Statement Fast-Growing Shade Trees

If your yard needs extra shade, as they add both shade and visual interest, incorporating some fast-growing shade trees is always a smart option.

When in search of options to provide shade for your outdoors, consider planting trees.

Note that some fast-growing trees offer not only shade and privacy.

As they usually develop a broad crown under which you can walk, dine, or rest, these trees are a stunning way to add spectacular ornamental beauty to your yard.

In addition, some quick-growing options definitely make a statement adding tons of personality and charm to any outdoor space.

When it comes to shade trees, you always have to consider such details as soil conditions, ideal climates, and whether or not a fast grower is meant for planting close to the house.

1. Crape Myrtle


Color and charm


This is a low-maintenance tree flowering in a range of colors, such as pink, red, and white. It loves the sun and has the power to bloom for 120 days/in summer and sometimes into fall/.

However, some Crape Myrtles grow faster than others. If looking for a really quick-growing option, Natchez Crape Myrtle is a popular choice. Photo: Credit

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2. Weeping Willow


So beautiful!


Its characteristic “weeping” foliage is definitely striking. As this tree grows quickly and definitely makes a  statement, it is not suitable for small outdoor spaces.

Yet, if your outdoors can handle its stature, Weeping Willow is an adorable option. Its weeping branches form a curtain of greenery thus providing shade and privacy.

Not to mention the relaxed, serene atmosphere this tree can create in any yard. Photo: Credit


Touches of Magic


Plus, there’s something definitely whimsical about Weeping Willows, don’t you think?! Photo: Credit


3. Tulip Tree


What a tree!


Despite its name, Tulip tree does not grow tulips.

Member of the Magnolia family, this tree grows quickly adding a thick display of foliage and yellow tulip-like blooms with eye-grabbing orange markings on the inside of each flower.

Reaching more than 100 feet in height (some reach nearly 200 feet!), Tulip trees are truly a gorgeous addition to any yard. Photo: Credit


4. Nuttall Oak


Gorgeous foliage


Nuttall Oak is a low-maintenance,  fast-growing tree that produces plenty of acorns.

Definitely, Nuttall Oak is a gorgeous tree. As behind every healthy leaf there is a healthy branch, in spring,  its green leaves make a towering statement, offering plenty of shade.

In fall, when its foliage usually has nice red colors, Nuttall Oak adds color, visual interest, and personality to the space. Photo: Credit

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