How to Decorate a House with High Ceilings

Although they present an entirely different set of challenges, rooms with high ceilings are as hard to decorate as those with limited vertical space.


It’s great to have an extra vertical space because it offers an opportunity to express your style in a more exuberant way.

However, these rooms require careful decorating, otherwise things can quickly go wrong.

Incorporate bold lighting, create accent walls, use different textures for the ceiling…you have endless design options to decorate such spaces.

Just use your creativity to enhance the architecture of the space.

If your interior is with high ceilings, focus on some simple yet effective tips that might prove useful.

1. Beam It up!


Fascinating space


Adding wooden beams is an easy way to bring in better proportions.

Furthermore, in the last few years modern design turns towards wooden beams to usher in personality and texture even in contemporary style décor solutions.

If you already have structural wooden beams, highlight them beautifully. Otherwise, add a few decorative beams to get the job done.

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In the contemporary living room shown above, wooden beams add warmth and personality. Photo: Credit

2. Creative Ceiling Makeover


Astounding space


You want to give the space a grand makeover and turn the ceiling into a dazzling focal point? Opt for creative ceiling designs, such as false or tray ceilings.

Just like wooden beams, they create a more fascinating, cozy ambiance. In addition, creative ceiling designs can add geometric pattern and define different zones in a large, open plan living area, as in the above-shown picture. Photo: Credit 

3. Think Vertical!




Focus on giving the room a more proportional and stylish look. If you have a fireplace or a bookshelf, make sure that they extend all the way up and stand out visually. Photo: Credit


4. Lighting It with Flair


Statement lighting


Always consider lighting!  Although brilliant cascading chandeliers or stunning pendants can act as captivating standalone features in a room with a high ceiling, never forget the importance of ambient lighting.

Statement pendants and giant floor lamps work perfectly well in such airy settings and combine form with functionality in an efficient way.

In the contemporary living room shown above, a statement floor lamp definitely adds extra visual interest to the space. Photo: Credit


5. Artistic Overtones


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Wall art


If you are looking to add cheerfulness and drama to the space without redecorating it, creating accent walls is an affordable option.

Large art pieces placed at eye level for the best effect or a gallery wall, which combines art pieces with other design elements can create vibrant accent walls. Photo: Credit

6. Drape It with Texture


Luxury and sophistication


You have a room with a high ceiling and large glass windows? Then, floor-to-ceiling curtains are the easiest option  to decorate the space adding texture and pattern. Photo: Credit 

Choose between curtains that match the wall color and shape a tone-on-tone space or  curtains in bright accent colors for extra glamor and playfulness.

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