How to Style Trellises

Whether you have a trellis, a pergola, or an arbor, get inspiration and ideas how to create an eye-grabbing garden feature.

Of course, trellises are styled with vines.

However, vines need some time to grow and fill the trellis.

Even then, you might want to add some extra little details that will make such an inviting area more charming!

Unleash your creativity! From plants at their base to lights overhead to comfy seating, there are endless options to add visual interest to any garden feature.

Meanwhile, your vines will be growing…and growing…

1. Plants at the Base

Lush Greenery

Supposedly, you have planted greenery at the base of your trellis. While waiting /and hoping/ your plants to climb up the slats, add potted or in-ground plants to create a statement trellis area.

You can even go a step further and add layers of plants of different height to create an enchanting, lush vignette, as in the picture above. Photo: Credit

2. String Lights

Extra charm

You have a pergola or an overhead trellis? Enliven it with rows of string lights! Photo: Credit

Lights definitely offer some added appeal, charm, and personality, especially after the vine leaves fall off.

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Inexpensive and durable, strings lights are always an option to beautify your outdoor space.

3. Outdoor Seating

Minimalist design

There’s nothing like enjoying the shade that a trellis offers! Highlight your trellis area with some comfy seating. Photo: Credit

From modern outdoor seating sets to simple garden chairs to even a bench, you have an array of options to suit your needs and preference.

What a beauty!

Even if your only view is of flowers and leaves, a trellis naturally invites you to take a break from the worries of the day.

In the picture above, a bench under a modern pergola with creeping vines offers an inviting space where to relax in privacy. Photo: Credit

4. Colorful Accents

Colorful accents

Bring in some pops of color to enhance the vibrant blooms on the trellis. Adding color is important especially when browns and greys are the predominant colors in your outdoor space.

Brightly painted walls, planters, or planter stands are all practical, budget-friendly options to add to the appeal of any trellis area. Photo: Credit

Pops of color

Unleash your creativity! Even little details, such as painted window frames and groupings of colored blossoms can make a difference. Photo: Credit 

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