30 Best Landscaping Ideas Around Your House

The time to refresh our gardens around the house has come.

The surrounding gardens are the first thing that welcomes us and our guests so we need to dedicate special time and attention to make them beautiful and attractive.

When forming this part of the yard, there is one general rule – you can use anything you like and you want to show to the rest of the world.

So prepare to get messy but creative for that part of the home which requires the most care.

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Plants may not be many but they must be decorative throughout the whole year or consequtively enter in their blooming phase.

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We have gathered the greatest ideas for landscaping around the house – blooming flowers, evergreen plants, rock-gardens, cascades and many more. Some of the ideas show horizontal type of plants arrangement, others- vertical landscaping.

Low Maintenance Corner Garden Landscape Idea

Front Of House Landscaping Ideas Cheap

This garden is appropriate to edge a more irregular shape from the house outline, as a corner sector for example, as most of the planted flowers make large green tufts that will be able to overwhelm the ground area.

Hydrangea, Impatiens walleriana, Thuja, Hosta ‘Montana Aureomarginata’ are all perfect for edging as those ones that get out of the blooming phase remain green till the end of summer.

Evergreen Trees And Shrubs

Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

Conifer bushes and trees make the perfect landscape around the house as their maintenance is very easy. The front row consists of bushes, the back row is outlined with trees.

Decorative conifer species are highly varied in size and color – from almost white spines, through nuances of grey, blue, green and yellow, to bronze.

Cascade Landscape With Pots And Planted Bushes

Front Porch Landscaping Around House

Ground plants like different evergreen bushes can be complemented by flower pots if the entry to the house has wide stairs as in the photo above.

The garden around the house will look like a green cascade that welcomes everyone with its aroma and colors.

Palms And Decorative Leaf Plants

Landscaping Around House With Rocks

Palm trees and plants and other decorative leaf bushes are perfect for green landscaping as their leaf mass is rich and can take up a lot of the yard space.

Taking care of them is not difficult, however you should provide enough water, fertilizer and partial shade for their good shape.

via Construction Landscape

Evergreen Shrubs

Traditional Partial Sun Landscaping Around House

For those of you who would like to make an edging garden around their house that will last for many years and the maintenance will be bear, evergreen shrubs are your perfect small tree.

Cherry laurel, “Manhattan” Euonymus, Viburnum, Boxwood are all perfect for landscaping around the house because of the easy grow tendency and are pretty resistant. Most of the can also be shaped.

via Jacalyn Gould

Flowering Plants And Evergreen Shrubs

Small Flowers Garden Around House

This landscape idea combines different types of plants. The idea is to have greenery left after the blooming flowers get out of their best phase.

The plants are arranged in a way to provide them with the light each needs – this is why the smaller ones are in front, the larger tufts behind. The evergreen shrubs are closest to the house wall as their nature is more or less unpretentious.

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Double Wave-Like Garden

Drought tolerant landscape with mulch

This curved garden is very artistic as it combines different types of plants and decorative white gravel and woodchips.

The ground of the front garden is planted with blooming flowers, Kalanchoe blossfeldiana, which although typically indoor plant, may give a colorful mood to the landscaping around the house. The top of the soil is covered with woodchips to conserve the water and thus hydrate the flowers.

The back curved row is planted with globe conifers that will become larger balls in the time. Their soil is covered with white gravel to provide contrast and drainage.

Royal Landscaping

Fabulous Lawn Around House

Royal gardens always impress with arrangement and variety. This is why the garden around the house above reminds us of that.

If you want an aristocratic garden around your house, you must thoughtfully pick up the right plants and prepare the ground for them.

As you see, each garden is distingueshed from the rye-grass by leaving the soil clean from any grass.

You can combine decorative leaf shrubs with short blooming bushes and shaped evergreen bushes.

via Jacalyn Gould

Flowery Meadow

Flower Garden Around House

This butterfly garden is a landscape masterpiece. The blooming flowers are thickly planted to create continuous tufts. Furthermore they are divided in colors although from the same species.

Here and there they are accompanied by decorative leaf plants and evergreen conifer trees to form green lands among the blossoms. It’s a perfect flower bed idea.

Rock Garden With A Fountain

Front Yard Landscaping Garden Ideas

Another great idea for landscaping is making a rock garden where a small shop-made or DIY fountain can pour water gently.

The rest of the garden is covered in woodchips to mulch the soil for the various plants there. Agave americana, Hypericum calycinum, Dahlia and a decorative globe tree are the chosen species to beautify the rest of the garden.

Vertical Landscaping

Flower bed ideas for around your house

The vertical landscaping should not be underrated as it creates a great alive effect and can combine all types of greenery.

We all know that the gradual increase in height is achieved by arranging of plants and flowers of different height. You can also use the help of large pots and flower stands.

Small Garden At The Corner

Small Garden Landscaping Around House

Even when the space is small, there is also a way to make a fascinating garden around your home.

Use decorative woodchips to divide the garden from the rest of the yard and plant decorative leaf plants in the front row, continue with medium sized evergreen shrubs and finish with larger shrubs or conifer trees.

Exotic Flowers Landscape Idea

Plants And Flowers Around House

Cordyline, Fern and other interesting flowers of lower height are planted in thick but separate rows to create an exotic landscape around the house which matches the tall palm trees in front of the house.

The regular tip for arrangement has been followed- shorter and blooming flowers in front, tallest and leafy shrubs/flowers at the back. Thus all of them get the amount of light they need.

Green Oasis Landscaping

Victorian House Front Yard Landscaping

This beautiful but not according to the standard landscaping makes the front yard the freshest spot.

It is irregular because of the plant species chosen to beautify the garden, however, we all think that creativeness has done its job very well.

Layers Of Flowers And Greenery

Flower Garden Rocks Edging

This landscaping idea is striking as each bush is large and thickly planted to make a continuous greenery area.

It seems that the big tufts are layered randomly and from that the inconsistency in height but this has made the garden even more attractive.

Hydrangea, cascading Petunia, Boxwood are among the rich mass flowers in this garden.

Small Rock-garden Landscape Idea

Mulch Landscaping Around House

The garden is edged with decorative tiles and is covered with mulch.

Different types of stones have been arranged next to each other as a small rock garden between which green leaf plants are peeking out.

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The rest of the soil is not covered with that many stones as the species planted will become larger.

Shaped Flower And Evergreen Plants

Landscaping Around House With Red Flowers

This landscaping idea stakes on shapes. Whether an evergreen shrub, a conifer tree or a blooming tuft, they have all been perfectly formed into globes or conuses.

The plants are also arranged in rows by height so that each species is easily grown and distinguishable.

Decorative Stones To Outline Garden Around The House

Garden Bed Edging Around House

The variety of fabricated stones is big and nowadays we can even make such ourselves, using a pattern.

Use thinner stones to outline the garden and square as steps in front of the green part from the garden.

White Gravel To Shape Steps In The Garden

Modern Landscaping Idea Around House

Gravel can be used in many ways in the garden and all times its decorative effect is wow. This landscaping idea uses this stone type to make fake zebra that contrasts with the rye-grass.

It also matches the small corner garden where different evergreen shrubs have been planted.

Curved Landscaping Idea

Simple Landscaping Around House

This landscaping idea doesn’t use straight lines. On the contrary, the garden has been outlined with a plastic stripe in curved line.

Lavender, Impatiens walleriana, palms and other greenery are planted along the curved line. As they grow, they will cover more from the space and eventually they will create a beautiful green wave.

Tropical Landscaping

Backyard Landscaping Idea

Tropical flowers for landscaping around the house do contribute to a more calm and beachy atmosphere.

All of the species used are of different height and combine very well together. The empty area between the Vriesias is conquered by sword-like plant.

Landscaping Outline With Paving Stones

Raised brick flower bed around house

Together with the intended use of paving stones, they could be a very creative way to divide your landscaping around the house from the rest of the yard.

Build a few staggered layers of paving stone and plant flowers that you most like and are suitable for the place with regards to soil and shade.

Small Garden With Paving Stone

Small flowers just below your windows

Here the paving stone has not been stained, it has been left in its natural color.

It outlines a small blooming flower garden which is a seasonal treat for all senses.

Concrete Blocks To Edge The Landscaping Around The House

Under windows small flowers garden ideas

Concrete can be laid in various shapes. This landscaping idea uses straight concrete blocks to make an elevated garden around the house. They are arranged in perfect straight lines.

The formed garden bed is then filled in with soil to accommodate the desired plants and flowers.

Landscaping Idea With Climbing Plants

Clematis Trellis

Climbing plants are gorgeous with their leaf and flower mass and would make a great landscaping around every house.

For that purpose the wall has to be prepared with trellis that will support the plant as it grows up.

You can plant different types of climbing flowers or use the same species but in different colors.

Heavenly Oasis

Landscaping Around House With Water Feature

What is the definition of an oasis? Well, we all know it but what about a garden oasis?

This is a heavenly beautiful garden we all admire. The fountain flows like a river because of the elevated flat stones. Each side of the “river” is decorated with blooming flowers in tufts.

Landscaping Idea With Roses

Front Yard Around House Landscaping

Roses are the most elegant flower and combine well with almost all other plant species.

This idea for landscaping around the house incorporates many white tall roses which are “guarded” by evergreen shrubs so that they remain the focus of the spot.

Hydrangea Field

Front Yard Flower Bed Ideas

Hydrangea flower is marked by its tall height, rich blooming tufts and rich leaf mass.

It is a perfect plant to edge a house as it will not only please with its beautiful blooms but will also aromatize the air.

Even after blooming phase the plant remains gorgeous as its leaves remain green and thickly arranged as before.



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