10 Dream Houses With Modern Designs Across The United States

A lot of the coolest and most modern houses in the world are located in the United States which makes sense considering it’s a really big place with a fairly short history and not many historic buildings. It would be interesting to take a closer look at some of these houses to see what defines them, what makes them stand out and also where the inspiration for their designs comes from. Let’s get started.

The Belmont Park House is located in Austin, Texas and was designed by Tim Cuppett Architects. It has a modern and very interesting design and also some unexpected features. From a structural point of view, the house is composed of two main volumes clad in weathered wood. These sections are linked by a small area encased in glass which acts as a bridge. The wood-clad volumes sit on top of a limestone plinth which has been carved out and a set of stairs lead down into a stone, cavern-like area.

The Owl Creek Residence is something that the architects at Skylab designed and built in a beautiful area from Snowmass Village, in the United States. The house is perched on a hillside which gives it wonderful views of the mountain and the nearby landscape. The idea of the project was to bring the inhabitants closer to nature and in order to do that the architects designed the house with large openings and using a selection of natural and weathered materials. The Corten steel featured on the exterior helps the house blend into its natural surroundings by mimicking the color palette found in this particular region.

This right here is a really cool house which studio Oller & Pejic Architecture designed and built for their clients in Twentynine Palms, United States. There were many technical and regulatory challenges to overcome if they wanted to build on this site which is something that several previous owners failed to do in the past. This time the request was quite unusual. The new owners wanted a house that looked like a shadow. It was a really cool and interesting idea which the architects managed to turn into a reality. They designed the house with a matte black exterior which contrasts with the bright desert surroundings.

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The Bridge House designed by studio Dan Brunn Architecture proposes a really interesting concept. The name is a very good indication of what the house is all about. This is not just a beautiful modern house with a welcoming and stylish interior. It’s a structure that was also designed to bridge 65′ over a natural stream. This unusual design takes advantage of the topography, preserves the natural landscape and also emphasizes its beauty. The house features a modern and minimalistic aesthetic, has large pivoting doors and plays with its natural environment in a very elegant way.

Located in East Hampton, the Northwest Harbor House is quite special. Its proportions and certain design elements were predetermined as local regulations restricted its maximum coverage and proximity to the wetlands areas. Also, its first floor had to be above the base flood elevation. Bates Masi Architects took all these restrictions and incorporated them into a project with a very beautiful design. The house has large openings and voids which connect it to the surrounding landscape and the parking and storage facilities are placed underground in order to minimize the footprint. In turn, all the interior areas take advantage of the views and welcome the natural light inside.

This is yet another beautiful modern house with an interesting story. It was designed by studio Ravel Architecture at the request of its owners who wanted a separate house to be built in their backyard. This was meant to become a versatile structure that could offer a little bit of everything for everyone in the family. It has a playground for the children, a media room, a guest suite for visiting grandparents and plenty of storage space for bikes, camping gear, gardening tools and everything else. It’s a very interesting structure, a multifunctional house that’s a sort of hybrid between an annex and a main residence.

When they designed the Waverley House, the team at Ehrlich Yanai Rhee Chaney Architects followed the owner’s dream of being able to enjoy and experience the beautiful outdoors from inside and gave the house large expanses of glass, big openings and lovely views. The house is situated in Palo Alto, United States and is organized on three floors which have contrasting designs. The ground level has a brick-clad exterior is a private volume. The second floor, however, has oversized windows and sits among the tree canopies, framing the beautiful surrounding landscape. There’s also a basement area which opens onto a sunken courtyard. All three levels are connected by a grand staircase that floating stone steps and glass panels.

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This lovely summer house from Manhattan Beach was very recently renovated by Blue Truck Studio. This was done in 2019 and the request was to simplify the house. Initially, it has some very impractical design features such as triangular and octagon-shaped spaces which made it difficult to furnish the rooms and didn’t look great either. In order to create simpler forms and to give this house a lovely and inviting feel, the designers had to both remove and add certain elements. They reconfigured the windows, adding siding in Alaskan yellow cedar and also removed the living room fireplace in order to open up the area and make it more practical. Furthermore, the interior spaces are now filled with lots of natural sunlight thanks to the big sliding doors and floor-to-ceiling windows.

The Strirrup House is located in Ketchum, Idaho and was designed by studio Olson Kundig. It sits on a very beautiful site placed between Bald Mountain and Dollar Mountain. This gives it some really amazing views which the architects took full advantage of. The views are beautifully framed by the large windows and the landscape acts as a backdrop for all the contemporary art pieces displayed around the house. In fact, the house was specifically designed around this art collection and the mountain views.

The Camp Frio Retreat is a project completed by studio Tim Cuppett Architects in 2019. As the name suggests, it’s a beautiful retreat, a place for relaxation and simplicity. It consists of several individual structures including the main house, a meditation room, art studio and garage section as well as two guest cottages. An elevated walkway connects the main house to the guest areas and everything looks super harmonious. The wood-clad exteriors give the structures a rustic look which is complemented by modern architecture with clean lines and large openings.



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