Mediterranean Home Décor

Cozy, inviting, and dramatic, Mediterranean spaces are all about earthy colors, textured walls, exposed brick, stone, and wood, and wrought iron décor items.

Combining the best of the cultures  of the countries bordering the Mediterranean sea/Spain, France, Morocco, Greece, Italy, and Turkey/, Mediterranean style is admired all over the world for its visual richness and inviting warmth.

Although this style has some general characteristics, it differs from country to country and each sub-style adds truly unique elements.

Whether traditional or with a contemporary twist, with its vibrant colors and exotic décor, Mediterranean style is definitely a feast for the eyes.

Offering tons of charm and personality, Mediterranean living spaces, both indoor and outdoor, have an inimitable look and a distinctive ambiance of their own.

Do you like the timeless beauty and magic of Mediterranean-style homes?

Color Palette

Mediterranean style is characterized by the use of vibrant, earthy colors that mirror the sea, seaside sunsets, fields, and countryside.

An array of shades of yellows, oranges, deep reds, greens, and blues as well as lavender, deep purple, hues of deep rusts, creamy tan, and beige are common for Mediterranean spaces.

When it comes to Mediterranean interiors or exteriors, you can’t go wrong with any color that mimics nature.

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Above, an elegant, inviting Mediterranean-style bedroom. Throw pillows, an area rug, bedding, and accessories introduce warm, earthy colors, which stand out against the background of the yellow walls. Wood furniture and ceiling add to the warmth exuded by the space. A traditional fireplace immediately grabs the eye. Definitely an enchanting bedroom!

Note that as sub-styles differ, Greek-influenced interiors usually have  whitewashed walls paired with accents in shades of blue and green. Furthermore, as a rule, Moroccan-inspired spaces are with a distinctive exotic look due to the use of bold colors and inimitable accessories, such as lanterns.

Moroccan influence

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Above, a fascinating Moroccan-style cabana with throw pillows in nature-inspired colors. Unique octagonal side tables and hanging lanterns of varying size add pattern, extra visual interest, and bold colors.  Definitely a space with attention to detail!

Generally, in the Mediterranean palette, bold, vibrant colors and saturated earthy shades stand out against the background  of soft neutrals or clean whites to create truly impressive interiors.

Texture, Patterns, and Fabrics

Mediterranean interior and exterior walls are usually made of textured white plaster or stucco. Roughly finished tile or plain pine planking are common options for the floors.

Typically, exposed dark wood beams embellish Mediterranean ceilings. Note that the beams both bring in warmth and create contrast with the whitewashed stucco walls.

Sometimes, for extra doses of visual interest and depth, layers of paint and glaze are hand-rubbed onto the walls. Incorporating exposed stone and brick  is also common for Mediterranean-style spaces.

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Mediterranean-style kitchen

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Above, a magnificent Mediterranean-style kitchen. Wood support beams complement the unique exposed brick ceiling. Gorgeous stonework around the arched windows,  a stunning hood and island, earthy colors. Definitely a wow-worthy space!

On a side note, water features, fireplaces, dramatic staircases, poufs, and corbels are common architectural and decorative elements of the Mediterranean interiors.  In addition, Mediterranean style embraces curves in doorways and windows and arches are definitely one of the key features of the  Mediterranean-style spaces.

Fabrics/predominantly silk, wool, and cotton/ offer a way to introduce different patterns. Whether in bold, eye-grabbing or saturated earthy colors, fabrics have an array of applications, such as drapes, shades, tapestries, wall hangings, rugs, throw pillows, and throws.

Formal Mediterranean-style living room

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In the picture above, a mind-blowing formal living room with a distinctive architectural character. Arched windows reveal  a stunning view. A floor-to-ceiling fireplace, classy furniture and accessories, and eye-grabbing chandelier add to the appeal of the space. Matching tapestries, drapes, throw pillows, and an area rug introduce luxury fabrics.

Intricate mosaic or hand-painted terra-cotta tilework is another common feature of the Mediterranean spaces. Whether used as flooring, kitchen backsplashes, mirror or picture frames, tabletops, countertops, wall and furniture borders, or in bathrooms, or stuck in plaster as wall art, tile designs add color, visual interest, and personality. In addition, pieces of mosaic can be used as wall art. Note that  sometimes tilework embellishes the exterior walls of Mediterranean homes.

Exterior walls of a Mediterranean home

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Above, an absolutely charming traditional Mediterranean-style home. Eye-catching tilework stands out against the background of pristine white stucco exterior walls. Wrought iron details and red roof tiles add to the appeal of the house. A lovely garden is a feast for the senses.

Furniture and Accessories

Mediterranean furniture is most often made of wood/pine is a common choice/and characterizes with functionality and convenience. Usually, it comes in large, heavy handcrafted pieces with chunky, short legs, sturdy bases, and massive tabletops. Furnishings are distressed or beautifully ornate with intricate hand-carvings for a more authentic look. For outdoors, both rattan and wrought iron furniture work well.

Mediterranean interior

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Above, a living room with luxury pieces of wooden furniture, classy accessories, a mind-blowing chandelier, a gorgeous ornate staircase railing, and eye-grabbing wall art…Oversized potted plants add freshness and color. Definitely an exquisite space with a distinctive architectural character!

As for the accessories, fresh, potted, and dried flowers, including herbs and fruit arrangements, are used as decorative elements that add color and freshness. Ceramic vessels, rattan baskets, and hand-painted plates also commonly accessorize Mediterranean spaces.  Colorful accent pillows with beadwork, fringe, or embroidery complement furniture.

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Bronze, copper, and wrought iron door hardware, pulls, cookware, urns, railings, figurines, light fixtures, candlestick holders, fireplace screens, room dividers, garden fences,  and more are typical décor items. When strategically positioned, they definitely turn into stunning accents.

Mediterranean entry

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Above, an exquisite entry with a vaulted arched ceiling. Magnificent ornate wrought iron double door immediately grabs the eye. A stunning tile floor, antique chairs, a beautifully framed mirror, gorgeous lighting fixtures, and classy accessories complete the look of the space.

Gorgeous Outdoor Spaces

People from the Mediterranean region like spending as much time as possible in their outdoor living spaces. They often gather with family and friends to enjoy beautiful weather,  entertain, or just relax.

Generally, Mediterranean architecture seamlessly transitions between indoors and outdoors. Furthermore, interiors feel open, light, and airy to emphasize the connection to the outdoors.

In this regard, cozy balconies and charming, inviting courtyards and porches with furnishings from natural materials in earthy tones are key Mediterranean-style features.

Home gardens are definitely enchanting spaces. Herbs and flowers in a plethora of colors, various seating options, large ceramic pots, wrought iron lighting, and wicker baskets are these essential elements that help create a unique, magical atmosphere.

Exterior in Mediterranean Style

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Above, an absolutely magnificent traditional covered space with a rustic appeal. Exposed ceiling beams,  a floor-to-ceiling fireplace, and comfy seating add warmth, visual interest,  and coziness. Wrought iron décor additionally beautifies the space. Plenty of potted and fresh greenery brings in extra color and freshness. … Pure perfection!

Note that lanterns for both indoors and outdoors are typical for Mediterranean-style décor. Incorporating lanterns  is a charming way to lend any space some Mediterranean touches as well as tons of visual interest and personality.

Incorporating a water feature, such as a pool or a splashing fountain, or a charming small pond is also a way to add a Mediterranean  flair to an outdoor space.

Mediterranean garden

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Above, an array of colors and fragrances…Beautifully arranged flowers against the background of gorgeous stone walls. A covered seating area adds functionality. A swimming pool and a stone fountain add extra appeal and personality. Definitely a heavenly beautiful space!

Although it differs from region to region, Mediterranean style has some general, common features that help lend any space a unique, inimitable look.

Usually in earthy tones, with functional ornate furniture from natural materials, Mediterranean spaces are usually open and airy, with arches and fireplaces, rich in texture, with adequate natural light and eye-grabbing tilework.

Fascinating wrought iron décor, lanterns, water features, and lush greenery add to their appeal. As Mediterranean living spaces, indoor and outdoor, exude warmth, coziness, and calmness and have plenty of charm and personality, they are popular all over the globe.




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