Wonderful & Fun Storage Cubbies: Ideas & Inspiration

From the craft rooms to the nurseries, every nook and cranny of your home needs to be organized, especially as the family grows and your space expands. And one of the best ways to get ship-shape in any corner of the house is to use wonderful, fun and super functional storage cubbies! And we’re here to inspire you with lots of storage cubby ideas, so let’s sit back, relax and take a peek!

1. Traditional and Slanted.

We love this traditional, yet contemporary design in storage cubbies. This dark, cherry piece makes a great spot to hold toys in the playroom or even a place to divide and conquer in the mudroom.

2. Short and Sweet.

If you don’t need a ton of space to organize, grab something a bit smaller that can act as a functional and stylish piece like this creamy and quaint bench system. Canvas cubes inside hold the toys and the snazzy design helps to transform the room’s theme.

3. Hidden and Tucked.

Are you not drooling over the footrest of this bed? Your favorite jeans and easy pick-me-ups are at a hands’ notice whenever you need them, in a organized and stylized way!

4. Playful and Sporadic.

This larger storage unit is ready for action. From boxes to books to stand-alone shelves, this design was made for displaying, organizing and lots of fun and exciting playtime.{found on kerryspapercrafts}.

5. Divide and Conquer.

If you invest in a few different unit, you can create one bigger one with lots of style. We love these two “bookends” matched with a “bench” in the center. It helps with the youthful vibe and lots of great display and organizational needs.

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6. Books and Stuff.

We love how chic and smooth these cubby storage unit is. And we love how easy it is for the kiddos’ books to be storage and organized right inside, with the ease to find what you need!

7. Whimsy and Genius.

Is this idea not an absolutely stunning and genius one? This whimsical set of padded storage cubes not only creates a fun focal point with an artistic twist … and you can hide away so many wonderful goodies inside!

8. Craft and Chaos.

Calm down the chaos in your craft room by installing some storage cubbies! An entire wall built for organization will not only inspire you but transform your space into clutter to an inspirational abode.{found on flickr}.

9. Ready and Waiting.

Hook a small unit onto the wall in the nursery for extra help in organization. Pajamas and storytime can be so much easier when you’ve got your own spot to make it go smooth and quick.{found on lovelyscribbles}.

10. Vintage and Entertaining.

Create a charming little nook in the kitchen or breakfast area by using a smaller cubed storage piece. Pile in entertaining essentials or quick grabs for any of your relaxing mornings or afternoon coffee breaks.

11. Small and Quaint.

Small cubby systems that can stand on desks are perfect for organizing your crafting and office supplies in a fun and functional way!

12. High and Low.

Some are high, some are low and all are different sizes made for different items. This is a great way to design a mudroom with cubbies for shoes, backpacks and coats!

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13. DIYed & Upcycled

Made by hand and placed on a bathroom wall. These cuties can hold all of your bathroom essentials without cluttering up the counters.

14. Labeled & Ready.

Create your own cubby baskets in the pantry or in the bathroom closets, and make sure all of your goods are labeled for easy access!

15. Closeted & Full.

If you can spare the storage space, turn your closet into a cubby-filled wonder to keep your shoes at an easy reach and organized too.

16. Painted & Styled.

Even if you’re just using the cubbies to display some of your favorites in the living room, you can put a personal touch onto the simple set. Just grab some paint!

17.Contemporary & Parted.

Create a room partition out of cubbies! Think of all the possibilities you could have with a piece like this in your house, truly endless ideas.

18. Shaped & Hidden.

Unlock your pantry and feast your eyes on all of these different sized and shaped cubbies! Organize all of your kitchen essentials, treats and cooking helpers.

19. Scattered & Sculpted.

Buy several cubbies and scatter them on the wall and create a sculpture of sorts in your room! Not only will it act as wall art but you’ll be able to display and organize with ease.{found on jlaarchitects}.

20. Walled & Organized.

If you’re lucky enough to have built-in cubby walls, then utilize that feature! Display, organize or hide some baskets inside to make your de-cluttering that much easier and concise.{found on alexfindlater}.



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