25 Super Easy Sun Shade Ideas For Your Backyard & Patio

Summer time is our favorite time of the year because it gives us the opportunity to spend more time outside.

However, the sun rays during the day can be too strong so we have to think about ways to protect ourselves when we enjoy the nice weather in our backyard or at the patio.

Luckily, there are many ways to shade our sitting areas outdoors and thus reduce to the minimum the unfriendly UV-light- pergolas, curtains, screens, tents.

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Along with that they will give certain charm to the outdoor space and will make it more unique.

Since buying such shading features sometimes is quite expensive, we have made a research which are the best and most cost-friendly ideas for DIY sun shades.

Thus everyone would be able to enjoy the forthcoming hot days without any worries.

Backyard Shade and Privacy Curtains

Backyard Shade and Privacy Curtains #diy #sunshade #patio #backyard #pergola #decorhomeideas

If you live in a crowded neighbourhood, you must be looking for a way to make your patio a more private space. This one-day project requires only posts, curtain rods and drop clothes to make a pergolla-like privacy screen.

via Thrifty and Chic

Brilliant DIY Tent Frame from PVC

Brilliant DIY Tent Frame from PVC #diy #sunshade #patio #backyard #pergola #decorhomeideas

If you would like to make yourself a tent, the simplest structure is as from the photo above. Use PVC tubes and elbows to build the support. The roof is made of tart which you can purchase at the desired size.

via Ebay

DIY Back Deck Pergola Design

DIY Back Deck Pergola Design #diy #sunshade #patio #backyard #pergola #decorhomeideas

Looking for a permanent shade feature that will last for years? This stable pergolla is one of the most robust ones as it uses quite thick lumber, anchors and screens.

via Remodelaholic

DIY Breezy Outdoor Room

DIY Breezy Outdoor Room #diy #sunshade #patio #backyard #pergola #decorhomeideas

This privacy screen and canopy is solution for those of you who can’t afford building a solid fence to divide their outdoor space. Make sure to read the instructions below as they are very exhaustive and will fascilitate the process of building the same outdoor shelter.

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via Bob Vila

Easily Adaptable Backyard Shade Curtains

Easily Adaptable Backyard Shade Curtains #diy #sunshade #patio #backyard #pergola #decorhomeideas

Sometimes making your patio more shady and private requires only one simple addition – and that is curtains. Fix pipes to the patio ceiling to serve as curtain rods and add fabric you like.

via The Home Depot Blog

Easy DIY Canvas Shade Sails

Easy DIY Canvas Shade Sails #diy #sunshade #patio #backyard #pergola #decorhomeideas

If you need a more extended shade feature, then the sails are the perfect solution for you. They can cover as much outdoor space as you may like to. Sails look great in the outdoor space because of their nautical origin and the coziness they create.

via House Tweaking

Easy Tent-Style Awning with Milk Can Anchors

Easy Tent-Style Awning with Milk Can Anchors #diy #sunshade #patio #backyard #pergola #decorhomeideas

Looking for a one-day pergola or tent? This very quick DIY tent can be built in a couple of hours and will provide all you need in a sunny day – shade, privacy, coziness.

via Laura Trevey

Elegant DIY Pool-Side Cabana

Elegant DIY Pool-Side Cabana #diy #sunshade #patio #backyard #pergola #decorhomeideas

Resting next to the pool is an unmeasurable pleasure. Enjoy the water blinks while protected by a DIY pergola. Making it is easy and it looks very stylish as the textile design of the lounges matches the color of the shed.

via Southern Living

Fun and Funky Outdoor Seating Shade

Fun and Funky Outdoor Seating Shade #diy #sunshade #patio #backyard #pergola #decorhomeideas

The canopy must be the cheapest way to shade an outdoor area and is very easy to be maintained. Once the season ends, you just take it down. While more massive and fixed structures will require more care throughout the whole year.

via Martha Stewart

Hanging Shade-Cloth and Outdoor Lighting Combo

Hanging Shade-Cloth and Outdoor Lighting Combo #diy #sunshade #patio #backyard #pergola #decorhomeideas

If you already have a pergola installed at your patio but are looking for a way to renovate it and at the same time keep its shading properties, you can make yourself a sail-like layer of shed by weaving drop cloths through the slats of the pergola.

via Anything Pretty

Luxurious Hanging Shade Curtains

Luxurious Hanging Shade Curtains #diy #sunshade #patio #backyard #pergola #decorhomeideas

If you love bohemian style for decoration and furniture and you would like to incorporate it in the outdoor space of your backyard, this handmade sun shed is your thing. It is detachable and movable so you can adjust it according to the sun position.

via Refinery 29

Moveable Backyard Sun Shade Hoops

Moveable Backyard Sun Shade Hoops #diy #sunshade #patio #backyard #pergola #decorhomeideas

This backyard sun shade is made of PVC conduit and canopy. The conduit is the perfect material for this purpose as it is very flexible, it doesn’t limit you in height or width and is strong enough to stretch a canopy.

via The Kreative Life

Outdoor Living Space with Sheer Curtain Divider

Outdoor Living Space With Sheer Curtain Divider #diy #sunshade #patio #backyard #pergola #decorhomeideas

Looking for a more romantic sun shade? Well, there is an idea for you, too. Make yourself a multifunctional shade feature which will divide the space, protect you from the sun rays and even from mosquitos.

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via Sunset

Overlapping Backyard Sun Sails

Overlapping Backyard Sun Sails #diy #sunshade #patio #backyard #pergola #decorhomeideas

If you have sewing skills, you may try to make yourself two triangle canopy pieces. They can be as big as you want to. All you need to do is attach each corner to a fixed point so that they are stretched enough.

via Apartment Therapy

Quick and Easy Retractable Awning

Quick and Easy Retractable Awning #diy #sunshade #patio #backyard #pergola #decorhomeideas

This type of shade is very appropriate for smaller backyards where installing a pergola would take up too much from the space. Run cords from each end of the roofs and attach canopy or drop cloths onto it the same way you are weaving a curtain on a rod.

via Awininglux

Relaxing Pergola Sitting Space with Shade Curtains

Relaxing Pergola Sitting Space with Shade Curtains #diy #sunshade #patio #backyard #pergola #decorhomeideas

These pergola curtains are aligned on the sides and will make the outdoor space more private. An easy way to attach the curtains on the pergola posts is to fix hooks onto the inside face of each post.

via A Beautiful Mess

Roman-Style DIY Pergola Canopy

Roman-Style DIY Pergola Canopy #diy #sunshade #patio #backyard #pergola #decorhomeideas

This canopy shade on the top of the pergola is very comfortable to be built as you don’t have to weave the cloths through each slat. Instead there are wires and a pulley system which ensure the movement of the fabric. The sail-like look and the fixing to the wires is done through hooks.

via Sailrite

Rustic Draped Canopy from Natural Fibers

Rustic Draped Canopy from Natural Fibers #diy #sunshade #patio #backyard #pergola #decorhomeideas

The designs of the textile are various and they can help you build a sunshade in the desired style. If you are keen on the rustic style, you can use a similar curtain texture.

via Jandbmarvin

Simple Aluminum-Pipe Framed Backyard Canopy

Simple Aluminum-Pipe Framed Backyard Canopy #diy #sunshade #patio #backyard #pergola #decorhomeideas

You can quickly make a great sunshade canopy of the desired size by building a pipe structure. The sail shape of the top layer is achieved by passing the canvas through the transverse pipes.

via Vtwonen

Simple Fabric Sun Shade

Simple Fabric Sun Shade #diy #sunshade #patio #backyard #pergola #decorhomeideas

This is a simple fabric sun shade which can be done in few hours only. With the help of suitable fabric, wood post and fixing accessories, you can make the perfect customized shade for your patio.

via 2 Boys + 1 girl = One Crazy Mom

Upcycled Sun Shade from an Old Sail

Upcycled Sun Shade from an Old Sail #diy #sunshade #patio #backyard #pergola #decorhomeideas

Upcycling a useless sail may do a great sun shade as its size is big and the fabric is hard-wearing. Stretch the sail at all three sides and adjust the angle.

via Instructables Workshop

Wall-Anchored DIY Backyard Sun Shade Ideas

Wall Anchored Diy Backyard Sun Shade Ideas #diy #sunshade #patio #backyard #pergola #decorhomeideas

With the help of cup hooks anchored to the walls and S hooks to stretch the canopy, even the smallest patio can become a more pleasant and shady place.

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