Your Backyard Landscape: Manicured Or Untamed?

Are you dreaming of an appealing outdoor space where to relax and entertain? You can use different approaches to beautify it.

Are dreaming of a beautiful outdoor space?

Unless you inherit perfectly manicured back and front yards, there’s always some extra work to be done.

Sometimes it is difficult to decide whether to tame your outdoors or try to cultivate a “wild chic“ look.

Both approaches /manicured and untamed yards/ have their pros and cons.

Furthermore, some middle ground is also a possible option.


1. The Manicured Yard

Crisp Details


Obviously, any manicured yard has a clean, uncluttered look, with carefully maintained details, such as a lush green lawn, sculptured bushes, gravel pathways, and comfortable seating arrangements.

Also, add some color by planting multiple types of flowers that will thrive best in your climate.

Furthermore, some garden decor will definitely enhance the look of your yard.

However, be careful to not overdo it.

A small water feature, birdbath, or some garden statues will add visual interest without making the space cluttered.

Above, a manicured, contemporary terraced yard with crisp details. Photo: Credit


Appealing space


Note that even a space without a lawn and well-shaped bushes can be manicured.

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Usually, for the design of such yards are used gravel, pebbles, and mulch. Photo: Credit

Beauty and symmetry


Using repeating details is a technique, which helps create a manicured feel.

Whether matching plants, identical planters, or similar garden decor elements, repeating details can add a sense of harmony and balance to your outdoor space.

Above, bold planters with matching plants in a contemporary yard. Photo: Credit

2. The Untamed Yard




Do not assume that the “untamed” look means complete wilderness.

Actually, an untamed yard is absolutely deliberately a low-maintenance space.

A no-mow lawn is the perfect example of an untamed yard.

Low-maintenance grasses and succulents also create this charming, untamed look.

In fact, the difference between the two approaches is in the work needed after the yard is established.

Any low-maintenance space is a way to avoid hard, routine yard work.

Above, carefully designed low-maintenance backyard. Photo: Credit


What a space!


Overflowing plant life and groupings of native plants and grasses for a free-flowing look are the other features that characterize the untamed yard.

Above, a backyard with a natural look. Photo: Credit

Both characteristics add visual interest, create focal points, and can lend a specific“wild chic” look to any yard.

3. A Happy Medium


Terraced yard


However, you can find a happy medium by blending elements of manicured and untamed yards.

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Plenty of options exist to create a wild-meets-manicured look, such as group matching native grasses in contained spaces or incorporate large rocks into the scenery.

Above, groupings of native grasses in a terraced garden. Photo: Credit

What about you? Which approach do you prefer?



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