Trees for the Garden – Tips & Ideas for Large and Small Outdoor Areas

Trees for the Garden

Trees simply belong to the garden design. And since the best time to plant the autumn is, you also have enough time to plan. However, the choice can be quite difficult, there are so many different varieties of fruit trees, over ornamental trees to evergreen varieties. Also, the choice depends on the size of the garden, because on the small plot not many large tree species can be combined. In order to make your choice easier, we have put together a few tips and ideas for trees for the garden, which allow you to make the outdoor area more natural and diverse. These gardening ideas will certainly help you.

Trees for the small garden

Trees for the Garden

If you do not have a lot of space outdoors, you should choose the correct tree size. Anyone who thinks to control the growth height and width through frequent cuts is wrong. In this way, you do not only create unnecessary work. This also disrupts the growth and in the end you will probably not get what you wanted optically. Especially for fruit trees you can affect the amount of fruit.

Useful trees for the garden – fruit trees plants

Trees for the Garden

Although fruit trees can grow quite large, one can nevertheless get a low growth height with regular (not too frequent!) Cuts, which the tree needs anyway. This also makes harvesting much easier. However, there are now practically dwarf trees or those that are climbing or growing in the shape of a column, which are of course ideal for little space. In this case, one also has a free choice among the fruits. Whether plums, apples, pears or peaches does not matter. There are even interesting intersections, which include two fruit varieties, which of course is even more space-saving. The hazelnut is not a fruit tree, but would like to be called because of its small size.

Ornamental trees

Trees for the Garden

If you just want ornamental trees for the garden, there is also a sufficiently large selection for trees for small gardens. Particularly suitable are species which grow columnarly. These include, among others, the beeches, ornamental cherries, mountain ash and the white thorn. Trees like the Kugelahorn, the Kugelrobinie or the Kugeltrompetenbaum, as well as the Reddorn or the blood plum. These are very popular. In terms of the width, however, a little more space must be given. The crowns can be up to six meters wide. Frequently chosen species are also the kitten pasture, the red hanging beeches and the ornamental apple. You can also buy Japanese trees for the garden. Here, there is a variety of small varieties, Which are suitable and among them the popular Japanese maple . This is especially pleasing in autumn with its attractive leaf colors. Suitable flowering trees for the garden include the Magnolia, the Dwarf-Judas Tree, the Chinese Wildflower, Lilac or, in a little more space, the red-leaved Nelkenkirsche.

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Evergreen trees for the garden

Trees for the Garden

For one, you can buy attractive bonsai trees for the garden. These are kept constant by regular cuts and can thus be of any size. Many evergreen plants are very large in themselves, but they also have variants of smaller size, which you should inform yourself about in the tree nursery. The small species of the Portuguese laurel cherry, the cork oak, the Sycopsis sinensis, the European yew, the pseudo-cypress, the beech tree, the tree of life, the narrow Serbian spruce and small firs. If you want to plant an evergreen tree, you should not only learn about height, but also about its width. Because in a small garden a tall tree does not have to disturb, as long as it is narrow. Thus the tall pines acquire, over time, a bare trunk, which occupies hardly any space,

Plant a large garden with trees

Trees for the Garden

If you have a large property, you can also let off steam. Remember to give the trees plenty of space. If they are forced into small corners between wall and façade, this can affect the growth and thus also the beauty. But which trees for the garden should you choose? A small selection of trees and garden ideas follows. You can use these as well as the variants for small outdoor areas.

Fruit trees plant

Trees for the Garden

Fruit trees can be freely chosen according to taste. With a regular cut they do not occupy much space even in the large garden. The apple tree and also the peach tree, which impresses with pink colors, have particularly beautiful flowers. So you are looking for beautiful trees for the garden that you can consider. Everything you should consider here is the number, because this also increases the need for care. Because the more fruit trees you have, the more you have to cut and, of course, to reap.

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Ornamental trees for the garden with large area

Trees for the Garden

You can plant native trees for the garden in a large outdoor area without problems. Beeches, oaks, poplars, larches or the pretty blooming chestnut are therefore no problem. For a nice texture you also provide hanging trees . Whether weeds or birch trees is not important. Especially in the vicinity of ponds these specimens make themselves very beautiful. Their lush, hanging branches are also suitable if you want to use trees for the garden as visibility. Alternatively, column trees are also well suited for this purpose. Also the Japanese maple is again to be mentioned, because here you also have the possibility to choose one of the larger species.

Evergreen tree species

Trees for the Garden

From local conifers such as the pine, the fir to the already mentioned bonsai and exotic plants you also have free choice here. Combine varieties of different sizes to create an interesting texture. Evergreen specimens can also be used as an accent and occupy a central area in the outdoor area. This is especially true for those who have an interesting section. If you are still looking for a natural eye-catcher, you can land a perfect tree with an evergreen tree. Look for something big, choose the cedar, the stone oak, the magnolia grandiflora or the evergreen oak.

Trees for the Garden

Despite the list of trees that we have compiled, there are of course many other varieties that are suitable for both small and larger gardens. Since it is simply impossible to collect all in one article, it is advisable to inquire at the tree school. There you will be given professional advice to your property. At the same time, you can also mention the examples chosen here and also have a consultation with them.



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