Stylish Low-Maintenance Houseplant Alternatives

Your home doesn’t get a lot of natural light? Then, focus on some houseplant alternatives that can beautify your living space without a lot of hassle.

You don’t have a green thumb when it comes to indoor plants?

Or you do, but your home doesn’t have adequate natural light?

However, you still have plenty of options  to add natural beauty to your living space.

Low-maintenance houseplant alternatives – from dried plants to faux succulents to plants-themed artwork, can definitely enhance your interior.

Are you ready to try any houseplant alternative in your home?

1. Dried Plants

Beauty in yellow


Are you willing to try with some beautifully preserved dead plants? Some selections, such as Craspedia, do really dry beautifully and are full of color.

Also known as Billy balls, Craspedia can often be affordably purchased at different craft stores.

Generally, you can choose from an array of chic arrangements that add color and interest to your space, as the above-shown handmade décor piece. Photo: Credit


Splashes of green


If you want to bring in some splashes of green, preserved boxwood topiaries are an option.

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They truly look like live boxwood and aside from spritzing them with water from time to time, they are absolutely no-maintenance “plants”! Photo: Credit

2. Faux Succulents


Eye-grabbing arrangement


If you want to try with fake greenery, succulents are a great place to start. Because of their glossy round forms, natural succulents almost look unreal. Which is why unreal succulents look pretty natural!

In the picture above, this succulent arrangement adds depth and texture to the space. Photo: Credit

Note that one simple yet chic statement piece is always a better option than a big plastic arrangement of mixed foliage.

3. Crystals


So charming!


As they add unique charm and magic from the outdoors, crystals are a fabulous alternative to houseplants in terms of livening up your space. Photo: Credit

Beautifully arranged on trays or in geo glass terrariums or glistening in the sunlight when hanging in the window, they can make an amazing addition to any interior.

Furthermore, crystals of good quality can be found at flea market or vintage shops.


4. Plant-Themed Artwork


Wall art


Incorporating plant-themed artwork into your space is an easy, affordable way to bring in a burst of green for your walls. Photo: Credit

5. Air Plants


Tabletop arrangement


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As air plants don’t require soil, they are not typical houseplants but rather their alternative.

Especially when arranged in glass terrariums-hanging or used as tabletops, these small, low-maintenance items can  create eye-grabbing focal points. Photo: Credit

Unleash your imagination and add other elements, such as seashells or pieces of tree bark for an extra dose of interest and charm.



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