Wood Coffee Table – From Minimalist To Wonderfully Intricate

Needless to say, wood coffee tables are very common and very versatile. They owe this to the natural properties of the wood which is a warm and elegant material capable of making any space look beautiful. Moreover, wood is also a very versatile and adaptable material which suits each and every style. A wood coffee table can take many different forms so let’s have a look at some that celebrate the natural beauty of the material in the most interesting and stylish ways.

Wood Log used like a small coffee table

A tree stump table is a perfect accessory for a cozy reading corner. It can also look beautiful in a bedroom where it can be used as a nightstand.

Hairpin legs round coffee table made from recicled wood

The combination between a solid top and hairpin legs makes this table stand out in a pretty interesting way. The design is a little bit rustic. The top is made from lots of thin wooden slats contained within a circle secured with a metal ring.

Natural wood trio coffee tables

Live edge tables are in a whole different category. They’re always unique and always interesting. This trio of tables is a really good example. They can be each used as an individual piece or together as a set.

Wood Edge Slab Coffee Table

If you want something eye-catching for your living room, consider a coffee table sculpted out of a tree trunk. Allow it to showcase its history and beauty and make it the focal point of the room.

Stool wood slab table

Isn’t this driftwood table just wonderful? What better way to use all these unique pieces of wood than that? You could try to make something similar for your living room or to use the idea as inspiration for something else.

Custom edge wood slab

A sculptural coffee table like this one would surely make a statement regardless of where you decide to place it or the type of decor that surrounds it. Timeless designs are the best.

Traditional round wood coffee table with metalic insertion

If you prefer something simpler and a bit more understated, perhaps you’d enjoy more a round coffee table that looks something like this. You could opt for a design that’s made up of four slices that fit snugly together to form the table.

Finished wood coffee table top

Some coffee tables are so beautiful they could easily double as stylish sculptures for the living room. This particular one is a lovely example. Its undulating form and the intricacy of all the little details make this a one-of-a-kind furniture piece.

Layered wood slab coffee table

Wood slice tables are really charming as well. But that’s not the only beautiful way in which you can use a wood slice. For example, make some custom and unique shelves or stack them to make a storage unit.

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Low live edge coffee table

Play with styles and pick a coffee table that’s minimalist and chic but also complex and eye-catching. A lovely marriage of styles where contemporary simplicity meets rustic charm.

Full wood coffee table with unique tree branch base

A rustic wood coffee table can also look something like this. The geometric top is a little bit traditional with a modern twist while the base is sculptural and unique, characteristics that could describe a lot of styles. But as a whole, this table definitely has a lot of rustic character.

Cut wood with a round design on wheels

The design principle that’s at the base of this eye-catching table is simple but the result is simply mesmerizing. The table is made from a bunch of different wood trunks and branches that have been put together like pieces of a puzzle.

Wood Slab coffee table on wheels

Irregular forms are a characteristic of some really interesting furniture pieces often seen in modern and contemporary interiors. The irregularities in this case are not perceived as defects of the design but rather as details that enhance its beauty and uniqueness.

Wood geometric coffee table with mealic top

Sometimes a simple and understated design is the best choice for a decor that’s not meant to stand out but rather to be comfortable and inviting. Consider a geometric coffee table for such a living room.

Recycle wood from nature and turn into a coffee table

While this coffee table is simply breathtaking, it does lack the practicality that simpler models have. A design like this one is meant to stand out and to make a statement. It’s actually a sculpture more than it is a table.

Unfinished wood slab coffee table

In any case, if you prefer a large flat top on which to rest your drink, a magazine and other things, there are plenty of solutions. This is one of them: a sculptural live-edge coffee table.

Live edge cofee table with a metalic base

Similarly, this wood and metal coffee table is a practical choice for a lot of living rooms. Its design is simple but that doesn’t make it boring. In fact, the table is far from being bland considering it has some strong design features.

Live edg coffee table for a natural look

How odd would it be to have a coffee table with a canyon-like gap that splits its top into two sections? That would definitely be a very graphical look for this piece of furniture.

LEGO wood finished coffee tables

This might seem like a table made of two sections that fit together like pieces of a puzzle but that’s not actually the case. While the two modules definitely complement each other, they’re not perfect matches and this allows them each to maintain its individuality.

Wood top coffee tables with vines

We find this set of tables to be really functional and versatile. They can each serve as individual tables but they can also be used as a set when the top needs to be extended or if a more graphical look is preferred.

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Unfinished round wood coffee table

The contrast between the solid and heavy wooden top and the thin metal legs is at the base of this design. It’s a detail that makes the table stand out and look lightweight.

Branch legs coffee table

The shape of this table is a little bit odd. It’s not an oval table per se since it has a straight edge but that’s not the only interesting characteristic. Its top seems to be a large wood slice, hence the small gap towards the center and the live edge.

Solid wood coffee table on wheels with a metalic strap

That’s a fresh look for a table. Considering the shape, size and overall design, it’s easy to predict the versatility of such a piece. Whether you use it as a coffee table, side table or as a nightstand, it will always deliver just as much charm and functionality.

Noir multi leg coffee table

In some cases the top of the coffee table is the one that stands out but this particular design is the opposite. It’s the base that definitely becomes the focal point of the design. It seems that the table is supported by a whole array of wooden cylinders all pointing down.

Orent NY table

Whenever you build a wood slice table, the result will always be different. That’s because each piece of wood and each tree it comes from is unique. So rest assured you’ll have a one-of-a-kind furniture piece for your living room.

Vendyres live edge coffee table

The missing corner of this table top is not an accident. The design is intentional and it couldn’t be more charming. Although it’s a pretty odd look, sometimes it pays to focus on style rather than raw functionality.

zenporium setting

Reclaimed wood coffee tables are always interesting. They hold a lot of history and they breath new life into pieces of wood that have already lived their life once and are now given a second chance.

Wood slab coffee table

Given how many different options there are when it comes to wood coffee tables, it would be wise to take them all into consideration and to figure out which type best suits your home. If you really like a style but it doesn’t match your living room, perhaps you can apply to a different area.

Dialma hoeycomb coffe tables

Some designs are clean and simple, others are intricate and complex and there are also the ones that are so unusual you can’t really place them in a category. Find out what your style is and go for it.



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