Moroccan-Inspired Décor Ideas

Moroccan-style design enchants with its arched doors and windows, intricately carved furniture, unique mosaics and patterns, and exciting colors.

Bold and extravagant in one way or another, Moroccan spaces have an unmistakable, timeless look.

If you want to fully embrace that style, incorporating luxury décor items, jewel-tone fabrics, lantern-style lights, ottoman, geometric patterns, and plush rugs will definitely help lend your living space a Moroccan-inspired ornate appeal.

If you like the style, but yours is too contemporary for it, then, try to add just dashes of the Moroccan magic.

Some splashes of vivid colors introduced by floor pillows, ornate drapes, or the classic Moroccan rug can do the job.

After all, Moroccan spaces are all about color, touches of luxury, and creativity!

1. Moroccan-style Interiors

Morocco is located in the Northern part of the exotic African continent, which predetermines the variety of its population and respectively culture. Being one of the few countries situated on a crossroad between Atlantic and Mediterranean coastline makes it an extremely tempting and enigmatic place inhabited by various nationalities such as Berber, Sunni Muslims of Arab, as well as Europeans.

The country owes its diversity to numerous cultures that have influenced it in the course of its history. This dates back to the period when the territory now called Morocco was inhabited by multiple tribal groups and slowly different nations started to move to the area among which were Phoenicians, Arabs, Portuguese, Turks, and more.

Therefore, the modern face of the country is an interweaved mix of cultures, which interact together to create a place so alluring and promising romantic sunsets and unforgettable emotions.

This famous reputation is the exact reason why  so many people want to visit that marvelous country  and enjoy its landmarks. However, even if you are not able to do so, you still could have a piece of its charming atmosphere  in your home because luckily, Moroccan-style interior design also reflects an array of traditions on which the country’s face is built.

Actually, there are a couple of words that best fit the definition of the Moroccan style interior design and they are luxurious, lush, and rich. Luxury fabrics, which add exquisite touches, lush décor, rich and colorful details, which bring in some distinctive features of the Arab traditions but also refer to other cultures and traditions.

Moroccan-style arches are one of the most recognizable features of the Arab tradition.

Arched doorway

Photo: Credit

Above, a living room with of minimal design. Low-level furniture complemented by plenty of colorful throw pillows creates a cozy, inviting atmosphere. What actually immediately grabs the eye is the unmistakable arched doorway!

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Another distinctive feature of the Islamic tradition is the curved doorways.

Curved doorways

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Above, beautifully curved doorways. Lush potted greenery adds extra color and so much freshness. What a space!

As for the colors, Moroccan-style décor/hinting at desert and sea hues and the African sunsets/ definitely characterizes with bold color choices. Anything from red, orange, brown, yellow, and golden to turquoise and green works well against a neutral or color-washed background in any Moroccan-inspired space.

Actually, being a fusion of different styles, traditional Moroccan décor uses subtle and subdued colors as well.

Try to incorporate colors that work well with the furniture and accessories. Always consider that light makes colors look different.

If not ready to paint walls and ceilings, throw pillows, rugs, poufs, and curtains offer an easy, affordable way to introduce bold Moroccan colors.

Bold colors

Photo: Credit

Above, a relaxing living room. Comfy seating, bold colors, intricate carving, lantern-like lighting…Definitely an enchanting space!

Intricately carved dark wood furniture- from chests to side and coffee tables, usually in hexagonal and octagonal shapes, is a key feature of Moroccan design. For living rooms, low-level seating complemented by plenty of throw pillows, cushions, and poufs lush is definitely a must-have element.

Moroccan rugs and tilework help lend any space an unmistakable, charming look. Both colorful, usually with geometric patterns, they add definition and texture and can be used in an array of ways. Remarkably bold as color choices, Moroccan fabrics/silk or other gauzy textiles/ usually incorporated as room dividers, tapestries, and draperies help lend any space a fascinating layered look and create a cozy atmosphere.

Furniture and tilework

Photo: Credit

Above, a stunning Moroccan-style space. Tilework, throws, and throw pillows in bold, enchanting colors and beautiful matching side tables help create a room  with tons of personality!

Speaking of décor items, it should be mentioned that Moroccan metalwork goes back quite a long way and it has been carried from one generation to another. This deep-rooted tradition results in exquisite, intriguing metal accessories, which add style and beauty to any home. From room dividers and mirror frames to vases to trays, there is an array of ways to introduce hand-crafted metal items to any space.


Photo: Credit

In the picture above, a living room with exemplary wrought iron décor. Unique windows and hanging lanterns add to the atmosphere of the space.

Unquestionably, lanterns are one of the most recognizable features of Moroccan-style décor . Made from various materials or combos of materials, such as metal and glass, they come in a plethora of forms and sizes to put a shiny and stylish accent in every room.

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Photo: Credit

Above, a magnificent Moroccan-style outdoor space with a view. A cluster of hanging lanterns of varying height adds extra doses of visual interest.

2. Moroccan Courtyards

Courtyards are an indispensable part of part of Moroccan lifestyle. Full of color, patterns, and textures, they offer privacy and are usually a fascinating, serene retreat. Most commonly with a pool or a fountain, Moroccan courtyards are the epitome of comfort, coziness, luxury, and exotic charm.

Similar to Moroccan interiors, courtyards have comfortable low-level seating arrangements, ornate furniture pieces, and colorful accessories, such as pillows and curtains. Daybeds, ottomans, and lanterns in a variety of designs and sizes are definitely must-have décor elements. Lush greenery, planted and potted, adds extra color, freshness, and scent.

Unquestionably, due to its versatility and undeniable exotic flair, Moroccan-style patios are popular all around the globe. If you are among those who like their look and want to add some magical Moroccan touches, there are some subtle, affordable ways to get the look. Lanterns or lantern-like lighting options, ottomans, throw pillows in vibrant hues are some of the most favorite options. Fire pits to contrast with water features are also a décor element that adds functionality as well as extra charm and romance.

Moroccan-style patio

Photo: Credit

Above, a fascination Moroccan-style patio. Tiles, wood, a pool, comfy seating, lush greenery, lanterns…Definitely a heavenly beautiful space!

3. Modern Take on Moroccan Style

With its vibrant colors, diverse textures, geometric patterns, luxury fabrics, intricate details and exotic charm, classic Moroccan décor is a celebration of life.

However, contemporary homes can benefit from adding some Moroccan-style touches. Vivid reds, yellows, and blues introduced by throw and floor pillows, ornate drapes, or classic rugs can definitely do the job. Another option is to use furniture upholstery with geometric prints inspired by the traditional Moroccan motifs.  If you like this design style, get creative. An ornate piece of furniture, a tile backsplash in vibrant colors, lantern-like lighting, and low-level seating can help add dashes of the Moroccan magic  to your living space.

Modern approach

Photo: Credit

Above, an appealing living room with a modern vibe. Bold shades of turquoise, a unique side table, and lanterns add  Moroccan-style touches to the space.

Fusion of styles

Photo: Credit

In the picture above, a contemporary living space, which demonstrates the fusion between Moroccan geometrical forms and Nordic simplicity. The result is impressive, isn`t it?

Do you like Moroccan-style décor?



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