Small Urban Gardens

Although creating a garden in urban areas where every inch counts can prove to be quite challenging, it isn’t a mission impossible.

Undoubtedly, urban gardens make people feel connected with nature.

Actually, urban gardens are not only trendy, they offer a way to improve the environment we live it. Generally, having an urban garden means a healthier lifestyle.

When it comes to creating urban gardens, whether to simply relax or grow your own vegetables, apart from backyards and side yards,  balconies and rooftops should be definitely considered.

Vertical designs are another option to explore.

However, to make the most of the available space, careful planning is needed.

In addition, when short on space, incorporating movable containers, hanging baskets, and window boxes is a useful space-saving option.

It is true that no space is too small to be transformed into a charming garden, which doesn’t mean that you can’t think outside the box and come up with solutions how to maximize your space.

When creatively approached, even the tiniest balcony corner can become a dreamy hideaway in the urban jungle.

1. Backyard Gardens

If you have a backyard or a side yard, with some planning and researching, creating a garden and even an outdoor room is not that difficult. However, when working with small spaces, always remember that “Less is more”. Choose carefully your plants, furniture, and garden features.

Usually, for urban areas, low-maintenance gardens are a favorite choice.

Opt for container gardening, containers definitely work miracles. Consider using vertical space, when creatively approached, it offers some attention-grabbing solutions. Whether for shelving, hanging containers, or trellises, try to make the best of any available vertical space. Raised beds are another option worth exploring.

Actually, when well zoned, an urban garden can accommodate even a dining and BBQ areas.

Try incorporating decks, walkways, walls, and more. These features create a sense of motion and add personality and visual interest. Not to mention that walls offer privacy and can be used to display pieces of garden wall art. Make use of climbing vegetation to hide ugly walls. Another solution is to paint them in vivid colors.

Choose weatherproof materials that work well together.

When it comes to small spaces, mirrors are a must-have décor element. As they create an illusion of more space, reflect sunlight, and add visual interest, incorporating mirrors in any small garden space is a smart design solution.

Work with bold, bright colors to enliven your space and create focal points.

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For sloping spaces, multi-level decks are a practical solution.

Decked space

Photo: Credit

In the picture above, an appealing multi-level decked space with a contemporary look. A seating arrangement and a fire pit offer functionality, lush vegetation adds privacy, visual interest, color, and personality.

Always consider lighting, it can enhance the garden in terms of both functionality and appeal.  Furthermore, it helps set the mood and adds extra touches of visual interest. With so many options for designs and types of exterior lighting available on the market, it is entirely up to you to choose a solution that fits your needs and taste.

Garden lighting

Photo: Credit

Above shown is a fascinating garden with a rustic vibe. Lush planted and potted vegetation adds color and scent. A pair of matching floor lamps offers light and visual interest. What a way to brighten this small urban garden!

Incorporating a water feature, even the tiniest one, can add tons of charm and personality and turn any urban garden into a dreamy hideaway where to relax in privacy and relieve stress.

Tiny pond

Photo: Credit

In the picture above, a tiny pond complemented by a simple garden bench creates a charming retreat. Lush vegetation adds privacy and color.

Any kind of shading, from pergolas to awnings and curtains to garden umbrellas and trees add to the functionality of the garden.

Shaded seating

Photo: Credit

Above shown is a fascinating garden with shaded seating provided by built-in benches. Plenty of throw pillows and a floor cushion add color and create a sense of coziness. Lanterns bring charm and romance. Lush vegetation creates a privacy screen. Small yet impressive!

2. Balcony Gardens

Although it all depends on the size of the balcony, with some creativity, it can be transformed into a tiny paradise.

Container gardening, whether for herbs, flowers, shrubs, or succulents, offers endless options in terms of container designs, materials, and colors. For extra visual interest, unused kitchen items or ones with a vintage look can be repurposed and transformed into planters.  Positioned on the floor or hanging, containers full of your favorite greenery add color, scent, charm, and personality and leave the impression of being in a real garden.

Incorporate any kind of comfy seating. If really short on space, even colorful floor cushions can do the job. Opt for weather-resistant furniture. In small spaces, folding furniture pieces offer a space-saving solution.

Area rugs and mats are an option to define the space and add to its coziness and appeal.

Include hanging lights, lanterns, and candles, they are an easy, affordable way to create a romantic atmosphere.

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Tiny balcony garden

Photo: Credit

In the picture above, an absolutely fascinating small balcony garden. Containers of different size, form, and color are planted with shrubs, trees, and blooming flowers. The seating arrangement includes a table for extra functionality. Baskets offer storage. Irresistibly charming!

Creative use of space

Photo: Credit

Above shown, is a fabulous balcony garden with a Boho vibe. Container gardening and climbing vegetation help create a look of a real garden. Chairs, an area rug, and floor pillows add extra color, texture, and visual interest. Definitely a creative use of space!

3. Rooftop Gardens

When it comes to creating gardens in the urban space-lacking environment, rooftops are an option to consider.

With some research, planning, and creativity, almost any unoccupied rooftop space can be converted into an urban oasis, which can help upgrade your lifestyle.

Containers with plants, seating and dining arrangements, garden features, such as pergolas and trellises, any sort of shading, privacy screens, lighting, and even water features are elements that can be successfully incorporated in rooftop gardens.

When working with small spaces, raised beds are always an option to consider.

Opt for plants that love direct sunlight and plant them in designer containers to take the space to the next level.

Charming rooftop garden

Photo: Credit

In the picture above, a rooftop living room surrounded by a charming garden.  Comfortable seating complemented by a variety of fragrant blooming flowers helps create a truly fascinating space.

Decked rooftop garden

Photo: Credit

Above shown is a magnificent rooftop garden. A pergola with climbing vines, a water feature, raised beds, wooden benches…Definitely a functional space with tons of charm and personality!

4. Vertical Gardens

When the available space is extremely tiny, going vertical might prove to be the only solution to create a garden.

Whether it comes to growing herbs, vegetables, or flowers, DIY vertical pallet gardens are a favorite choice.

Wherever positioned/attached on a wall or an ugly fence to hide it/, pallet gardens offer functionality, color, visual interest, and appeal. Note that cascading plants on the upper levels lend a pallet garden a stunning look.

However, there is an array of other options to create a vertical garden, such as stacked pots or crates, hanging soda bottles, and more.

Vertical garden

Photo: Credit

In the picture above, a pallet garden complemented by beautiful pots with succulents enliven this tiny space.

Living in an urban area, but dreaming of having a garden? Remember, no space is too small to become a garden. With some creativity, planning, and research, any piece of unused space can be transformed into a dream-come-true garden!



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