Wicker Lounge Chair by Danny Ho Fong

Creativity is very important when you are a designer, even if you design furniture and not clothes or something else. But if you want to be successful you must come up with new and interesting models every time, something to draw attention and to be at the same time simple and nice, charming and comfortable. This Wicker Lounge Chair by Danny Ho Fong is the perfect illustration. I mean every time you read something about outdoor furniture, you immediately think about materials like wicker and about classic design for the furniture. Well, this lounge chair is sort of traditional but really modern, too.

This chair was created specially for the lounge back in 1960s. Its designer, Danny Ho Fong, used wicker as the material of choice because it is weather resistant and can be easily woven so as to result in beautiful furniture for outdoors. However, the unique design made me stop and admire it. The metal frame is then filled with wicker until the chair gets its final look, that of a big and comfy lounge chair that seems to have been cut in two. The half base supports half a sphere that offers incredible comfort for the seating and backrest, which are in fact melted in the same unit. The chair can be purchased online, but only if you Log in here.

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