Outdoor Design Trend: Fabulous Concrete Pool Decks

With spring bringing in new life and warmth and heading into the summer, we can again enjoy the outdoors and relax on the pool deck in style.


Pools zones a favorite place to spend hot summer days.

Often, the pool deck transforms into a happening social zone where family and friends gather for entertainment.

Want to lend a new look to your pool deck?

If so, focus on one of the 2015 spring/summer hottest outdoor design trends – concrete pool decks.

Concrete is a strong, versatile material and offers endless options to add to the functionality and appeal of your pool zone.

1. Versatile Stamped Concrete


Functionality and appeal


For a long time, concrete was perceived as a cold and boring material that needs to be covered up with stone or paint to hide its sterile presence.

However, with the revival of the industrial style, due to its elegant look, stamped concrete has taken center stage in many contemporary homes. Photo: Credit


Charming space



As they mimic stone, brick, or other finishes with ease, patterned or imprinted concrete pool decks move away from dull gray and offer versatility, durability, style, color, and texture.

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In the picture above, a modified rectangular pool is complemented by a stamped concrete deck. Gorgeous, isn’t it? Photo: Credit

2. Add Some Color and Texture


Simply gorgeous!


Typically, concrete decks cost a lot less than those with stone finishes. Yet,  thanks to chemical stains and dry-shake hardeners, concrete pool decks offer the same esthetics.

In the picture above, this multifunctional, multilevel pool deck in stamped concrete with a slate skin pattern looks absolutely fabulous.

Plus, it is more affordable than natural stone. Photo: Credit


So beautiful!


For an appealing yet cost-effective deck, use stained, stenciled, or stamped concrete. Sand finishing or an acid-etching process are used to add texture to the deck.

Furthermore,  these processes help create slip-resistant decks, even during the wet season. Acid etching also lends the deck the look  of a limestone or sandstone deck at a fraction of the cost. Photo: Credit

3. Classic Concrete Look


Minimalist design


You like simple, minimal, and low-maintenance pool decks? You want your backyard to feel like an extension of your contemporary home in neutral hues?

Forget about fancy finishes and stamped concrete decks and opt for a classic concrete pool deck.

The above-shown pool deck offers comfy, stylish seating. Lush greenery adds color and extra appeal. Definitely a covet-worthy space! Photo: Credit

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As due to temperature changes concrete is prone to cracks, control joints are smartly placed to solve the issue.


Elegance and appeal


Ultimately, a well-built concrete pool deck will definitely outlast fancy stone and wood options. Photo: Credit



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