Modern Yards: Lawn Alternatives

Is it difficult for you to keep a lush, green lawn? Unleash your creativity and find new ways to integrate sections of lawn into unconventional designs.

You are bored of your outdoor space with the traditional lawn and want to lend it a new, fresh, modern look?

Then, focus on the tendencies in modern landscaping, such as water conservation, drought-resistant plants, and low-maintenance upkeep.

Use gravel, concrete, local ornamental grasses, border plants and integrate them into geometric designs to add visual interest and personality to your outdoors.

Consider creating a focal point. A raised urn filled with plants can definitely make a dramatic statement.

Use your imagination and creativity. Unquestionably, you have endless options to choose from!

1. Divide and Conquer

Native plants


Section the yard into areas that use different materials. As shown in the picture above, gravel, stepping stones, or concrete pavers define the space, which is sprinkled with native plants. Photo: Credit


Modern yard


Opt for unconventional shapes and sizes for the concrete accents to lend your space a modern look.

If you want to add some grass, consider ornamental grass or border plants. In the picture above, bold, tall planters add color and visual interest. Photo: Credit

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Modernity and appeal


An eye-grabbing option to introduce greenery is by creating small sections of different materials, such as concrete or pebbles combined with rows of plants in mulch. Photo: Credit

However, if you like the look of the traditional lawn, for a modern twist, create stripes with gravel and grass. The result: a bold, fresh look. Plus, this approach definitely saves water.

The result: a bold, fresh look. Plus, this approach definitely saves water.


Bold look


Instead of gravel, use concrete pavers and incorporate them into a grassy lawn to lend your yard a truly modern look. Not to mention that you can always opt for a drought-tolerant grass.

Not to mention that you can always opt for a drought-tolerant grass. Photo: Credit


Visual appeal and interest


You like your grass, but want to add touches of modernity to your outdoors? Just break up

Just break up the space with areas of gravel and mulch and define them with any kind of edging. Photo: Credit

2. Create a Focal Point



Maze-like design


The perfect solution to finding an alternative to an all-grass yard is to create a dramatic central focal point.

Create a grass space in the middle of the yard or opt for manicured hedges instead. Isn’t the above-shown maze-like design simply gorgeous? Photo: Credit

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Water feature


Circular focal points, especially when highlighted with a border of plants, are also visually interesting and charming.

You can even go a step further and place something tall at the center of your focal point. An urn filled with a dramatic plant statement is a gorgeous option.

Note that a fountain or any water feature is also a stunning, refreshing focal point! Photo: Credit


Absolutely stunning!


Yet, if not planning to incorporate a water feature, you can always create a fountain of plants, which is just as dramatic as the water-filled alternative.  Photo: Credit

With so many appealing options to choose from, have you made a decision about the look of your outdoor space?



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