25 Fireplace Mantels With Windows On Each Side And Window Seats Or Doors

Winter is knocking on the door and you will gonna need a fireplace that’s extra cozy and can warm you up in the cold windy nights.

Since there are lots of articles showing different fireplace ideas, I’ve decided to show you a great collection of 25 Fireplace Mantels With Windows On Each Side And Window Seats Or Doors that would make any living space total winter goal. Let’s bring on the show!  😉

1.Nice Mixture of Materials

Fireplace seating design #fireplacemantel #fireplace #mantel #homedecor #decorhomeideas


As I am a huge fan of the concept of using the stone material in the interior design, I’d like to show you these stylish stone fireplace mantels. They kind of bring the warm farmhouse vibe to this contemporary living space.

Moreover, the stone fireplace with window seats on either side makes you want to lay down with a great book and a cup of hot chocolate!

2. Living Room in a Countryside Family House

Fireplace mantel with doors on sides #fireplacemantel #fireplace #mantel #homedecor #decorhomeideas

That’s a beautiful living room for a countryside family home – with a traditional stone fireplace with doors on both sides, medium tone solid wood floor, rustic carpet, and leather sofas.

3. Cute Living Space with Tall Windows on Both Side of The Fireplace

Fireplace mantel with windows on each side and seats #fireplacemantel #fireplace #mantel #homedecor #decorhomeideas


Recently, a friend of mine, who is now refreshing their living room, asked me to share some ideas for window seats on each side of the fireplace in the living room with TV over the fireplace. Here is what I showed her…stunning, isn’t it?

4. Bright Mountain Lodge

Fireplace mantel with windows on each side and doors #fireplacemantel #fireplace #mantel #homedecor #decorhomeideas

While I was searching for some ideas for a fireplace with glass doors on both sides, I found this picture with one glass door and one tall window. It is definitely an interesting touch to this cozy mountain lodge.

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5. Simple, But Not Boring

Fireplace mantel with windows on each side and seats #fireplacemantel #fireplace #mantel #homedecor #decorhomeideas


Do you need to cozy up a simple space? Then, display some minimalist decor to the fireplace mantel, and add some additional fluffy cushions to the sofas and the reading nook around the windows.

6. Stick To The Traditions In The Interior Design

Fireplace mantel with glass doors on each side #fireplacemantel #fireplace #mantel #homedecor #decorhomeideas

Here is another traditional fireplace between windows idea! Though the white fireplace mantel is quite simple, the artwork creates texture and dimension and contributes to the rooms overall mellow vibe.

7. Mix It Up

Fireplace with side seatings #fireplacemantel #fireplace #mantel #homedecor #decorhomeideas


Looking for a fireplace with window seats? Why don’t you mix it up? The stone facade here fireplace helps warm up an otherwise all-grey living room. It gives it character and keeps it from being too bare.

8. Classical Fireplace Mantel in White

Fireplace mantel between doors #fireplacemantel #fireplace #mantel #homedecor #decorhomeideas

The overall design of this living room is very out-dated and yet warm and cozy. However, the white fireplace mantel gives a timeless look to the whole space.

9. Go Scandinavian

Fireplace with side seats #fireplacemantel #fireplace #mantel #homedecor #decorhomeideas


The recipe for a Nordic-inspired living room: fewer colors, minimalist decor, white wooden natural furniture, and fireplace with window seats on each side. This up-to-date fireplace is obsession-worthy, for sure!

10. Design Idea For More Spacious Living Space

Fireplace mantel doors on each side #fireplacemantel #fireplace #mantel #homedecor #decorhomeideas

Desperately searching for fireplace mantel ideas? There are so many cool accents in this living room – the fireplace with doors on both sides, the built-in library shelves, the windows, and the high ceiling.

11. Southwestern Vibe

Living room fireplace with side seating #fireplacemantel #fireplace #mantel #homedecor #decorhomeideas


 All the texture and pattern in this Southwestern living room helps space feel more private and cozy. I just love the classic fireplace with window seats on either side.

Fireplace tile ideas like this one are getting more and more popular.

12. Contemporary, But Not Stark

Modern fireplace mantel with doors on each side #fireplacemantel #fireplace #mantel #homedecor #decorhomeideas

The polished white fireplace adds a nice, modern vibe to this high-ceilinged living space, while exposed tall windows ups the cozy factor.

13. En Fuego

Window Seats Beside Fireplace Mantel #fireplacemantel #fireplace #mantel #homedecor #decorhomeideas


I recently found some pics of rooms with fireplace and permanent window seats, however, I will show you only this one for now.

A faux leather armchair, artwork, and a bunch of colorful cushions boost the cozy vibes.

14. Feelin’ White

Fireplace mantel between windows and doors #fireplacemantel #fireplace #mantel #homedecor #decorhomeideas

However, everything in this picture has been centered around the small table with the enormously big vase, I think the fireplace mantel decor is the centerpiece of this design idea.

15. Minimalistic Decoration

Fireplace mantel with seats beside #fireplacemantel #fireplace #mantel #homedecor #decorhomeideas


Here is another fireplace hearth with window seats on both sides.

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I would transform the sitting space into lovely, cozy reading nooks using cushions, blankets, and some simple wall art.

16. Cozy Space With High-Ceiling

Fireplace between doors #fireplacemantel #fireplace #mantel #homedecor #decorhomeideas

The low-relief fireplace mantel is what really caught my eye at first place. However, I like the entire room as it’s very bright and welcoming.

17. Timeless Interior Design Idea For Small Living Room

Fireplace mantel with seatings #fireplacemantel #fireplace #mantel #homedecor #decorhomeideas


This one is for sure one of my most favorite fireplace mantels ideas! I just love everything about it – the contrast in the paint colors, the sitting area, the rustic lamp, and the piece of art above the mantel!

18. Coastal Fireplace Mantel

Traditional fireplace mantel with window doors on each side #fireplacemantel #fireplace #mantel #homedecor #decorhomeideas

Here is another beautiful classic fireplace with doors on both sides. It perfectly fits the overall interior of this coastal living room.

19. Cozy Reading Nook

Reading nook around fireplace #fireplacemantel #fireplace #mantel #homedecor #decorhomeideas


In this picture, the fireplace mantel decor has a dramatic impact on the whole high-ceiling living space.

20. Luxurious Fireplace Mantel Surround

Fireplace mantel with big glass doors and windows on each side #fireplacemantel #fireplace #mantel #homedecor #decorhomeideas

Hang a luxurious-looking mirror above your fireplace mantel – it will give some additional polish to your living room, or help space feel more spacious if you’re working with a small room.

21. Simple Trick to Enliven The Mantel

Fireplace mantel with windows on each side #fireplacemantel #fireplace #mantel #homedecor #decorhomeideas


It’s simple, but it works every time – frame your fireplace mantel with vase or candles on each end.

22. Matchy-Matchy

Blue navy living room with fireplace between doors #fireplacemantel #fireplace #mantel #homedecor #decorhomeideas

The combination of blue, white and wood is timeless and cutting-edge.

If you are looking for some fresh fireplace mantel designs, take a look at this statement-making piece among the patterned curtains, vibrant cushions, and fancy Portuguese style pottery.

23. Timeless Color Combination

Beach house fireplace mantel with windows #fireplacemantel #fireplace #mantel #homedecor #decorhomeideas


Gray-green and white is the color combination that literally never fails. The fireplace with window seats on each side became part of the wall decor by using a similar tinge.

24. Make The Mantel A Centerpiece of The Living Room

Fireplace with glass doors on each side #fireplacemantel #fireplace #mantel #homedecor #decorhomeideas

This caramel color fireplace mantel is truly the centerpiece of this beautiful high-ceiling living room. The tones of the overall design are so soft and silky.

25. Give Your Home Some Glam

Fireplace mantel doors on each side #fireplacemantel #fireplace #mantel #homedecor #decorhomeideas


Do you like the stone fireplace with glass doors on both sides?

Just take a detailed look at the stunning fireplace mantel decor! I simply love it!  😎

No matter the design you choose – minimalistic, luxurious, modern or classic, the truth is the mantel can say a lot about your personal style and taste. So, do not rush, take a deep breath, and make the right choice for yourself.



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