How to Add Color to Your Home

You think your home is boring and needs some pops of color? An array of affordable solutions can definitely transform any space.

If working with a neutral or monochromatic room, then, even simple things as adding flowers, changing throw pillows or window treatment, and incorporating a new accessory/or repurposing something old/ can do the job. Play with different patterns and textures, they offer endless options to create an adorable, layered look.

When it comes to spaces with a more complex color scheme, consider the 60-30-10 rule, where 60% is the dominant color, 30- a secondary one, and 10% is an accent color. If not ready for major changes, focus on these 10%. Sometimes, a new accent, whether an area rug, a piece of furniture, or wall art can lend a drastically different look to any space.

In case you are planning an overhaul, some basic knowledge of colors, the color wheel, color schemes, and light and dark, cold and warm, and contrasting hues will definitely be useful. Consider using either an analogous or a complementary color scheme, both help create balanced, adorable spaces.

Don’t forget to incorporate some décor items in black, it is always an option to create a sense of sophistication and refinement.

If not sure about your choice, before making any decision, include colors in small doses to see how they will affect your mood.

Generally, work with colors you love, after all, it is your living space.

1. Adding Color to Living Rooms

In living rooms, incorporating colorful sofas, throw pillows, throws, and window treatment is a common, favorite way for adding pops of color. In addition, as they can easily be changed, throws and throw pillows are always the first option that comes to mind when trying to introduce a new, trendy color.

Opt for multicolor, extensively patterned throws and throw pillows. Use piles of pillows to create a homey atmosphere and a sense of warmth, comfort, and coziness.

Generally, throws and throw pillows offer an effortless way for both adding color and dramatically changing the look of any space.

Other no-paint, budget- and renter-friendly ways to bring color, texture, and pattern to any living room are incorporating plants, bold, eye-grabbing area rugs, and hanging vibrant, patterned textiles, such as rugs, quilts, tapestries. Especially when with a vintage or an exotic look, they immediately become a focal point and can transform the space adding tons of charm and personality.

Another affordable option is to hang groupings of framed wallpaper or fabric scraps.

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Displaying collections and wall collages and gallery walls are also solutions to consider.

Colorful space

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In the picture above, an adorable living room. Furniture pieces, floor-to-ceiling drapes, a throw, an area rug, and a throw pillow add color, texture, and pattern to the space. Cut flowers arranged in beautiful vases bring freshness, charm, and scent. Definitely a refined room with personality!

Accessories are also a surefire way to add color and visual interest. Furthermore, just as the throw pillows, they can be easily rearranged, repositioned, or changed with others, which will lend a completely different look to the space.

Colorful accessories

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Above shown, a living room with a gold-painted étagère, which adds height and visual interest. Multiple stylish accessories and throw pillows offer a chic way to effortlessly add color, pattern, and texture. Mismatching Chinese garden stools are used as a coffee table. What’s not to love in this room?

Statement furniture

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Above, an elegant living room. A sofa and an armchair with respectively hot pink and floral-patterned upholstery immediately grab the eye. Accessories and throw pillows add some extra color. A statement floor lamp brings visual interest. Unquestionably, a space with personality!

When it comes to painting as a way to add color, whether applied to walls, floors, or ceilings, a fresh coat of paint definitely works miracles. However, paint can be used on smaller surfaces, such as doors, window frames, furniture pieces, or to create accent walls.

Actually, an array of ways can help create accent walls in any space, from paint to wallpaper, murals, and decals to wood, including reclaimed, to textiles.

In living rooms with fireplaces, consider turning the entire wall into an accent one.

Accent wall

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In the picture above, a living room with a distinctive architectural character and adequate natural light. A  dark-painted wall with a fireplace definitely stands out against the background of the other white walls. Leather furniture, an area rug, wall art, and throw pillows help create a dramatic space full of color, texture, and pattern. A unique coffee table adds extra visual interest.

2. Adding Color to Bedrooms

All already mentioned ways, paint or no-paint, can be used to add color to any bedroom.

However, in bedrooms, bedding is the easiest and most surefire option to inject color, add pattern and texture, and create a sense of coziness.


Photo: Credit

Above, a Moroccan-inspired bedroom with exotic touches. A stunning ornate canopy bed complemented by luxury purple bedding and curtains stands out against the neutral background of the walls. Throw pillows and a floor cushion add extra color. Flower and fruit arrangements bring freshness. What a romantic bedroom!

Headboards are another option to both infuse color into any bedroom and create an elegant, luxury, sophisticated space. Usually, tufted headboards are a favorite choice.

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Photo: Credit

Above shown, a jaw-dropping master bedroom with a distinctive architectural character. A canopy bed with lacy curtains adds romantic and exotic touches. A stunning headboard coordinated with the bedding and the armchair upholstery lends the space a sophisticated, luxury look.

As table lamps are a key bedroom décor element, they are also an option to inject pops of color. Opt for lamps with visually interesting, sculptural, colorful bases and/or lampshades, this is definitely an affordable way to lend a new look to any bedroom.

When it comes to bedrooms, always consider incorporating candle arrangements, they are a surefire way to add color, scent, and touches of charm and romance.

3. Adding color to Kitchens and Dining Rooms

Apart from the already mentioned ways, in kitchens and dining rooms focus on cabinetry, countertops, backsplashes, kitchen islands, chairs and/or bar stools. Favorite small-scale options are cabinet insides, tablecloths, dish towels, chair pads, and dishware.

In dining spaces, whether formal or not, wall art is also a way to infuse color. Generally, as they add both color and visual interest, always consider incorporating pieces of wall art. Furthermore, art can definitely take any space to the next level.

Cobalt kitchen island

Photo: Credit

In the above-shown kitchen, a bold cobalt kitchen island with plenty of display and storage space definitely stands out! Window treatment and dishware add extra color, while potted herbs, flowers, and a fruit arrangement bring freshness and scent. Functional yet so elegant!

Chair pads

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Above, a breakfast space with a bay window. Floor-to-ceiling curtains, throw pillows, and chair pads introduce color into the black-white-and-gray color scheme. Fuchsia is definitely a statement color!

4. Adding Color to Bathrooms

When it comes to infusing color into bathrooms, paint, bathroom-friendly wallpaper, and tiles are options for the walls and flooring. As tiles come in an array of options in terms of color, pattern, texture, shape, and material, they work well for both walls and floors.

Painted cabinets, appealing countertops, and colorful rugs and shower curtains are also ways to add splashes of color.

Small bathroom accessories, such as towels, mats, soap dishes, toothbrush holders, and more offer an option to introduce tiny, subtle bits of color into any bathroom.

Colorful Bathroom

Photo: Credit

In this all-white bathroom, colorful shower curtains immediately grab the eye. A piece of wall art, towels, and accessories repeat the colors of the curtains and help create a balanced, appealing space.

Generally, adding color is a favorite way to add personality, create focal points, and lend any space a new, fresh, trendy look.



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