Winsome Wood Round Table with Drawer and Shelf

Tables are not meant only for eating on them. Some tables are smaller and lower and are used for placing your coffee cup on and some other tables are tall and slim, elegant and beautiful and they are usually used by the bed as bedside tables. These tables are very important for a woman because this is her kingdom – the place where she retreats every morning and every day to check the make-up and her hair, to apply the anti-wrinkle cream or to check the overall look when she puts on her pearls. This is the beautiful Winsome Wood Round Table with Drawer and Shelf. It is tall and black, all elegant and smart.

This table has a round table top and that makes it great to look at. It tall and slender legs look elegant and curved, graceful like a ballerina’s. It is a sophisticated piece of furniture and it will look equally great in a modern or a classic living room or bedroom. It is crafted of solid beech wood and it has a black finish. This all black design is broken by the silver drawer pull which brings a touch of spark to it. The drawer and shelf underneath are a valuable storage space and you will be amazed to see just how many treasures a woman can hide in there. It has 20 inches in diameter and can be purchased from Amazon for $52.95.

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