Decorate Your Home with the Colors of the Season

With Christmas almost here, it’s time to shift from fall to winter decorating and get your home ready for the holiday season giving it a new look.

The holiday season is approaching!

So, it is high time to shift from fall décor to winter wonders.

Get your home ready for the festivities ahead and lend it an inviting.

Want to go beyond tradition and bring in some chic touches?

Get some ideas how to make use of the hottest winter color trends to add freshness to your space.

1. Dark Magic and Gold Dust!


Glamorous Space

Winter is the perfect time to incorporate metallic hues and accents and infuse energy into your home décor.

Opt for the elegant blend of black and gold, the showstopper of the season, to add both glamor and sophistication.

Actually, black and yellow has always made a hot color combo, but this winter just replace classic yellow with the radiance of gold.

In the above-shown picture, unique wall covering complemented by an eye-grabbing display adds to the appeal of the space. Photo: Credit

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Exquisite space


If you hesitate about this color scheme, before making more substantial changes, try with a black accent wall complemented by lighting fixtures in gold, as in the above-shown formal dining room. Photo: Credit

2. Vibrant Navy Blue


Appealing living room


Although usually associated with summer-inspired interiors, navy blue is this winter’s exclusive shade that replaces the usual greens and reds.

Rich, classy, and versatile, this color can be used in in interiors that range from rustic and farmhouse to contemporary and industrial.

A bold navy blue accent can become an instant focal point.

Furthermore, if it houses the fireplace in the living room, this wall will be the perfect backdrop for your Christmas décor. Photo: Credit


Cozy bedroom


If not ready to make more permanent changes in your color scheme, bedding in navy blue is an easy and affordable way to incorporate this vivid hue, as in the above-shown bedroom with a distinctive masculine vibe. Photo: Credit

3. The Charm of Charcoal


Elegance and sophistication


Every season needs its own hot new neutral. This winter’s one is charcoal gray.

This color can undoubtedly lend an elegant, sophisticated look to any space. Photo: Credit

In addition, it works perfectly well with other bold colors, such as hot fuchsia and elegant purple.

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Although you should keep to colors that you absolutely love, you can try to incorporate at least small accents in these hot hues to lend your space a trendier look.



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