Transition Fall Decor to Winter with Metallic Flair

Your fall decor is of a metallic character? Then, with some creativity, it can be easily and nicely transitioned into winter.

Do you think it’s a little early for winter decor?

You are probably right because an array of the accessories you display for a stylish fall ambiance can easily be transitioned into winter.

Especially if your fall decor is of a metallic character.

Everything from shiny cushions to metallic vases and tableware can be used to add winter touches to your living space.

Unleash your creativity! If you stick to metallic tones and earthy accents, much of your fall decor can serve double duty for wintertime.

1. Shiny Cushions

Color and texture

Textured, metallic decor elements are the perfect festive statement for both fall and winter.

The eye-grabbing faux wool poufs shown above can be used as seats or side tables. Actually, they don’t shimmer but offer extra texture. Photo: Credit

Furthermore, due to their subtle colors, they can seamlessly mix and match with your metallic decor.

Metallic shine

Art Deco-inspired pillows with beads, sequins, and geometric designs are the perfect modern statement, which can definitely add personality to your space. Photo: Credit

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Need more metallic shine options to choose from?

What about pillow covers in silver and gold? You can pile these shimmering beauties on the couch for a touch of glitz for the holiday season.

2. Surface-top Decor

Organic touches

Embellish your living room with ombre vases made from mango wood or opt for metallic vases whose shades range from pewter and silver to copper and rose gold. Photo: Credit

Both options will add extra organic touches to your festive decor.

Golden touches

Candles are a delightful way to add warmth and coziness to your space. For touches of modernity, choose some trendy concrete or metallic candle holders with geometric design.

Their geometric style and golden shine make these glamorous candle holders perfect for both fall and holiday season decor.

In the picture above, metallic candle holders of geometric design nicely complement an eye-grabbing mantel display. Photo: Credit

3. Festive Tableware

Standout effect

Use serve ware with metallic and organic touches to set an inviting fall and winter table. For extra touches of modernity, opt for items of abstract patterns and geometric design.

Combine shades of gray, shimmering gold, and “confetti” accents for a truly standout effect and a holiday look. Photo: Credit

Multi-facet pieces, which will reflect anything silver or gold on the table are also an option. For extra earthy touches, use wooden place card holders.

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