Embellish Your Home with Beautiful Mirrors

In addition to being a stunning interior embellishment, mirrors create a sense of space and add depth and visual interest.

They can be used in almost any space, from dining rooms to entryways, for both functional and aesthetic reasons. Whether used alone or in groupings, especially when ornate, mirrors always add elegance, dimension, and artistic touches.

Large, beautifully framed mirrors immediately grab the eye and definitely make statement décor items.

As mirrors reflect light, when strategically placed, they can make any room look larger and brighter. Plus, mirrors reflect views from the neighboring walls and when used as decorative windows definitely create a dramatic effect. In this regard, in entryways that usually do not have a source of natural light, mirrors are a must-have décor element that can really make a world of difference, and the bigger, the better. When flanked by wall sconces or positioned on a console table and complemented by a striking table lamp, a spectacular mirror adds light and touches of luxury, elegance, and sophistication, visually expands the space, and enhances the décor. Furthermore, when mirrors fit the space, especially full-length ones offer last-minute primping.

As oversized mirrors and mirror walls can make any space look twice as large as it actually is, they are a common design option for small bathrooms and dining rooms.

Always make sure mirrors are reflecting something that’s worth looking at, such as crystal chandeliers, art pieces, exposed beams, or unique furniture and accessories.

1. How to Use Mirrors

Incorporating mirrors is a common way to solve a range of design dilemmas. When it comes to small and/or darker spaces without adequate natural light, as they maximize light and make any interior feel larger and brighter, using mirrors in one way or another is a versatile solution. Placing a mirror behind a source of light, piece of furniture, or next to or opposite a window or creating a mirror wall are some of the options to make use of mirrors.

In tight kitchens, consider using mirror cabinet fronts. This technique not only creates an illusion of a larger space but also adds visual interest and glam and can personalize any kitchen.

Positioned on their own or behind arrangements of furniture, floor-length mirrors offer an option to create a sense of height.

Creating wall groupings of smaller mismatching mirrors is another approach that works well. For a cohesive look, use uniform frames. Consider also a similar concept with matching mirrors. Whether for living and dining room mirror walls or for bedroom headboards, this technique helps create a window-like effect, adds texture, dimension, and visual interest, and lends a sculptural look to the space.

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However, when thoughtfully placed to make a dramatic statement and add elegance, dashes of magic, and artistic touches, mirrors can be used in larger rooms with limited natural light.

In contemporary bathrooms, on-trend backlit mirrors are a space- and energy-saving, long-lasting, and eco-friendly lighting solution. These mirrors offer even, similar to natural light, add touches of modernity, and create visual interest. Plus, as they come in an array of options in terms of shapes and sizes, backlit mirrors make stunning focal points.

Glamorous mirror

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In the picture above, a fascinating bathroom. Strategically positioned, a beautifully framed antique floor-length mirror reflects a stunning chandelier for some extra touches of sparkle and sophistication. A storage solution with glass shelves adds elegance. A bouquet of tulips brings charm, color, scent, and freshness.

Oversized mirror

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Above, a traditional formal gray dining room. The reflection of the fabulous chandelier in an amazing oversized wall mirror makes the room look larger and brighter and adds touches of drama, sparkle, and luxury. Definitely a space of exquisite design!

Pair of mirrors

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Above shown, a delightful French Country-style bedroom. Beautifully ornate matching mirrors flank an antique bed with an eye-grabbing headboard. Coordinated side tables and table lamps help create a harmonious, balanced look. Floral motifs and casual bouquets add color, scent, freshness, and soft, feminine touches. This bedroom is pure charm and romance!

Grid of mirror tiles

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In the picture above, a neutral living room. A grid of framed mirror tiles creates a sense of space, adds extra light, and makes a stunning focal point. A floor lamp adds height. Flowers bring color, charm, and freshness.

Simple mirror

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Above, the reflection from a simple mirror placed next to a window maximizes the effect of the natural light and makes this reading nook a bright and inviting spot.

2. Venetian-style Mirrors

Unquestionably, Venetian-style mirrors go far beyond pure functionality and are truly unique art pieces, they never go out of style. As they add sparkle and touches of elegance, luxury, and sophistication, any space can benefit from their presence. Coming in an array of designs, shapes, and sizes, usually with ornate frames, they always stand out and bring glam to any interior. Whether complementing dressing tables and vanities or positioned on walls above chests of drawers and nightstands, especially when paired with sumptuous crystal chandeliers and/or mirrored furniture pieces, Venetian-style mirrors are a timeless, statement, graceful addition to any space.

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Venetian mirror

Photo: Credit

In the picture above, a unique bathroom. A stunning freestanding bathtub, breathtaking glass chandeliers, Damask wallpapered walls, a wire mannequin…What a space! An intricate Venetian mirror complements an ornate dressing table. Parquet flooring adds a sense of warmth. This bathroom is definitely the epitome of femininity, elegance, luxury, and sophistication!

Statement décor

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In the above-shown bedroom, a mirrored vanity is complemented by a fabulous Venetian mirror. What a way to make a bold statement and personalize a space! A four-poster bed with a distressed look and a stunning chandelier add some extra sparkle, charm, and romance. Floral-patterned area rug and bedding bring color, softness, and feminine touches. Unquestionably, an exciting bedroom!

3.Mirrored Furniture Pieces

If any interior needs bits of glam, mirrored pieces of furniture can definitely do the job. From console, side, coffee, and dressing tables to folding screens to chests, nightstands, and armoires to bathroom vanities to even dining tables and beds, these sparkling beauties add elegance and glam, can enliven any space, and take it to the next level. Mirrored furniture pieces are chic, they always make a bold statement and help create interiors with an unmatchable look, undeniable charm, and tons of personality.

Console and dressing tables are a common way for introducing mirrored pieces of furniture.

Mirrored dressing table

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In the picture above, a bedroom with a feminine vibe. A beautifully framed mirror on top of a mirrored dressing table is definitely a make-a-statement combo. An elegant table lamp, a stunning boudoir-style stool, and a floral-patterned headboard add visual interest and extra touches of luxury and sophistication. Definitely a classy space!

Mirrored Armoire

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Above, a glamorous bedroom. Apart from offering plenty of storage, a stunning mirrored armoire adds touches of luxury, elegance, and sparkle. A dazzling crystal chandelier graces the space.

Mirrors are a versatile, practical, and affordable decorating tool. Coming in an array of styles, shapes, and sizes, framed or not, ornate or not, they work well in any interior, from traditional to ultra-modern. Mirrors create a sense of space, make darker rooms look brighter, add depth, elegance, artistic touches, and drama. Generally, always consider incorporating mirrors, they can definitely transform any room and take it to the next level.





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