Rooftop Deck Design Ideas

In the overcrowded urban areas, where every inch counts, rooftops are a way to add some extra living space and functionality.

Incorporating a deck can help turn any rooftop into a stunning addition to any home.

Whether a garden, an outdoor living room, a BBQ zone, or even a swimming pool complemented by a lounge area, rooftops can be transformed to meet the homeowners’ needs and improve their lifestyle.

However, as it comes to building, before making any plans, all codes, regulations, and restrictions should be checked. Furthermore, if it isn’t a simple, easy DIY project, hiring a contractor is compulsory.

When it comes to outdoor spaces, always consider adding shading, such as pergolas, canopies, or umbrellas as a protection against the elements and opt for durable weatherproof materials and furniture.

Fire pits, water features, trellises, pergolas, privacy screens, and statement lighting are options to create fascinating functional outdoor spaces with unique focal points and tons of personality.

For added coziness, consider incorporating comfy seating, anything from sectionals to upholstered built-in benches with storage can do the job. Note that including lanterns in one way or another is an option to add extra touches of charm and romance.

Whatever the style, a rooftop deck with a view is definitely an inviting setting to relax in privacy, spend a romantic evening, or entertain with family and friends.

Generally, with creativity and some careful planning, any rooftop can become a dream-come-true urban retreat.

1. Gardens

Since no space is too small to become a garden, creating gardens on rooftop decks is a common, easy, favorite way to make use of a rooftop deck. Plus, lush vegetation so high, almost in the sky, in an unexpected way, definitely adds touches of magic and charm, and helps create whimsical settings. Not to mention that greenery softens the look of the rooftop space.

Generally, use predominantly hardy plants, which love direct sunlight and incorporate some delicate ones for added beauty and visual interest.

Flowing vines cascading from hanging or extra tall containers are a stunning option.

If short on space, raised bed, container, and vertical gardens are solutions to consider.

Incorporating garden structures, such as trellises, pergolas, arbors, and even gazebos adds functionality, height, and architectural interest and helps define rooftop deck areas.

Water features are another delightful element that can be included. Whether a small fountain or a tabletop water garden, any water feature adds undeniable charm, helps create a soothing atmosphere, and personalizes the space.

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If trying to add some extra functionality and mood, fireplaces and firepits offer a solution. Inherently creating a sense of warmth and comfort, they make gorgeous focal points, can lend any space a completely new look, and take it to the next level.

Adorable rooftop garden

Photo: Credit

In the picture above, an adorable rooftop deck of traditional design. A multifunctional rooftop deck is surrounded by wall-to-wall planters filled with lush greenery in varying shades of green. Matching topiaries, which immediately grab the eye, create a sense of harmony and balance. This space definitely offers some privacy, warmth, and visual appeal.

Containers and raised beds

Photo: Credit

Above shown is a fascinating light washed rooftop deck. Extra tall containers and raised beds are planted with a variety of greenery, which adds color and scent to the space. A couple of trees creates a sense of height. Ample seating in the color of the floor boards offers functionality and coziness. Definitely a unique space!

Firepit and a water feature

Photo: Credit

Above, a rooftop deck of contemporary design. A shaded chaise lounge zone is complemented by a firepit and a water feature of unique design and a TV for added functionality. Containers with greenery add color and some extra visual interest. Matching lanterns bring charm and touches of romance. An area rug defines the lounge area. Unquestionably, a jaw-dropping space!

Pergola and a water feature

Photo: Credit

In the picture above, a deck with a timeless look. This rooftop garden features a pergola, which offers some shade, raised beds and climbing vegetation, and wooden benches. A small yet unique water feature personalizes the space and helps create a soothing atmosphere. Simply magnificent!

2. Outdoor Living Spaces

Whether large, multifunctional ones or small-sized yet full of charm and personality, whatever the style, rooftop deck outdoor living rooms are a way to add some extra space in the urban space-lacking environment.

As for their function, it depends entirely on the needs and preference of the homeowners.

Generally, when it comes to outdoor furniture, opt for weather-resistant solutions. When possible, incorporate double-duty items, especially if the space is at premium.

A range of seating options is a must, it offers added functionality, coziness, and comfort and encourages conversation. Anything from chaise lounges and ottomans to sectionals and built-in benches to dining chairs and bar stool to even simple chair arrangements can do the job. However, choose a solution that serves the function of the space and provides variability.

Include accents that create focal points and add appeal and visual interest.

When it comes to outdoor spaces, screening options that provide privacy are also a must-have décor element.

For safety and functional reasons, choose carefully the lighting scheme of the space. Furthermore, the fixtures should be suitable for outdoor use.

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Multifunctional rooftop deck space

Photo: Credit

In the picture above, a stylish multifunctional rooftop deck space, which offers privacy and visual appeal. Wicker furniture provides adequate comfy seating. Throw pillows add extra comfort and coziness. Built-in planters are filled with lush greenery. Multiple lanterns scattered throughout the space bring charm and romance. Definitely an inviting setting to entertain with family and friends!

When creatively approached, any rooftop deck space, even a small one, can become a unique spot for relaxation and entertainment.

Garden and a seating zone

Photo: Credit

Above, this fascinating rooftop deck space with two distinctive zones is all about simplicity and style. A seating area of minimal, contemporary design complemented by a unique coffee table is accommodated under light wood beams. Throw pillows offer extra seating. The other zone features a lawn complemented by a raised bed and hanging planters. Unquestionably, a breathtaking space! Not to mention the view…

3. Outdoor Kitchens and BBQ Zones

Outdoor kitchens with BBQ zones/usually complemented by dining sets/ are another option to organize a rooftop space. Whatever the style, this solution offers a spot for parties with friends, family gatherings, or romantic dinners for two under the stars.

Functionality Rooftop deck kitchen

Photo: Credit

In the picture above, a shaded contemporary-style outdoor kitchen and bar complemented by a well-defined dining area positioned under an umbrella offers adequate space for alfresco dining and entertaining.

Multifunctional rooftop deck

Photo: Credit

Above, a two-level rooftop deck accommodates an outdoor living room with a defined grill zone. A café table adds a charming touch to the space. Blooming greenery in containers of different height for extra visual interest brings color and freshness in this inviting space with a stunning view.

4. Swimming Pools and Jacuzzis

When it comes to rooftop deck designs, swimming pools and Jacuzzis are also an option to explore, they can help create spectacular spaces with tons of personality.

Whether a small pool, an infinity one, or a Jacuzzi, it all depends on the available space. Yet, the idea of having such an amazing feature on the roof sounds definitely exciting!

However, beforehand, check all building regulations and hire a contractor for the on-site construction work.


Photo: Credit

In the picture above, a multi-level rooftop deck of modern design. A Jacuzzi surrounded by greenery in built-in planters, a floating built-in bench, a seating arrangement, built-in lighting…Definitely a fascinating hideaway!

Generally, when creatively approached, any rooftop deck space, large or small, can be transformed into an inviting setting, which meets the needs of the homeowners and improves their lifestyle.



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