9 Wall Decor Tips Without Using Wallpaper

9 Wall Decor Tips Without Using Wallpaper

For wall decor, wallpaper is most often used. And this is not at all surprising. A wide range of colors and textures, the price of any wallet – and these are just a few reasons why they have been in demand for many years. The advantages include the ease of gluing – almost everyone will be able to paste the wallpaper on their own. If you want to step further, make your home more original, give it a singularity – this article is for you. In it, we will consider 9 tips for decorating walls without wallpaper. Interesting? Then stay with us.


9 Wall Decor Tips Without Using Wallpaper

Today, in interior design, coloring is not often found, since this process requires certain knowledge and skills. But some people prefer this particular method of decoration. After all, it opens up incredible opportunities for creativity.

Plain or complex staining, applying patterns, lines, ornaments, drawings – all this can be done with paint. There are many techniques for applying images and consider the use of a stencil or a projector as well as manual drawing as the most convenient.


It is pre-made from plastic or thick cardboard. To apply the desired pattern, the workpiece is pressed against the wall in the place where the fragment will be, and carefully painted over. Then substitute the next template and repeat the procedure. Paint is best applied using ordinary brushes, a roller or a sponge.


A very interesting way to make a drawing is to translate lines. In this case, you can not do without a projector, so not everyone can use it. You need to connect the device to the computer and select the picture you like. Design it in the right place and just circle the silhouette. Further, it is only a brush and paints of different colors. Decorate art and let it dry by airing the room.

Pencil drawing

The third trick is to manually draw an image and then colorize it with paints. Here, of course, you need at least a little talent. If you do not have a high level of drawing skill, select a simple sketch and you will certainly succeed.


9 Wall Decor Tips Without Using Wallpaper

You can decorate the walls in the apartment with decorative plaster. This can be a ready-made color mixture or a basic one, on which the desired shade is applied after drying. The surface is also your choice – from smooth to textured. Some are frightened by the high price of the material, but given the end result and the long service life, the cost does not seem so high anymore.

Below we will present you some types of plaster that are used for wall decor:

  • Mineral plaster is a good option for the bathroom, kitchen and other rooms where there is high humidity. The material is environmentally friendly, not afraid of moisture.
  • Acrylic has increased elasticity, so it is easier to apply on the walls. This coating is resistant to abrasion, vapor permeability and does not burn.
  • Silicate plaster due to liquid glass in its composition is absolutely not afraid of mold. The coating is strong, durable and reliable. The material has a high level of vapor permeability, and is also characterized by ease of care and antistatic.
  • Silicone plaster is an extremely flexible material, which, if necessary, can be given any shape. It should be noted that no other species has such properties.

The range of this material is very large, so everyone can find exactly the plaster that fits perfectly into the interior of the room and completely conveys the mood of your home.


For many years, wood finishing has been in demand, creating a truly Russian interior, which is associated with timber houses. And now many are turning to this type of decor. It looks elegant and stylish, while emphasizing the impeccable taste of the owners of the house.

Wooden walls look great in interiors in the style of country, loft, rustic. Of course, such a facing is very expensive, but the result will exceed all your expectations. Just imagine how unusual it would look like a wooden mosaic, saw cuts or barn vintage boards on the wall in the living room. When choosing a material, special attention is recommended to be paid to:

  • the appearance of wood – there should not be traces of insect activity on the surface;
  • the thickness and condition of the boards – they should not be wet or dry.

When decorating an interior with wood, remember that this material needs a careful attitude and special care.


The stone in the interior is very beautiful, environmentally friendly and, of course, of high quality. But there is one minus – a rather high price. However, the cost of the material is justified by its excellent operational properties and characteristics. Such decor will serve for decades, without losing its original appearance. In small rooms, it is not recommended to use stone, since this material makes the walls heavy. It will be appropriate in large rooms decorated in the style of a loft, modern or classic.


Although the choice of decorative and natural stone in our time is very extensive, pebble wall decoration deserves special attention. It will not be appropriate in every interior. But for certain areas (hallway, bathroom, kitchen), such a solution can be very effective. It can decorate the entire wall or only a small part. A pebble picture in a wooden frame will also look original.

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Concrete stone

This material is often used in the interior, as it has the strength and durability. Such a stone looks pretty enough, but still has a fairly large weight.

That is why it must be fixed on high-quality glue and follow all installation rules. With a lack of knowledge, it is better to entrust the decoration of the walls with concrete stone to specialists, so that the decor will delight you with its impeccable look for a long time.

Gypsum stone

Gypsum stone has been used for decoration for a very long time. Its main advantages are its magnificent appearance, low weight and reasonable price. There are other features:

  • The material is not moisture resistant, but if it is treated with special impregnation, the surface will not absorb water.
  • The stone does not deform under the influence of temperature difference, does not burn.
  • Gypsum stone is easy to install – you can decorate it with your own wall.

The choice of decorative stone is huge, while each type has its own unique design and characteristics. Each variety is able to give your home a special sophistication and style.


The ideal material for decorating the kitchen and bathroom is ceramic tile. However, many experts do not agree with this, so they use it to decorate the living room, hallway and even the bedroom. In recent years, the choice of colors and textures has increased significantly, so why not give free rein to imagination?

Today, “leather” tiles are considered very popular, marble tiles imitating natural stone, floral studies, tiles with graphic ornaments, with the effect of 3d or metal spraying. According to the laying method, the main trends are also distinguished: the use of tiles of different sizes, but one pattern, laying in the form of a French Christmas tree or brickwork.

An interesting method of using old ceramic tiles is to create mosaics on the wall. This method is very old, but this type of design is certainly worth your attention. In addition to tiles, you can also use old dishes. Prepared items are simply crushed into small pieces, and then glued to the prepared surface with special glue. Lay out fragments so that you get some kind of pattern or even a picture. However, sticking in a chaotic manner will also create a very original canvas.


9 Wall Decor Tips Without Using Wallpaper

Mirror on the wall – is it any surprise? After all, they have been used at all times, and the fashion for them has been preserved to this day. But if you approach the issue of decor with creative mirrors, you get a rather unexpected result. The interior will become more spectacular, “rich” and elegant.

Wall decoration in bulk mirrors is a fashionable decoration technique that will save the wall from emptiness. Also, with its help, you can add light and give the room originality. For such a technique, it is better to take small mirrors of the same style. Sizes and shapes may vary slightly. Round and square mirrors look interesting, and those who want to make the decor unique use handmade mirrors. If you like to experiment, you will like the shape of flowers or drops.

Mirrors attract not only with their appearance, but also with the effect of enhancing lighting and visually increasing the area of the room. Therefore, this decor is a real find for kitchens or bedrooms of small sizes. Due to its versatility, mirrors will ideally fit not only into a modern, but also a classic interior. Large wall mirror clocks are also in fashion now. They will look stylish in the living room or even the bedroom at the head of the bed.


9 Wall Decor Tips Without Using Wallpaper

Are you a fan of original ideas? Want more creativity in your home? Then this type of decor will definitely be interesting for you. Just imagine, in your kitchen, in the hallway or living room every day there may be a new picture on the wall. Very unusual, isn’t it? To do this, you just need to hang a slate board or paint the wall with slate paint. Believe me, this idea will be appreciated not only by adults, but also by your children, who with great pleasure will “update” the interior every day.

Drawings, various slogans, poems, quotes – all this will look on the wall just fine. And if you write words of love to your household, going to work? It will bring so much joy to them. A good mood for the whole day is provided. Also, a slate wall has practical benefits. It is very convenient to write day plans, recipes or product lists on it. It will be indispensable for classes with children. The price of this type of finish is quite small, which will certainly please everyone.


9 Wall Decor Tips Without Using Wallpaper

I do not want to make repairs, but the old one is already tired? In this case, you just need to update the interior. For this, the most inexpensive methods are suitable – the use of stickers or volumetric applications on the wall. Stylish, cheap and fast. Isn’t that everyone’s dream?

Vinyl stickers

Stickers are suitable if the wallpaper or painting in the room is plain. On such a surface you can apply any picture or inscription. They are glued without any problems, and they are removed even easier, without leaving traces. Therefore, you have a unique opportunity to change them at least daily, according to your mood. There are a lot of design options and you will definitely find what is right for your interior. They look especially stylish in the kitchen, in the living room or bedroom.

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Volumetric paper applications

Today, more and more often you can find voluminous applications of thick paper in the interior. It can be sheets, flowers, fans, butterflies, etc. You can make them yourself or purchase ready-made ones. They are mounted on the wall with ordinary glue. This decor is more suitable for a bedroom or a nursery. The cost of applications is small, but it looks stylish and unusual, especially if the composition is correctly folded. For example, huge flowers in combination with small butterflies will definitely not be left without attention.


9 Wall Decor Tips Without Using Wallpaper

It is not necessary to spend fabulous amounts of money to make the interior in your home original. For example, you can decorate the walls in the living room with children’s drawings, and the kitchen will be transformed if it is decorated with ordinary plates or wooden boards for cutting products. The panel organizer will not only decorate the hallway, but will also bring many benefits.

Saucers and plates

Is the kitchen in your home decorated in a traditional style? But what if one of the walls is decorated with various plates and saucers ? Such decor looks unsurpassed in the dining room. In addition, this is not costly at all, because everyone has a service that has not been used for a long time. Here are some important tips to help you make a good dish composition:

  1. Choose plates so that they “echoed” among themselves and did not stand out from the general picture.
  2. A variety of saucers can be combined in color or shape.
  3. Hang the dishes randomly or use the center – a clock, a large dish or a ceramic tray, etc.
  4. Before you mount the plates on the wall, you need to assemble the composition on the floor to see how the final result will look.
  5. If the saucers are solid, you can decorate them in your favorite colors yourself.

Fans of traveling will especially like this type of decor, as you can bring a plate from each country, each time adding to the composition.

Cutting boards

Unusual decorate the walls of the kitchen will help familiar things, the beauty of which you just did not notice before. For example, chopping wooden boards. You just need to hang them on the hinges and that’s it, the decor is ready. For a better look, you can apply several layers of varnish on them or vice versa “age” using special tools. A good tandem will turn out from boards and metal trays, rolling pins or baking dishes.

Children’s drawings and family photos

Your family likes to be photographed, but all the pictures are kept and rarely reviewed? Children do not mind drawing another masterpiece, which then gathers dust on a shelf for a long time? Many have already seen that photos and drawings are a great decoration. It not only looks stylish, but also brings more warmth and comfort to the house. Just buy more beautiful frames and hang it all on the wall. Empty frames are also a very bold decision in interior design.

Panel Organizer

This product will decorate the wall and serve as a real helper for the most forgetful members of your family. The keys to the apartment, the list in the supermarket, glasses – all this will await you in the hallway, and this time you will not forget anything.

You can create a panel-organizer yourself, the process of creating a product will require a minimum of time and effort. Just take the frame and stick it on a flat surface (thick cardboard, plywood). Glue the bottle caps in any order inside. Decorate the panel and enjoy the result – you have an original element of decor. You can also purchase a finished product in the store.

Scarf in a frame

A scarf on the head or neck is a fashion accessory that is certainly in every woman’s wardrobe. Most often – this is a real work of art, which fascinates with its lightness and beauty. So, you can pull it on the frame and decorate it with a wall. The idea seems absurd, but in fact it turns out very stylish. Vintage shawls look especially colorful.

Plywood panels

Plywood is a versatile building material that has a wide scope. Cut a cloud from this material, paint it in the desired shade or cover with varnish, preserving the natural texture of the tree. The finished application can be mounted on the wall, but it is better to fix it on small racks – so that the decor slightly departs from the wall. So the picture will look voluminous.

Finally, it should be noted that the selected decor depends only on your desires and preferences. However, it is important to consider that some fragments will be appropriate in one room and absolutely unacceptable in another. If you don’t see what the interior lacks, what can become the “highlight” of this or that room, then just contact a professional. In any case, experiment and let your imagination run wild. After all, your interior is a reflection of the state of your soul.



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