64 Best Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas To Add Personal Touch

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If you are one of those people that spend a lot of time in the kitchen preparing and enjoying meals, you will surely agree that the interior of this room is as important as its functionality is.

The key to a stylish and appealing kitchen is the appropriate wall decoration. It will give the room a personal touch and a unique vibe welcoming the family for tasteful meals and jolly time.

The wall décor of the kitchen will help to make the room cozy, vivid and personalized. Another function it could have is to zone the space, to amend imperfections or hide mistakes in the interior.

And while the wall décor options are quite limited when we speak about bedroom or bathroom, for example, the kitchen wall décor is a universal canvas for a wide variety of interesting and unique accents.

Apron Hooks and Kitchen Organizer Shelf

Not much decor is needed to make the kitchen welcoming.

Some reclaimed wood and vintage hooks will create a wall nook with a farmhouse charm and will increase the storage places of your favorite antique utensils.

via The Woodgrain Cottage

Black and White Wood Trimmed Kitchen Sign

What has become really popular in the recent years is using large decorative letters in intersting fonts and colors.

This trend has been twisted into the farmhouse style to create a large bold sign, the perfect final touch of a modern countryside kitchen.

via Etsy

Black Matte Circular Bless this Kitchen Sign

Words can be inspiring, motivating or just fun. The wall sign of this kitchen whispers a prayer in an outstanding vintage ornamented design.

via Etsy

Cheap and Easy DIY Arched Chalkboard

An example of a very stylish and trendy kitchen wall decor is the chalkboard.

Whether an entire wall painted with the special paint type or a framed board, it creates a cozy casual ambiance and becomes a canvas for notes, inspirations or fun welcoming words.

via Ella Claire Co

Cheeky “Today’s Menu” Kitchen Wall Art

Lift the entertainment level in the kitchen with a fun rustic sign! The cheeky inscription is written on a wooden board preliminary painted in white.

Some areas are left unpainted, others are distressed or scratched to give the sign an aged look as if this is a family rule obeyed for ages.

Classic Black Gather Sign for the Home

Mark the most important function of the kitchen with a modern farmhouse sign. The word “gather” is inscribed on a tall wooden board which can find its place easily because of its slim design.

The black chalkboard paint ensures the best contrasting background for the letters to pop out.

via Etsy

Contemporary and Black Kitchen Rolling Pin Sign

This sign will be an appreciated gift for anybody that loves cooking. Its design is taken from the most often used kitchen utensils.

The laser cut inscription can be personalized with the name of the owner.

via Etsy

DIY Chalkboard Dinner Menu Project

This kitchen wall board has been turned into an attractive menu display.

It is very functional as the chalkboard surface allows changing the inscribed words quickly and easily.

via Zest It Up

DIY Coffee and Tea Bar

This is a great idea of how to make a dedicated area for tea and coffee utensils and accessories.

The station covers the top of a transitional wall providing three compartments for storage and hooks for hanging the clean mugs.

The name of the station is inscribed via 4 separate signs in different designs but of the same appealing rustic style.

via Luvlee Creations

DIY Faux Produce Shadow Boxes

Give the kitchen walls a point of interest with handmade shadow boxes. Instead of storing decorative accents like we are used to seeing, replace them with fake fruits.

Read the tutorial below and see how easy it is to make the same unique kitchen wall decor.

via DIYs

DIY Metal Letter Kitchen Sign

Do you need a cute accent for your kitchen? Then take a look at this wall sign! It combines industrial and farmhouse in one so that promises turning your kitchen into a modern room with a lot of charm.

It is also an easy DIY project as the letters are bought ready and only attached to a preliminary painted wooden board.

via Liz Marie Blog

DIY Small Space Coffee Station

This is another idea for a coffee or tea station which takes up a very small space from a kitchen wall. This is surely great news because you can have your own and easily find a place for it.

If you are a skillful person, why not make it yourself? 5 pallet slats, two corbels and some hooks are the major supplies.

via Etsy

DIY Small Space Kitchen Herb Garden

Why not decorate the kitchen walls with a living garden? It sounds crazy but is actually a unique and very practical idea!

The metal containers that accommodate the herbs are hung onto metal rods. You can find such at Ikea or any hardware store.

In addition to having a gorgeous wall decor, you will be able to enjoy the aromatic taste of fresh herbs.

via AO at Home

DIY Wall Mounted Produce Baskets

We all know that some of the fruits and the vegetables should not be stored in the fridge or in the pantry. They will stay fresh and fit for longer if exposed at shed and air.

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Using the wall for the kitchen for a storage place with this application is a great idea in cases where space is limited.

via Home With LO

DIY Wood Pallet Wine Rack

This is an idea for a functional kitchen wall decor. The combination of pallet parts, stain and screws creates a rustic wine station that can store up to 8 wine bottles and a full wine glass set.

Easy Feed Sack Kitchen Curtains

Adding shades to the windows is a great idea for a quick transformation of the interior. For this contemporary kitchen with farmhouse accents, upcycled coffee bean sacks have been modified into unique burlap shades.

via Funky Junk Interiors

Eat and Be Happy Sign Trio

A set consisting of three signs says it all- eat, drink, gather, be happy! If you want to recreate the idea, prepare pallet slats, stencils and paint.

via Etsy

“Eat” Vintage Metal Wall Sign

Letter signs are an easy way to make the ambiance more cheerful. There isn’t a more appropriate sign than the “Eat” one for the kitchen. A hint to make it more vivid and ensure that it attracts attention, use brighter colors, experiment with textures and effects.

via Etsy

Farmhouse Beef Diagram Kitchen Sign

This countryside kitchen wall sign is cheeky and informative. A farmer or a person with a good sense of humor will be honored by such a gift.

via Etsy

Farmhouse Kitchen Gallery Wall Inspiration

One of the most preferred ideas for kitchen wall decor is art. In a farmhouse-inspired kitchen, it may be difficult to find paintings that suit the interior.

A set of handmade art pieces in a kitchen farmhouse theme will do a great job filling the empty wall space and lifting the appeal of the room.

via Guy About Home

Food, Family, Love Prayer Sign

Such a sign must be part of any kitchen- it embodies nature being made of wood, the nostalgy of past times looking aged and inspires with a quote from the Bible.

The font of the most important words is different to enhance their importance.

via Aimee Weaver Designs

Fork, Spoon, and Knife Negative Space Art

Want to create a point of interest in your kitchen? These utensil signs create a giant set in a disparate design.

The creative inspiration comes together with a tutorial.

via A Crafted Passion

Framed Kitchen Gadget Wall Art

Instead of paintings, a set of frames holds a museum of vintage kitchen gadgets. Interest is warrantied by the untraditional decision.

Such a display could also be a very practical idea for the organization of utensils.

via Lobby For Us

Framed Vintage Silverware Art Project

The aged tableware is beautiful but it can be no longer good for usage. So here comes a great idea- to turn it into a unique kitchen wall art.

The spoons and the forks can be left unpainted or be sprayed to ensure good contrast with the background and a matching point with the frame.

via Spunky Junky

Fun Farm and Garden Kitchen Signs

A play with words creates an amazing set of farmhouse kitchen signs. The wording is complemented with drawings of countryside production looking very casual and cute.

Including them in your kitchen decor will surely make the room more friendly and welcoming.

via Etsy

Fun Sayings Black and White Square Signs

Another idea for a wall art decor combines the stylish farmhouse design with a fun personalized vibe.

The color pattern of each sign is the same, only the font differs to outline the importance of every single part of the set.

via Etsy

Gather Round Personalized Kitchen Sign

This sign represents the sentimental nature of the home owners and how important family and friends are for them.

The personalized strokes could be seen also in the inscribed family name and the year of establishment.

via Etsy

Giant Wooden “Eat” Kitchen Sign

If you have liked the ideas for the giant letter signs, check out how you can make your own out of reclaimed wood.

The size can be customized, so can the color.

via Milk Paint

Hanging Produce Baskets With Sign

Show your produce or store the fresh fruits and vegetables in a practical and budget-friendly wall stand.

To make it, you need two wire baskets sprayed in a color that suits the kitchen interior and stacked on an empty wall corner.

via Down Gracelane

Happiness is Homemade Farmhouse Kitchen Sign

The design of this kitchen wall signs inspires with its modern farmhouse simplicity.

The focus has been given to the letters being of a contrasting black color and variating font.

via Etsy

Indoor Planter Box Herb Garden

Such planter boxes can be placed literally on every kitchen wall. Increase their number as you do your way up the wall and create an internal garden.

You can plant seeds of herbs and enjoy their fresh taste with each meal or for blooming flowers to enjoy the beauty of nature even in the coldest weather.

via Purple ID

Kitchen Wall Butcher Paper Dinner Menu

Present the kitchen menu in a farmhouse style! This roller feeds a long butcher paper that gives the opportunity for a quick alternation of the displayed with a simple move.

This is one of those creative ideas that instantly tie up the decor and make the atmosphere look finished up to the smallest accents.

via George and Willy

Love Served Daily Vinyl Kitchen Sign

The vynil stickers feature a quick and affordable kitchen wall transformation.

They come in a wide design variety and option for personalization with a name.

via Etsy

Marvelous and Modern Matte Black Homemade Sign

Nothing tastes better than the homemade food, so why not use this fact as an inspiration for the correct place and word of a kitchen wall letter sign?

via Etsy

Matte Black Oversized Utensils Wall Art

Don’t have time to make your own large copies of kitchen utensils? Etsy comes in help with a great handmade production in black.

The kitchen couple is painted in matte black to be easily noticed.

via Etsy

Meals and Memories Made Here Kitchen Sign

This vynil states the importance of the kitchen- not only a place for meals but also for happy family and friend memories.

The natural motif represented by two-bay tree twigs suggests the timeless origin and evergreen importance of the statement.

via Etsy

Metal Tile Flourishing Tree Kitchen Artwork

Looking for a more unique kitchen backsplash? This one will surely make a bold statement for your elegant taste.

The tree motif the tiles create is a symbol of the family and what should be a better place for using this symbol than the kitchen where the family gathers together?

via Etsy

Pop Culture Puns Kitchen Sign Decor

Make a wall the focal point of your kitchen with a set of artistic kitchen-themed fun art.

Once the frames grab the attention with their background colors, they will trigger smiles with the cute play with words and images.

via Etsy

Pretty Scripted White Bible Scripture Kitchen Sign

A quote from the Bible is transferred onto a distressed wooden board to remind the family that Lord is everywhere and that believing is a blessing.

via Etsy

Rolling Pin and Recipe Card Display

Are there special recipies inhereted to you? Dedicate a special place for them in the kitchen framing them and turning them into an untraditional but unique art.

To make the art theme easily recognizable, hang a rolling pin or another kitchen utensil.

via The Louvre

Rustic and Seasoned with Love Kitchen Sign

Have you ever heard that a meal cooked while angry or sad will taste bad regardless of the ingredients?

This is true, love is the most important ingredient in every corner and every activity at home.

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Hang a rustic personalized sign on a wall of your kitchen inspired by this saying.

via Etsy

Rustic Clock and Plant Display

The wall clock is not only a beautiful decoration but also a necessity in the kitchen.

This one looks like an ancient piece brought to the contemporary world. The aged rustic look is achieved with the distressed wood texture and the large Roman numbers.

Below the clock, an open shelf accommodates a collection of vintage accents and an inspiring sign.

via Pier 1

Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen Shelf Display

Shelves on the walls will always be helpful. If they are not needed for storage of items, they can be used as decor displays.

These ones have been used as a support for rustic nook welcoming for pleasant times spent in the kitchen.

via The Turquoise Home

Rustic Kitchen Plant and Utensil Display

These shelves display vintage items holding plants, cooking utensils and tableware.

At the back of each shelf a large plate is upcycled into a decor accent. The wrought iron bracket supports pop against the earthy colored wall and wooden shelves to create a point of interest and enhance the vintage beauty of the nook.

via The Down Town Aly

Rustic Wood Board Wine Rack

This easy to make wine board combines rustic elements- weathered wood, copper hooks and a charming chalkboard sign.

If you are missing a special place for your wine collection in the kitchen, this display is a great idea that will practically store the wine and add an interesting rustic touch to the decor.

via I Spy DIY

Scripted Bon Appetit Kitchen Wall Art

The variety of letter signs offers a suitable wall decor for any type of kitchen interior.

A simple Bon Appetit inscription is a stylish way to decorate a wall of a neat minimalist kitchen.

via Etsy

Scripted Secret Ingredient Kitchen Wall Art

Doing everything with love? Then this sign will describe your personality in the kitchen.

Made of metal letters, its matte black color gives the sign an elegant look that can be easily embraced by any kitchen interior.

via Etsy

Seasoned with Love Farmhouse Kitchen Sign

In case the decor of your kitchen is inspired by the farmhouse living, the design of this sign will match your taste.

The personalized touches seen through the family name and the year of the establishment will make the kitchen more homely.

via Etsy

Shabby Chic Coffee Mug Rack

Upcycling an old window frame and turn it into a mug station and a treasure display.

The glass is replaced by chicken wire so that the old photos and family possessions are easily attached.

To enhance the aged value of the display, make the wood look weathered or distressed.

via Right Where We Are

Shiny Copper Pennies EAT Kitchen Sign

Want a more sparkling wall decor for your kitchen? This is an easy task! Cut the letters from styrofoam. Then glue pennies onto the front surface.

To make the color uniform, spray with metallic paint with copper effect.

via Etsy

Southern Hospitality Kitchen Vinyl Lettering Sign

Vinyl signs are easy to be applied to the wall and don’t leave any stains when taken off. This is why they could be a great idea for temporary wall decor.

via Etsy

Sweet Seeds of Watermelon Decorative Kitchen Poster

This framed art features a garden production related to the sunny weather. The outdoor motif adds a tasty pop of color which will make the kitchen more welcoming even when winter is out.

via Etsy

Vintage and Antique Apothecary Interior Design Sign

This unique wall sign is more than a beautiful decor. Its personalized touch brings out the most important date of a couple’s life- their marriage.

The vintage look of the sign creates a feeling of an aged origin that backs up the personal inscription on it and matches the farmhouse interior accents.

via Etsy

Vintage Bakery Kitchen Wall Sign

Set the mood for eating with a “bakery” sign. Its design and size make it the perfect kitchen wall decor for narrow corner walls, columns or transitional walls that need an uplift.

via I Heart Naptime

Vintage Looking Black and White Market Sign

The kitchen is the best place where cute and cheeky farmhouse signs can be displayed. “Eat”, “bakery”, “apothecary” are not the only words related to this room.

This “super market” sign can fascilitate the zoning of a vintage nook or a fresh fruit and vegetables wall stand.

via Etsy

Vintage Super Market Wall Sign

The same inscription is made onto metal. Any old sign can be adjusted to the kitchen theme easily.

Apply a coat of white spray paint and let it dry well. The letters can be written down with paint. Another and maybe easier idea is to cut them from black foil and stick them onto the metal.

via Elizabeth and Co

Vinyl Lettering Coffee Bar Styled Kitchen

In case the walls of your kitchen are dark, there is an option to purchase your vinyl sign in white.

Combined with other white accents, the sign will add a personal touch and will enhance the coziness of the kitchen.

via Etsy

Weekly Menu Recipe Card Board

Another design of a kitchen wall art acting as a menu display features a wooden board with dedicated blank sheets of paper for every day of the week.

You may think that you don’t need such a menu display in your kitchen but you will be surprised to see what excitement and fun it will bring to the family members.

via Etsy

What’s for Dinner Kitchen Hub

A kitchen wall accommodates a rustic dark-colored set. It consists of a chalkboard menu with sections for every day of the week and an additional compartment for inspiring notes.

The wooden vertical “eat” sign easily sets the mood for eating and the clock at the top helps everything happens on time.

via Etsy

White and Wood Meal Time Blessings Sign

Isn’t that an inspiring thought? Originating from the core values of a person- God, family and love, it welcomes with its appealing rustic look and sets the mood for cozy home time.

via Etsy

Wood and Binder Clip Art Boards

Nothing will add a more personalized touch to your kitchen decor than a piece of decor made by yourself. Here is a cute idea for a set of wood boards with binder clips that allow changing the exposed photos as you may like.

Whether images of fruits and vegetables or loving family memories, this idea creates a universal canvas for wall art.

via Love Grows Wild

Wood Board Pot Hanging Rack

Actually, the plainest things can decorate your walls and speaking about a kitchen such can be the pots.

This creative idea also helps with the organization and achieving a clutter-free look of the kitchen.

via I Love Palets

Wood Cutting Board “Eat” Art

Another item related to the kitchen that you can easily repurpose and turn into a unique wall art is the cutting board.

Well in this case they are three 🙂 Each of them becomes a background for a letter. The older and worn out the board is, the better. This will enhance the rustoic charm of the wall art idea.

via Anderson and Grant

Wood Pallet and Cotton Art

A proven way to make an interior more welcoming is to include plants and flowers in it. When that is down to a wall, it can be represented by a wreath, a basket with a bouquet or something similar.

This idea features a small pallet-like background, left weathered. Against it, a bouquet of cotton twigs and lavender cuts pop out. They are tied at the bottom with a large old-fashioned ribbon.

via Etsy



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