Wrought Iron Headboards Charm With Their Raw Attraction

Wrought iron railings, doors, gates, ornamental pieces and other fittings have been handcrafted since early times and they became really popular in the Middle Ages. Nowadays, wrought iron is no longer produced on a commercial scale but these elements still exist. Decorative features such as headboards for example may not be the most popular but they’re definitely very charming and they can give your home that unique look you’ve been trying to obtain.

If you’re serious about turning your headboard into an accent piece for the bedroom, then have one custom made. You can make it look like a gate to get that authentic vibe.{found on whitneylyons}.

The raw and industrial character of the wrought iron headboard is softened by the butterfly wallpaper as well as the fact that it’s been painted white. A really beautiful balance and a wonderful look for a girl’s bedroom.

The headboard is the only visible portion of this iron bed and its elegant design combined with the chandelier and the armchair in the corner give the room a sophisticated yet pleasant and casual look.

Wrought iron pieces like this headboard are no longer produced on a large scale so you might have more luck finding one at a yard sale. Combine with a few other simple finds to give your bedroom a charming appeal.

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Surround a wrought iron headboard with soft and friendly textures to balance out its natural rugged feel. The curved lines and delicate pattern do most of the work anyway so you can only enhance the look.

Even Murphy beds can have gorgeous headboards and one made of wrought iron is perfect. Its sleek design and dimensions allow it to stay comfortably hidden when needed. This one is framed by rustic wood, a very nice match.{found on rachelmast}.

Unsure how to give your twin beds more character and make them look less awkward in the room? Pick a gorgeous design for the headboard. These two also have matching footboards.

It’s true that most wrought iron features including headboards and gates have those complex designs with curved lines and intricate patterns but it’s also possible to have a simpler design, with straight lines that match the rest of your bedroom’s décor.{found on cynthiamarksinteriors}.

This headboard is really gorgeous. Made of wrought iron and wood, it has that weathered, antique look that makes it stand out as a focal point for the entire room.{found on abdesignstudioinc}.

Remember the intricate, curved designs we were talking about. Here’s a really lovely example. It has a very nice feminine touch and elements like the arched doorway and the warm colors give it an even more elegant look.

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A custom designed surrounding piece like this one would really put your bedroom over the top. It is, however, difficult to find the right person to handle such a project. But once it’s all done it will look stunning and you can also use it as artwork for the room.

Can’t find a wrought iron headboard? You can get that authentic and glorious look with a wrought iron decorative piece which you can display your regular headboard.



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