Beautiful Gardens with Tropical Plants

If you don’t live in a tropical climate, let’s take a break from the cold and enjoy stunning outdoor spaces filled with tropical plants…

You don’t live in a tropical climate and still have a bit more winter to endure before warmer weather arrives?

Take a break from the cold with some truly enchanting tropical gardens!

Ultimately, you can decide to create your own tropical garden!

Actually, if you want to lend a new look to your garden, opt for tropical plants.

Planted in containers, in spring and summer, tropical greenery can add exotic touches to your outdoors.

When weather gets colder, containers can be moved to more comfortable spots.

1. Plants That Make an Impact

Tropical look


Nothing can be compared to a yard filled with tropical statements.

To add height, consider planting bamboo. As clumping bamboo isn’t invasive, it won’t easily spread to other areas of the yard.

In the picture above, a green wall in a side yard visual interest, texture, and personality to the space. Photo: Credit

To both enhance the look of the garden and highlight the bold tropical greenery and bright colors, consider using strategically positioned dramatic lighting.

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Tropical backyard


To both enhance the look of the garden and highlight the bold tropical greenery and bright colors, consider using strategically positioned dramatic lighting, as shown in the picture above. Photo: Credit


Blend of styles


You hesitate if tropical and Mediterranean styles would blend? Do not do this anymore. They work perfectly well together and create stunning gardens.

So, if your yard has a Mediterranean look, you have an array of amazing gardening possibilities to enrich the look of your outdoor space. Photo: Credit




However, when it comes to tropical plants, don’t underestimate the power of container gardening.

This might prove to be the perfect solution for non-tropical climates because containers can be moved indoors during the winter and relocated outdoors during the hot summer. Photo: Credit

2. Adding Color to Tropical Gardens




You have plenty of options to add color to a tropical garden. For example, try painting an outdoor wall a vibrant color, and voilà, you have a radiant focal point in your outdoor space.

Another appealing option is creating an accent wall in unexpected hues, which undoubtedly will add charm and personality to your garden, as in the above-shown picture. Photo: Credit

Note that succulents have a look that can enhance a yard’s tropical theme, especially in warmer climates where other tropical plants won’t thrive.

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Appealing space


Outdoor seating and a painted door are other fascinating options to bring in some extra color, as in the above shown inviting tropical patio. Photo: Credit

Note that orange is a popular choice for tropical gardens, so when trying to add color and style to your garden, you can opt for plants with orange blooms.



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