Spring Garden Work Tips for a Fresh Start

Spring is just the right time to make a fresh start in your outdoor space and lend your home garden a new, eye-catching look.

As spring is here, it is time to spend some time in your garden to lend it a fresh look.

Actually, garden work is sometimes tedious – all this weeds pulling, dead leaves removing, and plants trimming are probably not your favorite activities.

However, just imagine how beautiful your garden will become!

Furthermore, garden work is a way to officially close the door on winter and open your life to new opportunities.

Focus on some tips and ideas how to get the yard in shape for the new season.

1. Getting Motivated

Enliven your outdoors!


You find garden work boring? Then, simply bribe yourself with something shiny and new!

The choice is yours: from plants to modern spring planters/as in the above-shown picture/ to outdoor furniture, everything can serve as an inspiration to get your yard in shape for the upcoming relaxing evenings of dining alfresco while being soothed by a cool breeze. Instructions: Here


2. Clearing the Path


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New spring look


Remove the leaves,  pull weeds, and clear debris, such as stray rocks. Clearing garden paths and the whole garden might seem tedious, but definitely helps beautify your outdoor space.

Ultimately, you can hire someone to mow the yard and blow leaves every now and then and focus on landscaping or keeping your plants healthy. Photo: Credit

3. Highlighting Beauty


Give your plants a facelift!


Once your yard has been de-cluttered, you can truly focus on tuning it. Trim and de-tangle the plants and re-pot some of your favorite greenery.

Not to mention that by getting rid of dead greenery you can highlight the beautiful spring growth in your yard.

In the picture above, a lovely trellis area complemented by climbing vines immediately grabs and keeps attention. Photo: Credit 

4. Finishing Touches


Clean and tidy


The last phase of the spring garden work process is putting the finishing touches on your outdoor space.  You can “style your yard,” or even style smaller garden elements, such as potted plants.

Create eye-grabbing planter arrangements. Choose the most beautiful potted plant or perhaps the most colorful one, or simply your favorite one and try to highlight it in one way or another. As shown in the picture above, even a simple pedestal can do the job. Photo: Credit

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Unleash your creativity, re-position your plants, and come up with a captivating garden focal point.

Do you have any spring garden work plans?



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