How to Incorporate Burlap into Your Home Décor

Looking for budget-friendly ways to bring in some new ideas to your living space? Focus on burlap, you will be surprised how much you can do with it.

Want to create a living space with tons of personality? Then, consider using burlap décor items!

This cheap, simple, beigey-brown woven fabric offers plenty of options to create something beautiful and useful.

Plus, decorating with burlap is a simple, affordable way to add rustic touches to any space.

In addition, there is an array of easy DIY projects – from pillows and bed skirts to banners and even curtains that make both gorgeous décor items and charming homemade gifts.

Will you try to embrace it and use it to embellish your home?

1. Wreaths, Accent Pillows, Table Runners, Art, Wine Bags, and Ottomans




As shown in the picture above, a burlap wreath elegantly hung on the front door or is the perfect fall  piece of décor, especially when adorned with some lovely flowers that make the wreath stand out even more. It would look fabulous on any front door, don’t you think! Instructions: Here

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Always consider using burlap cushions or accent pillows for your patio furniture, you can never go wrong with such a choice.

In addition, burlap can be used to make pretty and functional wine bags, especially when an added ribbon is tied around them.


Elegant look


For both alfresco and indoor dining, a burlap table runner is a natural way to style up your table without worrying too much about clashing colors or patterns.

If you opt for a lace-adorned runner, it will add extra charm and elegance  to your space. Photo: Credit


What a display!


You can even go a step further and incorporate some burlap furniture. What about this eye-grabbing pouf ottoman?

The above-shown stunning furniture piece can be positioned in any living room or bedroom to use for putting your feet up or displaying favorite decorative accessories. Definitely a creative use of burlap! Learn more…


Rustic look


Quotes and designs painted on burlap and framed with worn wood make gorgeous rustic-looking pieces of art. Learn more…

Whether positioned on the wall or furniture, framed burlap is definitely a statement décor element that adds personality to any space.

2. Curtains


Inviting living room


Burlap makes a wonderful, budget-friendly  window treatment. When used in neutral, traditional spaces, burlap curtains work well to complement the décor and add to the warmth of any room. Photo: Credit

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3. Celebration Banners


Perfect for outdoor use


As already mentioned, burlap is an excellent option for outdoor use.

Burlap banners cut into different shapes and painted with personalized designs, offer a wonderful way to dress up any outdoor space for any occasion. Learn more… 

Are you going to add a piece of burlap décor to your living space?



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