10 Beautiful Modern Houses Located in France

The world is full of beautiful houses, with some styles and designs being specific to certain areas but also some very versatile and widespread design strategies. Today we’re directing our attention towards France and we’re going to have a look at a few modern houses from this particular part of the world. Let’s check out ten of them and see what makes each one stand out.

Le Pine House

This beautiful family summer retreat was designed by SAOTA and is located in Saint-Tropez. In terms of style it showcases a contemporary interpretation of traditional Mediterranean Riviera architecture and stands out in the context of its surroundings. The name reflects the fact that there’s a pine meadow to the south which creates a really beautiful backdrop. The house is surrounded by trees and vegetation and this allows it to establish a strong connection with the outdoors.

Large openings and skylights let the light and the beautiful views comes inside the house, complementing the big open spaces. The clerestory windows even offer glimpses of the pine canopies which further strengthens the relationship between the house and the beautiful nature which surrounds it. Another defining design detail is the undulating ceiling which mimics the slopes surrounding the site. The internal sections of the house extend onto a series of covered outdoor spaces and the transition is smooth and seamless. This blurs the boundaries between the indoor and the outdoor in a very natural way.

The Vanella House

This is a house surrounded by the timeless beauty of the Corsica island. It was a project developed by studio Orma Architettura and manages to blend into the landscape seamlessly. The walls made of granite mimic the natural terrain in this region and the chestnut trees frame the house and help it transition into the landscape. Furthermore, the stone wall that borders the site and the matching flooring really make this entire property look as if it’s been here since the beginning of time.

This is meant to serve as a holiday retreat and as a guest house. The extension which the architects built in 2017 adds a series of common areas and a set of bedrooms to the main house. The idea was to place them at the back of the plot detached from the main house but still connected, so the entire property can look and feel like a homogenous structure even though there are two main separate volumes. This strategy gave great results, allowing the house and its new extension to blend into the landscape even more naturally.

Cosy MaisonP Residence

This modern house is placed on a hillside in Le Puy-Sainte-Reparade which gives it a really nice panoramic view of the entire surrounding area and the amazing Alps in the distance. It was designed by studio PietriArchitectes and it’s organized into two main sections, namely the main house and the outbuilding. The house itself is also divided into several different areas which in total cover 296 square meters of space. The outbuilding is considerably smaller in size, measuring only 95 square meters. It’s also slightly higher than the main house.

There are three big volumes inside the house: the garage which is quite big, the entrance and kitchen area and also the living room and bedroom section. There are four bedrooms in total including the master suite. Although they’re clearly separate structures, the two buildings come together at the center and also share similar designs. They mirror each other’s style but they also have unique characteristics. Together they turn this piece of land into a beautiful retreat.

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Modern nursing home extension

Situated in Vaucouleurs, this lovely structure serves as a nursing home but is very similar to a house in every way. The design is modern and simple but at the same time infused with lots of eye-catching architectural details. The building sits on a slope which gives it wonderful views of the entire surrounding landscape. The architects at Studiolada made sure to take advantage of that. They gave the building large bay windows and created beautiful outdoor spaces for the indoor areas to transition into so the residents can enjoy the sunshine, fresh air and beautiful views.

The combination of wood stone used for the main structure of the building allows it to fit into the context of its surroundings but at the same time ensures that the house is very welcoming, cozy and warm. Inside the spaces are large, open and airy thanks to the palette of materials and finishes used throughout, the simplicity of the decor but also the tall ceiling, exposed beams and the large windows that bring in lots of natural light.

La Maison des Landes

This modern home was designed by Maud Caubet Architects for an art collector. It’s situated in Lit-et-Mixe and is surrounded by a magnificent pine forest with the beach being only 500 meters away from the site. As you can see for yourself, the structure blend into its surroundings in a really natural and organic way although it retains a modern design with clean lines and angles and an eye-catching geometry. It’s all possible thanks to the dark wood which was used to cover up the entire exterior of the building. 

The house has an H-shaped floor plan and is partially supported by stilts, in response to the sloping nature of the site and the topography. Elements in its design were inspired by the immediate surroundings, hence the dark wood exterior shells which aims to camouflage the building among the pine trees. This is a house that’s truly immersed in nature but which also maintains a strong character.

The H-eva Cabin

This tiny cabin was designed by studio A6A and has a surface of only 22 square meters. It’s a prefab cabin situated in Ustaritz. Like most similar structures, it has a modern and modular design and can be transported to the designated location and installed in a short amount of time. Based on the requirements, the modules come in various sizes and can be combined to create interior spaces between 16 and 38 square meters. This is one of the smaller possible versions.

The cabin is designed to blend into its surroundings and to easily coordinate with areas filled with trees and vegetation. Its design is simple and modern, with a low pitched roof, large windows and a dark exterior which contrasts with the light and neutral interior. Inside the different spaces are seamlessly connected and form an open floor plan. The connection to the outdoors is strong thanks to the glazed sections that bring in lots of light while also framing the views.

The CTN House

This incredibly bright and open house is located in Montpellier and is composed on two main structures. One is the original house and the other is the extension which Brengues Le Pavec architectes added in 2018. The main objective when building the extension was to take advantage of the location and in particular the fact that the site is situated very close to a public park. This is something that the original house failed to do. That, in turn, creates a strong contrast between the two structures.

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The new section contains the day areas and is basically a large and open leisure space. In terms of design and layout it’s the opposite of the dark and compact main house. Glass walls and sliding doors wrap around the entire structure and transition into a large covered terrace. By adding this extension the architects filled out the site and were able to make the most of this beautiful piece of land.

Villa Eiders

Built-in 2016, Villa Eiders is a modern residence located in Lege-Cap-Ferret. It’s a two-story structure with a total of 405 square meters of living space organized into several distinct volumes. It was designed by Touton Architectes and has an interesting layout. All the interior spaces are placed in a U-shape, wrapping around a courtyard which is in turn framed by the swimming pool.

The street-facing facade is opaque and made of wood and concrete, sheltering the spaces from unwanted views and maintaining a simple and modern aesthetic that suits the surroundings. The rear section of the house is on the contrary very open and transparent. Full-height windows on both floor welcome in views of the courtyard and the pine forest, making the most of this orientation.

The Edut house extension

This is a house located in Caluire-et-Cuire. It’s a beautiful and rather unusual 3-story structure that got a new extension in 2017. The project was completed by studio Dank Architectes. The owners’ initial request was for the small living room to be expanded. They wanted it to become its own space and they asked for a minimalistic and contemporary style. They also wanted to incorporate a terrace into the design. 

The architects came up with a plan to build a stylish and sophisticated extension that is connected to the existing building yet retains a unique character. It has a separate entrance and it’s beautifully connected to the terrace and the garden. Inside space houses an open kitchen and a dining area, both minimalistic, open and airy and with access to the outdoors.

Villa dall’Ava

Believe it or not, this modern house was built in 1991. It’s located in Saint-Cloud, on a hillside overlooking Paris. It was a project completed by studio OMA. The initial request from the clients was for a house with two separate sections designed to house two generations. They also wanted a rooftop pool with a view of the Eiffel Tower. The architects were able to fulfill the requests and did so while also coming up with a beautiful design for the house, one which takes advantage of the topography and the orientation.

A section of the house, namely the garage, is embedded into the hillside. The rest of the functions are organized on two additional levels. The ground floor resembles a large transparent glass box and houses the common areas such as the living room and dining area. A sleek spiral staircase offers access to the second floor. The swimming pool is three stories above the ground and as requested has a clear view of the Eiffel Tower in the distance.



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