Whitmor White Wire Storage Cubes For Small Spaces

If you’re having trouble keeping the place organized and clean maybe you should consider one of these structures. Whitmore is a very practical and functional storage solution, especially when it comes to small spaces like dorms or small apartments.

This piece is also great for the garage or utility room, where there are usually a lot of objects all over the place and it gets more and more difficult to find something when you need it. So Whitmor will be happy to help you in this case. This piece is actually a combination of wire grid storage cubes that are interlocking and that allow for multiple stacking options. It’s also a very good solution for the kid’s room as it allows them to store away all their toys and to maintain the room clean and organized. Also, because it’s a wire piece of furniture, or can see through it and it’s easier to find the object that you need.

It’s a cheap and very practical solution for dorms, where space is always a problem, or for the kid’s room because they have a lot of toys and also for the garage. It’s not the most elegant or stylish piece of furniture you could choose but it’s a good option for those who don’t necessarily want to create a sophisticated interior design and they just want to be practical.Available for 16.20$.

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