Winery Style: Relaxed Design

Have you ever visited a winery? If so, do you like the “winery look”? If you do, try to recreate it at your home even without a massive wine cellar!

You like alfresco dining, stone facades, picturesque settings, and rustic décor?

You are dreaming of an outdoor space with lush greenery?

Your lifestyle celebrates casual living?

Then, winery style seems just perfect for you!

As winery-style home is all about relaxation, warmth, and comfort – from the plant-filled gardens to the herb-filled kitchens, you can consider adding some winery-style touches to your living space!

1. Large Outdoor Dining Table with Greenery Overhead


Outdoor Dining Space


There’s nothing like dining al fresco. Although wineries usually feature long tables, you don’t need an epic outdoor dining table, a place to eat in the fresh air is a nice touch.

Whether a large tree or a vine-covered trellis, overhead greenery creates a cool, crisp feel, even on the warmest days. Photo: Credit


2. Globe Lights


String Lights


Use string lights to add some twinkle for instant charm, festivity, and romance. Photo: Credit

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3. Graveled Outdoor Space


What a beauty!


Winery landscaping is unforgettable, and much of it involves some gravel, which helps define spaces and adds to the manicured look of the yard. Photo: Credit


Simply stunning!


Not to mention that plants in gravel-covered soil really pop against the texture and color of the pebbles. Photo: Credit

Generally, never underestimate the importance of the greenery on the winery property, from the vineyard itself to the plants surrounding the building.

Try to create a similar look mixing manicured bushes and striking native grasses. Note that gardens with a Mediterranean feel are a popular winery choice!

Furthermore, try to grow your own food. However, if for some reason this isn’t possible, herbs, such as rosemary and mint are a feast-for-the-senses option.

4. Foodie Kitchen and Fresh Herbs Indoors



Splendid addition to any kitchen


Who doesn’t love a gourmet restaurant in the wine country?! Create a foodie kitchen where to prepare fresh meals with delicious ingredients with tools within arm’s reach. This will definitely make you excited about cooking.

Even if you have an outdoor garden, growing herbs indoors is always a great idea. In addition to having some fresh dill and rosemary, greenery will bring wine country charm in the kitchen! Photo: Credit

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5. Display of Wine


Storage and display


You don’t have a wine cellar or any stunning display of wine? However, a wine wall or even a beautiful wine rack with your favorite bottles of wine can help set a relaxing, indulgent mood. Photo: Credit


6. Place to Relax


Gorgeous space to relax!


As wineries usually invite guests to have a seat and take a break from life’s demands, try to create an area where to relax. You don’t have your own vineyard or pool? Get creative! You need only a pair of lounge chairs positioned in your favorite garden spot to get the job done. Photo: Credit



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