Wooden Handcrafted Sidebar

I have always though it is a very good idea to have a mini bar at home where you can stay for a drink with your friends without having to get out of the house and where there is no closing time. However, those home bars with Martini glasses hanging from the shelves above my head and the open bar are a bit uncomfortable for a responsible person with kids moving around the house or a person who has the business meetings at home. So I realized that maybe it is a better idea to have such a bar combine with a closed cabinet. This is the perfect example of what happens when you combine the two: Wooden Handcrafted Sidebar.

This sidebar is a very special piece of furniture because it is actually a wooden cabinet with a sliding side panel that allows you access to glasses and drinks. There is also a pull-out drawer under this panel that contains everything needed in a bar, all the tools a bartender should have. The sidebar is designed by Darin Montgomery and Trey Jonesand is the result of a beautiful collaboration with Teroforma. It is nicely manufactured of walnut and stands all proud and graceful on the four leaning legs. You can order it for $3,100 from Urban Case.

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