How to Use Umbrellas in Your Garden or Patio

Available in an array of options for materials, shapes, sizes, and colors to suit various décor solutions, outdoor umbrellas are a useful décor element.

Umbrellas are not just for covering up on rainy days!

Garden and patio umbrellas serve double: they keep you cool and comfortable on hot days and keep sun and moisture off your outdoor furniture.

Plus, they can add color, visual interest, and personality to the space.

Not to mention that complemented by a hammock they make a charming retreat where to relax in privacy!

Whether in the patio or around the pool, freestanding or grouped with a table and chairs, umbrellas add to the functionality of outdoor living and help take advantage of warm weather.

1. Modern Shading


Red umbrella

The look of the above-shown inviting multi-functional deck is definitely enhanced by a bright red umbrella. Photo: Credit

Furthermore, it adds extra color and touches of modernity to the outdoor space.

Not to mention that modern umbrella designs allow being angled over where a shade is needed.

2. Atypical Shapes


Functionality and interest


At present, umbrellas coming in an array of atypical shapes are growing in popularity. Whether tulip-shaped or in a simple circular shape, these contemporary design solutions add not only

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Whether tulip-shaped or in a simple circular shape, these contemporary design solutions add both functionality and visual interest.

Plus, they can lend any space a sculptural look. Photo: Credit


Defined covered area


The above-shown stately roof-like umbrella creates a defined covered area of full shade for alfresco dining and definitely adds personality to this outdoor space. Photo: Credit


3. Boho Style


Charm and personality


Look at the picture above. The addition of a colored umbrella brings to the next level the breathtaking Boho setting. Positioned under an existing ceiling, it undoubtedly adds to the unique look of this covered patio. All-white walls are just the perfect background for the vivid color palette of the space. What a gorgeous mixture of textures and color accents! Photo: Credit

Note that you can arrange hanging, brightly colored umbrellas upside-down from the tree limbs.

Just imagine the contrast between the greenery and the colorful umbrellas! This is a simple yet beautiful, spectacular way to create a shady spot and a style statement.


4. Classic Take


Luxury and sophistication


These eye-grabbing richly decorated umbrellas add pattern, visual interest, and extra appeal to the sophisticated covered patio in the picture above. Photo: Credit


Appealing garden spot


Note that you can use umbrellas not only to shade outdoor dining tables and seating arrangements.

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Look at the dreamy garden bar spot in the picture above! Just imagine that you are drinking a cocktail enjoying the view and the weather! Cool, isn’t it? Learn more…



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