Modern Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

Want to add extra curb appeal to your exterior space? Then, opt for some definitely fascinating modern landscaping ideas!

Need some more curb appeal to make a statement with your home?

Note that first impression always counts!

So, try to make your guests feel welcomed and fascinated at the same time!

Do you like modern landscaping?

If so, opt for a well-manicured front yard, it can definitely add extra appeal, touches of modernity, and personality to your exterior.

1. Spruce up the yard with flower beds


Color and vibrancy


Flowers add color, scent, charm, interest, and atmosphere to any space.

However, the way they are displayed really matters.

Use flower beds to organize your greenery and spruce up your outdoors.

Furthermore, for visual interest and appeal, you can come up with an array of flower bed designs.

In the picture above, beautifully arranged flowers definitely make a fabulous accent. Photo: Credit

2. Fence and arch combo


Arch into the fence

Arches always add something especially attractive and charming.

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Try to integrate the arch into the fence design. Use climbing plants to lend a romantic look. Photo: Credit

3. Wrap up your porch in greenery


Wrapped up in greenery


Integrate your front porch into the landscape scheme.

Plant decorative bushes to create living fences for a more private, cozier look. Photo: Credit


4. Use modern building materials


Organic feel


Concrete is a practical choice.

Use it for planters or pathways, to create contrast, or lend your exterior a sculptural look.

For extra touches of modernity, try geometric designs and clean, simple patterns.

In the picture above, grass growing between the stepping stones gives this yard an organic look. Photo: Credit  


5. Make-a-statement fence



Simple yet sleek fence


A sleek, make-a-statement fence will enhance your exterior.

Although you can choose from an array of options that suit your taste and preference, stone fences are a simple yet eye-grabbing choice.

If you opt for a stone fence, for a balanced, harmonious look and organic touches, incorporate river stones.

Mix them with moss, plants, trees, and garden decor elements to create an inviting exterior. Photo: Credit


6. Water features


Charm and personality


Even the simplest water feature adds charm, drama, personality, visual interest, and atmosphere and changes the look of your yard. Photo: Credit

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Consider adding a wooden bridge.

Whether incorporated to lend your yard a sculptural look, create contrast with a stone pathway, or simply for functional reasons, it will bring some extra charm and personality.

7. Sunken planters


Dramatic look


For extra touches of modernity, visual interest, and appeal, incorporate sunken planters.

The steel rings in the picture above, create wells around the trees and especially when combined with accent lighting lend the space a dramatic look. Photo: Credit

Speaking of lighting, never underestimate its importance. For a modern, artistic look, light your exterior in a subtle, minimalist way.



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