Brass: Furniture, Lighting, and Décor

Unquestionably, brass is back. Any piece of brass furniture, lighting, or decor can add visual interest and tons of personality to your living space.

Brass has re-emerged as chic design gold.

Whether minimal and perfectly modern or used to introduce a distinctive vintage vibe, brass pieces are usually eye-grabbing décor elements.

Note that many of today’s popular “brass” pieces are crafted from another metal but finished with a brassy hue.

Whether planters, candelabras, table lamps, pendants, or side tables, there is an array of ways to  incorporate brass in any living space.

In addition, brass looks good in any shape – from geometric to curvy and organic designs with intricate details.

You are in doubt? Then, start small! Add brass décor pieces in small doses. If you like the effect of a brass tray has on the look of your coffee table, you can go on with other brass décor items.


1. Brass Furniture




Brass furniture (including upholstered furniture with brass accents) can lend a sleek modern look to your home. Look at the above-shown gorgeous drum-style side table, which is textured with an etched geometric pattern .

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Isn’t it the perfect décor piece for a retro-modern space! Learn more…




In the picture above is another table, a folding one, with a touch of acrylic glamour, which can also add vintage-modern glamour to your living space. Learn more…

This truly stunning piece of furniture can be used as an end table, a nightstand, a dining tray, and more!

2. Brass Lighting




Retro-modern lighting in brass is hard to resist. Look at the stunning chandelier in the picture above.

Available in antique brass or polished nickel, it can lend a sculptural look to any space. Learn more…


Functionality and appeal


Minimal wall sconces crafted from brass easily grab and keep the eye. Have a look at the above-shown one. Isn’t it gorgeous? Learn more…

Furthermore, thanks to a swiveling mechanism, light can be positioned right where you need it most.


3. Brass Decor


Eye-grabbing décor


Enjoy the gorgeous brass bird bowls in the picture above! Hand-cast in solid brass from clay models,  they are the point where function meets style. Learn more…


Table accents


The above-shown boxes, a stunning combo of brass and Lucite, can serve to hold different items as well as eye-grabbing table accents. Learn more…

Whether introduced as modern art, planters and magazines holders, desk accessories, and even toilet paper holders, combined with different materials/from leather to wood to glass/, brass creates sculptural, functional statements that reflect light and add shine, interest, and personality to the space.

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Do you like brass décor items? If you do, are you ready to incorporate any brass item in your living space?



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