Spring 2015: Bright Colors

2015 spring collections are dominated by neutrals. When paired with bright colors, they can wake up your interior and create captivating focal points.

Neutrals, such as gray, cream, and beige dominate 2015 spring collections.

Some truly chic décor finds in bright colors are the perfect counterparts to neutral hues.

When paired, neutrals and shining bright hues work perfectly well together to instantly create focal points.

Furthermore, such a combo can wake up any interior space.

Ready for the 2015 spring colors? Blue, radiant reds, oranges, and yellows: which is your favorite?


1. Colorful Furniture


Colorful décor


Group these nesting tables to form one low coffee table or scatter them around the space for a trio of colorful statements to add the perfect counterparts to neutral hues. Photo: Credit

Furthermore, their liquid enamel top brings in extra radiance in shades of olive, emerald, and neon peach.


Vivid décor


Orange stacking chairs are another gorgeous option to animate your living space for the spring.  These wow-worthy chairs in an uplifting color are the perfect promise of bright days to come! Photo: Credit

2. Rugs and Cushions


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Vivid colors


2015 spring rugs, pillows, and cushions in vibrant, bold colors, such as burnt orange, gray, blue, carbon, and dark taupe add softness, coziness, color, and texture to your space.

In the above-shown space with a distinctive architectural character, a stunning area rug complemented by throw pillows and an eye-grabbing piece of wall art to add extra appeal. A gorgeous chandelier brings in visual interest and personality.  Photo: Credit



Not to mention that you could opt for some blankets complete with pixelated prints woven in superfine Italian merino wool that bring in so much visual interest and appeal.

Dripping in modern abstract design, alluring pure silk, or textural woolen, rugs, pillows, and cushions in simple forms and striking materials are vibrant, eye-grabbing, and simply irresistible! Photo: Credit


3. Vivid Décor



Colorful décor


Wood trays in an array of radiant colors or colorful cotton napkins are not only functional but also statement items that can bring the fiesta style in your living space. Photo: Credit

You can even perk up your working space with Feather pens. Their stripes, circles, dots, and fronds create unique designs in orange, blue, and yellow for a spring mood.


Eye-grabbing décor


Opt for some enamel tile boxes crafted from engineered wood and metal. Their colorful  triangles combining on the square lid can add so much artistry and visual interest to your side table, console, or coffee table. Photo: Credit

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