Easy DIY Canopy Ideas to Add Shade to Your Yard

If looking for a more temporary solution for shading a specific outdoor area, focus on some truly creative DIY canopy ideas.

During the hottest summer days, shade is definitely a must have for any outdoor area.

When it comes to adding shade, large trees, gazebos, and decks with built-in coverings are stunning permanent options.

If you don’t have trees and not ready to invest in permanent structures, focus on canopies.

Usually, any canopy-style option is a budget-friendly, simple, and easy  way to add both shade and appeal.

Use your creativity, think outside the box, and using canopies you can create an awesome shaded spot for cool summer outdoor living.

1. Creative Covers to Shield the Sun




Unleash your imagination, all you really need is a piece of fabric, a few sticks,  and something to act as a base.

Got some large plastic containers,  vintage milk jugs, or reed fencing lying around? Reuse them to create a lovely shaded seating area in your yard. Instructions: Here

Simple yet functional and appealing


Although practical and appealing, such options cannot withstand high winds or rain. For extra functionality, you can secure your canopy tying it to a wall or a building with some rope. Photo: Credit

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2. Umbrellas That Aren’t Just for Patio Sets


Creative solution


Maybe you already have an umbrella that came with your patio set? However, you can try to incorporate more umbrellas to create extra shade, especially around pools!

Use planters with flowers to hold up umbrellas. You can even go a step further and use planters with wheels, so you can move the shade around as the sun moves! Photo: Credit


Vintage touches


Big, sturdy, and rustic, barrels are another solution to consider.

Barrels and large umbrellas can help bring shade to any entertainment area in your yard. Photo: Credit


3. The Convenience of Shade Sails


Touches of modernity


If not in the mood for a DIY solution, opt for shade sails, they are a popular option to easy add more shade to any spot. Simply attach them to something, they work great!

Whether to create a vertical wall or an overhead shaded area, you can always swap out patio umbrellas for shade sails. Photo: Credit

Looks gorgeous!


However, when using a simple white sheet instead you can create the same effect! Looks fantastic, isn’t it? Photo: Credit

How do you add shade to your outdoor space?



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