Garden Lighting Ideas

Use outdoor lighting because it is an elegant way to add drama and depth and create beautiful focal points in your garden.

As they can add fascination to your outdoors, garden lights go far beyond pure functionality.

Lamps in the garden create a magical atmosphere and enhance the décor.

Furthermore, when strategically placed, garden lights create appealing focal points.

In comparison with indoor lamps, outdoor ones are easy to plan and install. Look at some inspirational ideas how to make your garden glow without the need to alter the existing lighting scheme.

First, focus on orientation light to guide you from the courtyard entrance to the front door. With an array of options to choose from, it’s not difficult to add both functionality and appeal.

Although bollard lamps are a surefire, standard option, wrought iron torchiere-style lamps can add personality and vintage touches to your outdoors.

1.Garden Alley Lighting

Bollard lamps


If the alley through the garden is close to the house, wall appliqués or wall lamps built on the house wall provide sufficient lighting.

From more classical lamps with lampshades to minimalistic, modern wall appliqués with simple and attractive design, this option offers functionality and visual appeal.

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For extra appeal, combine bollard lamps, serving as orientation lighting with rather decorative up- and downlight wall appliqués, which only cast their shine effect upon the wall surface. Photo: Credit

2. Patio Lighting




Decorative up- and downlight wall appliqués work well for outdoor terraces and patios, as shown in the picture above. Photo: Credit

If you have an outdoor dining area, add a sturdy pendant over the table.

Another option is incorporating standing floor lamps with dimmers, which allow creating the ambience you need.

3. The Glowing Pond / Pool




If your garden includes a small pond or pool, use small bollard lamps or ball-or blob shaped lamps around it. Photo: Credit

Floating lamps in various shapes and sizes are an innovative solution for garden ponds and pools.

These lazily floating beauties can create a magical atmosphere in your garden.

For safety reasons, all lamps used in this area should be waterproof.

4. Flower Lights


Enhance your décor!


Hide small sculptural lamps among the vegetation. They do not draw the attention from your floral arrangements but accentuate and enhance it. Definitely a gorgeous rooftop deck, don’t you think? Photo: Credit


Dreamy space


If you have trees, hang Japanese-style or round pendants for a festive, magical look. Photo: Credit

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Use outdoor lighting because it is an elegant way to add drama and depth and create beautiful focal points in your garden.



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