Decorating with Fruit Themes

Fruit-themed décor is a creative way to add color, freshness, visual interest, and touches of unexpectedness to any interior space.

From fruit centerpieces to throw pillows and wallpaper to pieces of art to kitchenware, to furniture upholstery, there is a plethora of ways to introduce fruit-inspired décor.

Get creative and go beyond the limits of the kitchens, the most obvious space for fruit-themed items. After all, each space can benefit from some extra freshness and splashes of color.

Pieces of wall art in dining rooms and nurseries, shower curtains in bathrooms, bedding in bedrooms, or even front door mats make easy yet truly impressive embellishment.

As they can add so much freshness, color, and fragrance to any indoor space, even dwarf fruit trees planted in beautiful pots offer a way to introduce fruit-themed décor.

Consider incorporating Tiffany-style fruit-themed lamps, they can definitely add color, elegance, sophistication, personality, and artistic touches to your living space.

Candles always are an option to add charm and romance, so, opt for fruit-shaped and scented candles to introduce fruit-inspired décor in small doses.

1. Fruit Displays and Centerpieces

Decorating with fruit arrangements is a common, simple, and affordable way to add color, freshness, and visual interest to any living space.

Although these arrangements are usually positioned in kitchens and dining rooms, living rooms, especially ones of minimal design in a neutral color scheme can also benefit from them because they will definitely make a fresh, colorful statement.

Whether in baskets, hanging or not, bowls, clear canisters, tiered trays, or in unusually shaped containers, fruit arrangements are the easiest way to create fruit-themed décor.

Fruit arrangements don’t need to be complicated, just on the contrary, the simpler, the better. Sometimes, for extra visual interest, they can be complemented by floral arrangements and/or candles.

Fruit and flower arrangements

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In the picture above, a fruit arrangement in a wire basket is complemented by a flower one in a clear glass vase. Positioned on the countertop, this eye-grabbing combo adds beauty, color, scent, freshness, and visual interest and enlivens this kitchen. What a simple and easy yet fascinating way to embellish a space!

From strawberries and apples to pears, grapes, and citrus fruits, fruit displays offer an option to add touches of seasonal flavor. Beyond doubt, fall with its abundance of fruits and colors, presents a plethora of opportunities to create truly fascinating fruit-themed décor.


Photo: Credit

Above, a cornucopia with a modern twist. Autumn fruits in a mesh wrap create a stunning fruit display. A pretty ribbon completes the look of the arrangement. What a simple yet beautiful way to celebrate fall and Thanksgiving!

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Sometimes, on special occasions, such as hosting a party or dinner, a fruit-themed centerpiece is an option to add color, visual interest, texture, and personality in a truly impressive way.

Impressive centerpiece

Photo: Credit

Shown above, a jaw-dropping fruit-themed Thanksgiving centerpiece. Clear glass containers of different shape and size for extra visual interest are filled with fruits, nuts, candles, and blooming flowers. What an abundance of colors and textures! Pure beauty and creativity!

Generally, fruit arrangements and centerpieces should be considered an affordable way to easily transform even the most boring space and lend it a fresh, inviting look.

2. Fruit-themed Art

Adding fruit-themed art pieces is another, bolder way to introduce fruit-inspired décor. A favorite option is exhibiting wall art, predominantly in kitchens and dining rooms, it works well in both traditional and modern settings.

Note that high-quality posters and prints can also do the job.

However, when used creatively, in an unexpected way or positioned in an unexpected place, a piece of fruit-themed décor can definitely make a statement.

Fruit-themed wall art

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In the picture above, a fireplace adds warmth to this living room. A fruit-themed art piece positioned on the mantel grabs and keeps attention. Fruit arrangements complement the theme. Definitely an inviting space with personality!

Fruit-shaped accessories, usually oversized, also make gorgeous interior décor. Made from different materials – from paper to marble to glass to brass, used alone or in groupings, these pieces offer a way to add sculptural beauty, texture, visual interest, and personality to any space, from kitchens to living rooms.  Not to even mention that they make truly stunning gifts!

Fruit-shaped accessories

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In the picture above, an oversized apple- and pear-shaped accessories offer an unusual, creative way to add color, visual interest, and tons of personality to this kitchen.

Fruit-shaped wall clocks and handmade crochet pieces are an adorable way to add some extra color, texture, and personal touches.

Crochet pears

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Shown above, an amigurumi pear arrangement in green, brown, and yellow. Definitely a stunning centerpiece that can enliven any décor setting!

3. Fruit-themed Furniture and Furnishings

Always consider throw pillows, they offer a common, affordable way to introduce any trend, color, or theme to any setting.

Groupings of fruit-themed and/or fruit-shaped pillows and cushions make no exception, they help effortlessly incorporate some fruit motifs into bedrooms, dining rooms, and living rooms.

Fruit-themed throw pillows

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In the picture above, a grouping of fruit-themed pillows made from pure cotton can add vivid colors, visual interest, sparkle, and personality to any teen bedroom. Unquestionably, these pillows are a statement décor element!

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Note that bedding, window treatment, area rugs, shelving, fairy lights, wallpaper, and wall decals are also options to add fruit-themed furnishings to bedrooms and living rooms.

Cheerful, fruit-inspired pieces of furniture are also available on the market, such as a banana-shaped chair. In yellow and white, this modern design solution can be an eye-grabbing addition to any space.

Other furniture options are bean bags. In different fruit shapes and sizes, in vibrant colors, they offer seating for kids spaces and informal parties. Usually multicolor, they add artistic touches, work well in modern settings, and can instantly enhance any space.

A truly unique avocado coffee table can complement the setting. Resembling a tri-pod, this is a statement space-saving furniture piece.

4. Fruit-themed Kitchen Stuff

However, fruit-themed kitchen stuff is the most common and favorite way to create fruit-inspired décor.

Apart from the already mentioned furnishings, such as pieces of art, wall treatment, area rugs, wallpaper, wall decals, furniture, and fruit-shaped shelving, there is an array of options to introduce the theme, from plates and canisters to tea sets, to chair pads, to towels and towel holders.

For a harmonious look, sticking to one fruit, such as apples, is a smart décor solution. Furthermore, choosing a wall paint color that apples come in/yellows, greens, or reds/ will help create an appealing, balanced space.

Whether used as a part of a fruit-themed kitchen or as accent pieces, virtually everything, from backsplashes, runners, and mats to trays, cutting boards, and serving bowls/platters to canisters, jars, spice sets, and pitchers to mugs and napkin holders, offers a way to add pops of color, visual interest, and extra appeal to any kitchen and create warm, inviting spaces.

On a side note, fruit-inspired décor is a key feature of both Mediterranean- and Tuscan-style kitchens.

Wine bottle holder

Photo: Credit

Above, an eye-grabbing fruit-inspired wine bottle holder. What an option to elegantly display a special bottle of wine! Unquestionably, a fabulous accent to any kitchen or dining room!

Kitchen display

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In the picture above, fruit-themed décor. Arranged on open shelves, this fruit-inspired display of vintage items, fruit-toned plates, and fruit-decorated glasses definitely makes a statement. A bouquet of sunflowers beautifully complements the arrangement. Truly impressive!

When it comes to adding vibrant colors in a beautiful way, always consider fruit-inspired décor, it is an easy, affordable way to enliven any living space, especially with fresh fruit arrangements. However, there is an array of other fascinating options to incorporate pieces of fruit-inspired décor, your only limit is your creativity.



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