieurs en architecten

This project started with a simple request: the owners wanted a compact and affordable home. As always, the idea developed. They worked with studio STAARC ingenieurs en architecten to turn their dream home into reality and started focusing a lot on the sustainable side of the project along the way. An effort was made to make the house as energy-efficient as possible and it all paid off in the end.

Another important aspect of the project was the actual location of the house which provided it with some wonderful views of the rural surroundings. The architects took advantage of that and created a really nice structure that allows a strong connection to be established between the indoor spaces and their immediate surroundings. This is true for most modern homes but doesn’t make this project any less special. A lot of attention was also gives to the insulation as the owners wanted to make this house future-proof. It turned out to be a great plan which allowed them to stay within budget and to create something amazing at the same time.



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