Woven hand weaving and wrapping collection

The Woven Collection just got some new additions. The initial series was launched in November 2010 and since then the designer kept working on it and coming up with the new ideas and designs. The Woven Collection was designed by New Zeeland-based Timothy John. It’s a very interesting and eye-catching collection that proposes a new way of thinking about furniture.

The Woven Collection, as its name very well suggests, focuses on hand weaving and wrapping techniques. It was an experiment at first and it still is. The designer came up with this new and original idea of creating furniture and accessories for the home but that have a different look and that are created using unconventional techniques, at least when it comes to this particular domain. The project has been made public all over the world and it has also been covered by international publications. The Deviant Clock, one of the pieces from this collection was showcased at the Su Nero Nero exhibition in Italy in late 2011.

This is a very interesting collection that will probably never get too boring or too plain. The Woven Collection currently includes five limited edition creations. These are the Traditionalist vase, the Optimist and Pessimist pendant lights, the Exhibitionist table and the Deviant clock. They each have personalized names that reflect their character. The pieces are basically simple items that got a unique look using material weaving techniques. They all make strong and eye-catching decorations for the home and they also have a simple and yet very sophisticated look, despite the contrasting elements and textures involved in the project.

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