Garden Borders and Edges

With proper, creative landscaping, all areas off the lawn and out of the pebbled courtyards can really make a dramatic impact.

When it comes to landscaping, focus on the areas off the lawn and out of the pebbled courtyards, including on raised beds and planters.

Whether you add interest with a special edging material, a strategic repetition, or a lush display of plants, these peripheral sections of your outdoor space can truly make an impact.

Although brick, stone, and concrete are the most common materials, try to think outside the box and incorporate recycled bottles, logs, pallets, or pipes.

Definitely, you have endless options to both create a statement garden border and lend your garden a unique look.

Furthermore, always remember: no space is too small for landscaping.

1. Border and Edge Ideas




Modern garden border


The areas that surround any open space in any yard  have the potential to pop. However, it all starts with a clear delineation.

Whether a custom concrete wall, steel edging, or a border filled with an assortment of plants, the choice is yours, all these options can make the border shine.

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Note that steel edging is a popular choice for modern gardens. Sleek, with clean lines, as it ages it gets more interesting.

You can even go a step further and add to the appeal by lining the pathway with a variety of eye-grabbing plants, as shown in the picture above. Photo: Credit

2. A Little Repetition


Color and form


Whether you have a plant bed at the edge of the yard or try to delineate the lawn from the hillside, instead of varying the type of grass, go with repetition.

This technique lends a modern look and works well especially when you opt for plants that are unusual in color and form, as in the picture above. Photo: Credit

3. Plant-a-Palooza


Gorgeous look


Focus on lush displays of a variety of plants of different heights, a popular look for raised beds, rock gardens, and other peripheral areas of any yard, as shown in the picture above. Photo: Credit


Sculptural look


When you opt for plants in a similar shade of green, for visual interest, include plants of various textures. For a sculptural look, try grasses and spiky plants. Photo: Credit


Dramatic statement


For a truly dramatic statement, add whimsical flowers and tall, stalky plants. Gorgeous contemporary patio, isn’t it? Photo: Credit

Note that when you combine plants,  it’s important to consider their needs, such as lighting and temperature.

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4. No Space Is Too Small




If you think your yard is too small for delineated areas, edges, and strategic borders, instead of both sides  of your walkway or yard, line just one side, as in the above-shown picture. Photo: Credit 

Another option is to try with narrow borders.

As for rooftop gardens where grass isn’t a common feature, use large planters to both add greenery and create borders.



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