Garden Windows Decorating Ideas

Garden or greenhouse windows offer an excellent opportunity to create fascinating displays, which can enhance your living space.

Many new homes have garden windows, also known as greenhouse windows.

Note that some homes built in the ’80s also feature these windows.

Found mainly in kitchens, but also in powder rooms, they present an excellent opportunity to create gorgeous, vivid displays, which can add some extra charm, color, refinement, and personality to your living space.

Here are some useful strategies how to style these light-filled features.

Actually, the best way to decorate greenhouse windows is to combine retro design with contemporary style.

1. Plant Arrangements


Focal point


When it comes to garden windows, which offer adequate natural light, it is all about creating purposeful plant arrangements.

Bountiful yet not overcrowded flower arrangements lend a modern, fresh look.

Whether in neat rows or a single plant, whether herbs or tropical flowers for a bold, unexpected touch, such arrangements definitely grab and keep attention.

Above, orchids in a garden window add color, freshness, and tons of personality to this kitchen. Photo: Credit 


Balance and harmony


It is your choice and depends entirely on your taste and preference to opt for similar pots and create a sense of harmony and balance or use cloches to add an unexpected, scientific feel to your display. Photo: Credit

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Color and vibrancy


However, if the view from your garden window is a spectacular one, let it take center stage and place your groupings at the sides of the garden window. Photo: Credit

2. Mixed Arrangements




Get creative. Your garden window display is an excellent opportunity to add color and personality to the space.

Incorporate vases, cookbooks, kitchen items, and more to create vivid, grabbing arrangements. Photo: Credit

Always keep in mind that usually less is more.

Opt for a minimal yet dramatic statement by placing only a few items on your garden window.

This approach will help create an airy feel. Candles, cut greenery, attractive vases or bowls will do the trick.

However, it all depends on your taste, preference, and creativity.


Touches of modernity


If you have multiple shelves, this is a perfect opportunity to create an appealing collection of carefully chosen potted plants and decor items. Photo: Credit

Yet, be careful not to clutter your shelving with random greenery.

Do you have a garden window? If so, are you ready to style it and create a fabulous display?



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