Bring Spring Colors into Your Winter Interior

Adding vibrant, spring-inspired colors is a favorite solution to both beat the winter blues and animate any living space.

Actually, there is an array of ways, from traditional to creative, unexpected ones, to introduce bright, spring colors, such as greens, pinks, yellows, oranges, and turquoise. Work with green, the color of trees and grass, as much as possible, this earth color can unquestionably bring a feeling of nature in any space.

Primarily,  as in winters we spend more time inside, de-clutter your living space and try to maintain it neat and tidy, this will definitely help to make your rooms feel open and bright.

Usually yet not necessarily in small doses, thoughtfully positioned décor items in vivid hues make focal points, beautify winter interiors, and help create a sense of freshness and a homey atmosphere.

From real plants to bright fabrics and a coat of paint, to furniture pieces and wall art to stylish accessories, anything can do the job and transform boring and depressing spaces during the gray, dreary winter months.

Furthermore, when approached with creativity, incorporating spring-inspired hues can lend a completely different look to any space.

Displaying spring-inspired pieces of wall art is another useful tip to create a spring mood.

Even simply rearranging furniture and kitchen and living room shelves, book cases, and display cabinets creates a sense of a new look.

Don’t get tempted to leave yourself to the winter blues and let it ruin your whole winter season. After all, it is not that difficult to create a spring-inspired space even when everything visible from your windows is covered with crisp white snow.

1. Incorporate Plants

Usually, the simplest, easiest, and most affordable way to add color and animate any living space is by incorporating plants.

Whether an oversized potted fig palm, a colorful Kalanchoe, small sweet-smelling flowers, arrangements of beautiful cut flowers in clear glass vases, or exotic orchids, there is a range of options to choose from.

Simple yet charming bouquet

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In the picture above, even a simple, unassuming bouquet is a way to add freshness and color and make you happy!

However, before making any decision, especially when it comes to potted plants, consult a specialist which ones thrive well in winters when the days are shorter and darker and don’t offer adequate  natural light. Opt for solutions that do not need extensive light to do well. In this regard, as they don’t need a lot of sunlight and are a low-maintenance option, always consider succulents and Chinese evergreens.

When positioned in dining rooms, kitchens, or living rooms, smaller plants can be complemented by fruit arrangements for added touches of color, visual interest, and freshness. Arranged in beautiful containers, alone or assorted, lemons, limes, oranges, apples, and pomegranates create eye-grabbing centerpieces, which definitely offer some extra spring flair. Generally, incorporating spring-related natural elements, from branch arrangements to woven baskets, is a way to warm up any interior.

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Work with plants and containers that in terms of size fit in well into your interior and make you smile and feel happy.

Using foliage is a creative, low-maintenance solution to freshen up any space. Big leaves definitely make a statement and if water in the vases is regularly refreshed, these leaves can live for long periods of time.

Spring-inspired vignette

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Shown above, a stunning spring-inspired vignette. A topiary complemented by botanical prints and fruit arrangements create an eye-grabbing piece of home décor. Floral-patterned throw pillows add some extra coziness, color, and spring touches.

On a side note, when it comes to kitchens and dining rooms, new tableware, tea, coffee, and sugar tin storage options, towels, and cutting boards are all creative, budget-friendly ways to introduce splashes of color.

Floral-inspired tableware

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Above, a dining room with plenty of greenery. Floral-inspired tableware adds some extra color and freshness to this space filled with natural light.

Speaking of flowers and scents, do not forget about scented candles, they are always an option to add charm and create a romantic mood. Use your favorite spring scents to bring some extra freshness into your living space.

Scented candles

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Shown above, a beautifully arranged tray offers a stunning way to add charm, scent, and personality. A pair of candles complemented by a casual bouquet in a clear glass container is definitely a creative option to bring spring-inspired touches in a bathroom or a bedroom.

2. Using Bright Fabrics

Bright fabrics, whether floral patterned or not, introduced as window treatment, upholstery, table cloths, towels, bedding, bathroom curtains, throw pillow covers, and more, offer another way to infuse any winter interior with vivid, spring-inspired colors.

In bedrooms, focus on bedding, it is a common, affordable option to create a spring mood.

Floral bedding

Photo: Credit

In the picture above, an inviting bedroom filled with natural light. Green walls, a skirted bed, matching floral-patterned window treatment and a throw, throw pillows coordinated with the curtains and the bed skirt…Matching table lamps add extra harmony and balance. Flowers bring freshness and scent. A unique, bold headboard personalizes the space.

In living rooms, upholstery and throw pillows/when creating a spring-inspired space, linen and cotton are a favorite choice/ offer a way to introduce vibrant colors and floral patterns.

Generally, incorporating accent furniture pieces and furnishings in vibrant, bold colors is definitely a creative way to both make a statement, add personality to any space, and instantly rejuvenate it.

Flower arrangement

Photo: Credit

In the picture above, a Scandinavian-style living room of minimal design. A stunning chartreuse chair stands against the pale natural wood flooring and soft gray walls. A tall flower arrangement in a clear glass container complements the chair and throw pillows in adding spring colors to this space.

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Usually, area rugs offer color, texture, and pattern. Furthermore, they define zones in larger spaces. Not to mention that if you choose some bolder solutions, such as Moroccan-inspired ones,  they can add tons of personality and exotic touches to any space.

3. Fresh Paint

Applying fresh, spring-inspired hues is another option to enliven any space. Actually, it is the easiest and cheapest decorative choice. Whether used as wall colors, accents against a neutral background, or combined with crisp whites, teal, purple, cream, soft pinks, mint and grass greens, blues, tangerine oranges, or sunny yellows can help create refreshing, spring-inspired settings.

Spring colors

Photo: Credit

Above shown, an awesome kitchen with a spring vibe. Walls, window treatment, a backsplash, and dining chair and barstool seats in yellows and white cabinetry and an island keep the space bright and airy. A wood dining table and flooring add warmth and coziness. Dining chairs and bar stools add a bold pop of colors. A branch and fruit arrangements on top of the island bring in extra color, freshness, and visual interest. Truly impressive!

4. Lighting

As a rule, lighting has a crucial role in creating appealing spaces. In winters, when days are shorter and darker with inadequate sunlight, try to let in as much natural light as possible and combine it with layered artificial lighting. This approach means multiple sources of light/chandeliers, sconces, table and floor lamps, and more/ positioned where needed to provide general, task, and accent light.

Usually, as it offers functionality and adds touches of elegance and modernity, installing recessed LED ceiling lights works well in almost any setting.

Generally, a well-planned lighting scheme is a must-have for any interior.

When it comes to creating bright, well-lit rooms, always consider mirrors, they create a sense of extra space, reflect light, and add sparkle and visual interest.

Natural light

Photo: Credit

In the picture above,  a sunroom flooded in natural light. A chandelier and matching sconces offer artificial light. An awesome mix of color, pattern, and texture, this space is simply stunning! Wall latticework adds personality and visual interest. Potted plants and a charming bouquet bring extra freshness. Truly an impressive space!

Layered lighting

Photo: Credit

Above shown, a modern kitchen with layered lighting. This modern custom-designed kitchen is all about functionality and appeal. A unique island and a structural column create architectural interest. Potted flowers bring freshness. Definitely a jaw-dropping space!

In winters, when interiors tend to feel drab and dark, incorporating bright, spring-inspired colors in one way or another and providing adequate lighting are of key importance to brighten and enliven any living space.




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