Vintage Gardens

Vintage-style gardens are a charming blend of old, time-worn piece of furniture, blossoming flowers, décor items, and throw pillows in soft, pastel colors.

Actually, if you love this style, it is not that difficult to create an enchanting hideaway where to relax in privacy or entertain with family and friends.

Unleash your creativity, do some planning, gather everything that reminds you of your childhood, add lovely garage sales and thrift shops finds, arrange all pieces, and voilà – you have your own vintage garden.

Generally, everything that looks old enough can do the job, from rusty wrought iron chairs to reclaimed armchairs to stepladders to containers and rustic gardening tools to textiles.

As vintage gardens are everything but formal and ordinary, opt for asymmetrical designs and try to create bold, unexpected focal points.

Don’t forget about flowers. As geraniums, roses, and peonies last for years, they make a perfect option for any vintage garden because help lend it an ageless look.

Note that picket fencing works well in vintage gardens.

Usually, creating a vintage-inspired garden is a surefire way to transform any dull, boring outdoor area, even the smallest one, into an idyllic, magical space with tons of charm and personality.

1. Furniture Pieces

When it comes to vintage garden furniture for creating seating arrangements, the options are literally endless. Whether wrought iron, reclaimed chairs and benches, pallet furniture, swings, hammocks, everything can do the job. And the older, the better.

However, rusty metal/and especially wrought iron/ furniture is a common, favorite choice.

Wrought iron seating

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In the picture above, a charming garden spot. An ornate wrought iron seating option creates a vintage vibe. Pillows in pastel colors add coziness and comfort. Blooming flowers in beautiful containers add extra color and scent.

If you need a secret spot where to spend time in privacy and relieve from stress, because of their unquestionable charm, vintage-style gardens make enchanting hideaways. Trellis screens with climbing vines, hedging, tall trees, and large planters with tall greenery can help create such fascinating garden retreats.

Note that garden structures with a vintage look, such as gazebos, pergolas, sheds, and trellises can add functionality, height, and architectural interest and enhance any outdoor space.

If tough on budget, DIY pallet furniture is always an option to consider.

Pallet daybed

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Above shown is an intriguing garden hideaway. Shaded by tall trees and an eye-grabbing flower canopy, a pallet daybed complemented by plenty of throw pillows in pastel colors offers privacy, comfort, and coziness. This spot is definitely a feast for the senses!

Hammocks and swings are often an integral part of vintage gardens.

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Photo: Credit

In the picture above, a delightful garden sanctuary. A seating arrangement shaded by a beautifully embellished parasol is complemented by a hammock. So charming and romantic…Chair seats, throw pillows, and cushions in neutral whites, beiges, and grays add coziness and comfort and soften the look of the space. Unquestionably, this spot is the epitome of serenity and relaxation!

However, the choice of furniture depends entirely on the needs, taste, and budget of the owners.

Alfresco Dining

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Above, a fascinating alfresco dining area. Positioned under the shade of the trees, this charming spot offers adequate seating for informal gatherings with family and friends. Floral-patterned throw pillows and a table cloth in pastel colors add color. Cut flowers bring scent and romance. Definitely a picture-perfect setting!

2. Textiles

When it comes to vintage gardens, using plenty of throw pillows and cushions, blankets, throws, tablecloths, and more is a way to both create a sense of coziness and softness and add color, pattern, and texture. Usually yet not necessarily, faded floral-patterned textiles in muted colors are a common choice for vintage gardens.

Introduced by different décor items, cotton, linen, and lace add a romantic vibe to vintage gardens.

Other often used options to dress any vintage garden are crochet throws and oilcloths as well as polka-dot, patchwork, and check items.

For extra touches of romance, include gauzy ribbons, lace shawls, and paper pompoms.

Flower arrangements in milk bottles, jam jars, and earthenware jugs work well when positioned on top of dining and coffee tables. Vintage crockery, old tea cups or jam jars transformed into candleholders, lanterns, and strings of fairy lights offer a way to lend a complete look to any setting.

Delicate textiles

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In the picture above,  a garden spot surrounded by lash greenery. A simple seating arrangement is complemented by an ornate parasol. Delicate textiles add elegance to the setting. Blooming flowers offer color and scent. So simple yet inviting and enchanting!

Multiple throw pillows

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Shown above is an outdoor space with a vintage look. A seating arrangement is positioned against the background of lush vegetation. Multiple throw pillows offer coziness and add color, pattern, and texture. Potted plants bring some extra scent and color. Definitely a dreamy garden retreat!

3. Décor Items

Adding vintage accessories helps capture the ageless Old-world look and charm and enhances the vintage feel of the space.

Actually, anything that looks quirky and vintage will work well, from antique carts, slate signs, and wooden birdhouses and feeders to doors and windows frames, metal bed frames, and bed headboards to framed mirrors and milk wire crates and bottles to urns and wooden dairy crates to sprinklers to aprons and clay pots, just unleash your creativity  and look at things with new eyes. Collect everything you don’t use anymore, and find a fresh, unexpected, and exciting way to include all your vintage treasures in the setting .

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Combine galvanized steel urns, rustic garden tools, and water cans, they can make eye-catching architectural displays.

Literally everything can be put to use. Old bicycles, wire hanging baskets, bird cages, kitchenware, wooden crates and barrels, goat carts, wheelbarrows, and flour sacks can be repurposed as planters to lend any vintage garden a distinctive, unmistakable look.

Focus on old stepladders. When complemented by vintage-looking enamel buckets/or any vintage-looking planter/ with blooming flowers and rusty hand tools, ladders definitely help create gorgeous displays. Furthermore, they add a sense of height, visual interest, and personality.

Note that antique sculptures also make spectacular focal points.

Generally, vintage gardens reflect their owner’s creativity and personality and offer a way to preserve everything old and beautiful.

Vintage décor

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In the picture above, an awesome city garden. Beautifully displayed vintage items help create a unique space. Greenery adds color and freshness. Definitely an enchanting hideaway!

4. Flowers

When it comes to vintage-style planting, it tends to be informal, romantic, with a delightful, slightly chaotic, natural look and soft edges.

Opt for quick-growing, easy-to-care trailing, cascading, and self-growing plants commonly grown in cottage gardens. Aim at achieving an overgrown effect, it works well in vintage gardens. As they help to create this effect, include hanging baskets and planters attached to fences at eye level.

For a varied, appealing look, mix crisp white flowering plants with plants with blooms in pastel colors/pinks, faded yellows, blues/.

Hedges, masses of tiny flowers, and perennials are key elements of vintage gardens.

Usually, roses, Daisy, Peony, Lavender, and Columbine are favorite options.

As already said, unexpected container choices are common for vintage gardens. For extra visual interest and appeal, mix and match containers of different style, size, and shape.

Crockery containers

Photo: Credit

Above shown is a display of crockery planters of different size and shape. What a way to create a charming vintage feel…

Vintage garden

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In the picture above, a fascinating spot with a vintage look. A bench positioned against the background of beautiful flowers offers seating. Cushions and throw pillows add coziness, pattern, texture, and extra color. Mismatched containers bring extra visual interest. Definitely a dreamy garden hideaway!

As a rule, vintage garden spots look nostalgic, they are just the opposite of modern living. Cozy and inviting, these spaces offer a soothing atmosphere and Old-world charm and make the perfect place where to relax in privacy or entertain with family and friends.



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