How to Add Pink to a Modern Space

As pink was gaining popularity over the past few years, it’s no wonder the hue has even made its way into this season’s holiday décor palette!

Usually, shades of pink, such as fun bubblegum, bright coral, and traditional rose are used to add soft, feminine touches.

However, pink has made a big comeback and now it is an exciting choice for modern interiors.

Whether a statement couch or an accent wall, a bold piece of art or eye-grabbing accessories, there is an array of options to use pink in your living space, indoor and outdoor.

After all, even an  arrangement of pink flowers, especially roses, can make a lovely accent in an otherwise neutral space.

Do you dare to use pink? If so, find some truly inspirational ideas how to give pink an unexpected twist!

1. Pink Backdrop


Woven DIY mirror on a pink wall #mirror #homedecor #decoration #decoratingideas #decorhomeideas

Painting an accent wall pink is a great way to incorporate a large dose of pink into any interior.

When a soft, blushing shade is used, it can be highlighted by edgier décor. Look at the stunning woven mirror in the picture above!

As it brings in Boho flair, it’s the perfect choice to complement the rosy wall behind it! Learn more…

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Charming breakfast mini table painted in pastel pink #table #furniture #pink #homedecor #decorhomeideas


Since they are an ideal backdrop for eye-grabbing tableware, especially pieces in brass and copper tones, pink tabletops are another option to introduce large doses of pink.

The above-shown breakfast nook is absolutely stunning! Definitely an awesome DIY project! Instructions: Here

2. Rosy Textiles

Pink sofa with modern glitter throw pillows #sofa #pink #throwpillows #homedecor #decoration #decorhomeideas

When it comes to textiles, it’s definitely time to opt for pink! Going bold with a pink couch or adding only pillows in different hues of pink? Would you dare with an extraordinary sofa color?

However, both approaches offer a surefire way to add touches of modernity to your interior. Learn more…

Pink and black floor pillows #pillows #homedecor #decoration #decoratingideas #decorhomeideas

Look at the above-shown tufted floor pillows!

Isn’t it a gorgeous way to bring pink into any interior? These soft, oversized pillows can definitely be a gorgeous addition to any interior or exterior space.

Plus, they can be stashed in the closet until the need for extra seating arises. Learn more…

3. Pink Plant Life

Brass succulent and cactus planter, golden flower pot #flowerpot #planter #succulent #cactus #decorhomeideas

Plants make it possible to add small doses of pink to your interior. This  flowering cactus is a modern greenery statement with a soft touch.

Bonus points: It is displayed in a metallic flower pot for extra touches of modernity! Learn more…

4. Accessories in Blush

Colorful charming home decoration #homedecor #decoration #decoratingideas #decorhomeideas

Let’s focus on some small pink accents in the form of accessories!

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Note that mixing pink with bright colors (even primary hues) is totally on trend:

Gorgeous colorful vignette, don’t you think!

Eye-grabbing vignette with rose quartz #rose #quartz #decoration #homedecor #decorhomeideas

Another option is mixing rose quartz with other minerals. Pink, lavender, and mint make an eye-grabbing modern combo, don’t they?

Note that rose quartz works well in modern interiors, especially when geo forms are involved!

Are you ready to add pink accents to your living space?



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