Landscaping: Low-Maintenance Plants

As spring has come, it is time to start looking for landscaping plants that work well in the modern yard. Why not opt for low-maintenance ones? They are commonly used in a drought-tolerant landscape.

When it comes to landscaping, low-maintenance plants are always an option, especially if you are new to gardening or the outdoor space is at a vacation home.

They save time, add beauty, color, height, visual interest, and texture, and enhance your property.

Although there is no such thing such as maintenance-free flower garden, incorporate low-maintenance plants and create your own magical outdoor sanctuary.

Consider low-maintenance landscaping because it allows you to enjoy an attractive yard without putting in hours of hard work.

Have a look at some truly easy-care showstoppers that can truly transform any outdoor space and lend it a stunning look.

1. Ixora

Tropical look

Ixora is a tropical plant with beautiful flowers in shades of red, pink, orange, and yellow. In most cases, it tolerates full sun, prefers moist soil, and doesn’t do well in frosty weather.

However, Ixora  requires minimal care overall, which makes it  a great choice for the garden. Note that the plant can be grown as a shrub or in containers.

It works well in poolside environments and at the base of taller plants, such as palm trees. In addition, the plant can be cultivated as a hedge and integrated into a variety of yards in an array of ways.

2. Queen Victoria Agave


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Gravel yard

Named after Queen Victoria, this long-lived agave is known for its porcupine-like form and sculptural look. It definitely immediately grabs attention!

As it thrives well in full-sun environments and requires only occasional watering,  Queen Victoria is the ideal plant for xeriscaped gardens.

Its tight rosette made up of numerous dark green leaves with distinctive white margins resembles that of an artichoke. As the plant grows older, the form of the rosette becomes spherical.

Queen Victoria Agave looks great in flower pots or containers. You can arrange these containers along entryways or pathways to create a truly dramatic effect.


Modern yard

When planted in multiples, Queen Victoria Agave truly shines lending any garden a stunning sculptural look.

Look at this rectangular space with a metal edging. Multiple, strictly aligned Queen Victoria  Agave stand out against the background of the white gravel and lend the space a truly spectacular, unique look.

An off-center positioned stone column adds height and immediately grabs attention. The lush vegetation surrounding the space adds extra color, texture, and visual interest. These plant could also be used as a lawn-edging idea.

So simple and neat yet definitely gorgeous, don’t you think?

However, be careful when handling this plant, as the edges are sharp.

3. Pittosporum



Able to grow in shade or sun, this flowing ornamental plant with oval leaves is a fabulous drought-tolerant option for the low-maintenance garden.

It is a shrub, which can reach 10 m tall and can become treelike.

Note that it is a popular choice for hedges, borders, and living privacy screens. You can use it to add volume at the base of a tree or other tall plants.

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It can be also grown in containers, indoor or outdoor.

Its stems, leaves, and dried fruits can be used in flower arrangements.

4. Barrel Cactus



As seen in the picture above, Barrel Cacti can be attractively mixed with other succulents for a variety in color and form.

This cactus is characterized by its ribbed, cylindrical shape and long hooked spines, because of which it also goes by the name “fish hook cactus.” The yellow/red flowers and yellow fruit always grow at the top of the plant.

As it requires well-drained soil, sunshine, and minimal watering, it’s a classic example of a low-maintenance plant. Furthermore, Barrel Cactus is a favorite landscaping option.

Just like Queen Victoria Agave, this succulent is impressive when planted in groups.

Always use gloves when handling Barrel Cactus!

5. Rosemary

Charm and scent

Rosemary is an attractive aromatic, evergreen shrub. Its leaves look like flat pine-tree needles, deep green in color on top while silver-white on their underside.

As it thrives in hot, dry conditions, Rosemary is used as an ornamental plant in gardens and for xeriscape landscaping. It may also have pest control effects.

Although native to the Mediterranean, Rosemary grows throughout much of the temperate regions in Europe and America.

Whether growing upright or trailing, planted in the ground or in pots,  or used for topiaries, Rosemary can add charm, texture, and scent to any garden.

Do you have a favorite low-maintenance landscaping plant?



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