Appealing Falling Water Features

Any kind of falling water feature, natural or manmade, outdoor or indoor, is a stunning way to enhance your living space.

Whether a waterfall, fountain, water sculpture, or water wall, even the simplest water feature adds tons of visual interest and personality.

Plus, on hot summer days, they make the water circulate and cool the space.

Not to mention the soft, inherently soothing sound of falling water, which adds tranquility and can transform the space into an inviting, dreamy hideaway.

When it comes to falling water features, always consider adding lighting, it can definitely make the effect of the falling water even more spectacular.

There is an array of eye-grabbing options, traditional, contemporary, and custom made, to choose from, your only limit is your imagination.


Natural or artificial, emptying in a pond or a swimming pool or not, with multiple cascades or ground level ones, unquestionably, waterfalls are a surefire way to beautify any space and make it stand out.

Unquestionably, buying a property with a natural waterfall is a matter of chance.

Although waterfalls look more natural in some particular locations, if you like the soft sound of cascading water, build one. Due to their design flexibility, you can find a solution that can be adapted to your landscape and create a unique,  enchanting water feature to look at from your deck, patio, or barbecue area.

You can even go a step further and organize a seating area where to relax in privacy.

Multiple small waterfalls

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Above, a stone walkway leads to an inviting flagstone patio with a rustic wood bench. A stream with small waterfalls meandering down the hill …Lush vegetation completes the setting. Definitely a perfect spot to enjoy the soothing effect of this awesome water feature!

If you already have a swimming pool or a pond, then, consider adding a waterfall.

Swimming pool and a waterfall

Photo: Credit

Above, a swimming pool complemented by a small waterfall adds to the functionality of this backyard. Lush greenery and rocks of different size bring in color and visual interest.

Try to think outside the box! For extra doses of interest and personality, you can turn stones to eye-grabbing vessels or use vintage-looking, weathered ceramic bowls, wood buckets, pallets, or wheelbarrows. Create a stunning garden accent piece and lend your property a modern, serene look with simple stone or cement steps turned into a waterfall! What about repurposing an old piano into a truly unique waterfall combined with a garden container? The options are literally endless, just unleash your creativity!

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Note that you can always add lighting, pieces of garden art, a garden bridge, and seating arrangements to completely transform your outdoor space into a relaxing retreat! If you like the atmosphere of Japanese-style gardens, opt for a koi pond.

Pallet wall becomes a waterfall

Photo: Credit

Above, a pallet wall can also become an eye-grabbing waterfall. Furthermore, this is an affordable DIY project. Definitely a creative solution, which adds tons of charm and personality to this outdoor space.

Contemporary Waterfall Designs

From simple to sophisticated and from affordable, easy DIY projects to complex custom-made solutions, contemporary waterfall designs present an array of options to lend your living space a fresh, modern look.

Actually, you don’t need plenty of space to build a falling water feature. When it comes to choosing a building material, the options for the water reservoirs can vary from concrete and terracotta to stone to cinder blocks as to fit best your landscaping and vision. As for the shape and size of the water containers, your only limit is your imagination.

Dining table doubles as a water feature

Photo: Credit

Above, a concrete dining table doubles as a falling water feature. A small pond and lush greenery complete the look of this patio, which offers functionality, privacy, appeal, and tons of personality.

For a truly spectacular visual effect, the water can come out directly from a stone or concrete wall or from a patio roof to create a clear, transparent waterfall. When coupled with decorative lighting to emphasize the beauty of falling water, such a feature can transform any space from boring to fabulous!

Transparent waterfall

Photo: Credit

Above, a waterfall comes out of a stacked stone wall. Impressive, isn’t it? Definitely an accent piece of garden décor!

If firmly decided to incorporate a contemporary falling water feature, consider water walls. Coming in a wide range of materials – from stone and stainless steel to copper to glass and mosaic tile, they serve double.

On the one hand, the falling water offers a soft, soothing sound, which creates a relaxing atmosphere and on the other, any water wall is a statement piece of abstract art, which adds personality and charm. Another similar solution is to upgrade a part of a fence with waterfalls and planters to create a truly unique space.

Copper falling water feature

Photo: Credit

Above, a copper water wall definitely grabs the eye in this backyard. Lush greenery and lighting complement the falling water feature. Definitely a charming space for alfresco dining, family gatherings, and entertaining with friends.


Actually, both waterfalls and fountains are a common falling water feature.

Fountains are a fascinating way to create a focal point, add water music, attract birds, and turn any outdoor space into a peaceful retreat.

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Usually surrounded by plenty of greenery, with a soft, soothing sound made the splashes of water, they are unquestionably a statement garden décor item.

Whether of traditional or contemporary design, simple or elaborate, custom-made or an affordable DIY project, fountains can enhance your outdoor space and add atmosphere, charm, and romance.

With a myriad of options in terms of material, style, size, and design to choose from, it is not difficult to find a solution that can suit best to your landscape.

Tiered fountain

Photo: Credit

Above, a traditional tiered fountain is the focal point in this lovely space with lush greenery. Adding extra visual interest and appeal, it also helps create a relaxing atmosphere. Undoubtedly, this spot is a feast for the senses!

Cast stone option


Above, a simple contemporary cast-stone fountain embellishes this lovely charming garden spot. Of simple lines and an organic shape, it blends well into the setting.

However, an easy-to-make, budget-friendly DIY fountain is always an option to add beauty and personality to your outdoor space and lend it a complete look.

Unleash your creativity, you can use anything – from stone and bricks to ceramic containers, antique urns, and colorful tiles to make an eye-grabbing fountain and beautify your garden.

Note that when you are short on space, even a simple tabletop design can do the job.

Indoor Designs

You want to spruce up your living space? Incorporating an indoor falling water feature is definitely a stunning way to do that! After all, with a variety of adorable options available on the market, it is not difficult to do that. Whether a standing or wall waterfall or fountain or a water wall, the choice is yours, it all depends on your preference.

Whatever falling water feature you choose, it will immediately become the focal point in the space.

The soft, soothing sound of falling water will create a fascinating, relaxing atmosphere.

Plus,  any indoor water design can unquestionably transform your living space and lend it a unique, dramatic look.

Indoor Waterfall

Photo: Credit

Above, a captivating indoor waterfall lends a unique look to this under-stairs spot. Definitely a smart use of space! Lighting additionally beautifies the space. What a captivating way to bring charm, personality, and an organic feel in any living space!

Generally, incorporating a falling water feature is always a smart idea.  Hypnotizing and admirable, they bring personality, life, and motion and are a dazzling addition to any space, indoor  or outdoor.



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